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Thank GOD: Pattern of Prayer

Updated on September 19, 2016

"Father in Heaven, We thank Thee for the many blessings Thou has given to us."

God is ever willing to bless His children, and He appreciates it when we remember to thank Him for things which He has provided for us. Parents tend to want to shower children who are grateful with more blessings because of the reciprocity of the relationship.

God the Father very much desires our love as we desire love and adoration. His feelings and disposition are perfectly matured and fair towards all people, though He favors those of us who express our love and appreciation for Him.

Why give thanks during prayer?


Trials and tragedy afflict all of God's children causing some to wonder about gratitude because of evil practices and malice among humankind. Understanding the Plan of Salvation in its entirety helps the questioner to see the propriety of allowing suffering and heartache as it is what helps humankind experience life and provides the opportunity for Christian love.

One of the things humans should be grateful for is this mortal life and a chance at eternal life if the trials here are well endured. With no understanding of God's Plan of Happiness, people may lose faith and break under the pressures of life, which can be hard to bear with no direction and faith.


God loves a grateful heart

Gratitude is one of many methods of inviting the Spirit of God to aid His children during prayer. Showing gratitude to Father is a humbling practice where we acknowledge His supremacy in all mortal and heavenly things and recognize that as the creator, He provides all of the sustenance of the world. As would any parent, God the Father blesses all with life and existence, but He multiplies the blessings of those who are grateful.

The act of showing gratitude is a psychological balm that prevents personal bitterness. The pleasant and appreciative thoughts help release endorphin in the blood that produces pleasure as a person recalls better times and appreciates them. Such hormonal releases help the body by reducing the stress-causing biochemicals that our bodies naturally produce to assist in ensuring life from corroding the mind and poisoning the body with excess.

It is essential for a balance of these chemicals in human bodies so that all can consciously learn the things of life that are expected for them to return to live with Father in Heaven with experience enough to inherit what He promises to the faithful. Life is work, and gratitude is a way of rejuvenating from the hard work of enduring to the end of it.

God also loves a humble heart


Humility and gratitude go hand-in-hand with acknowledging the dependency all of humanity has to God the Father. To be grateful, we must be humble. Humility allows us to recognize things that are beyond our understanding. We acknowledge that God is better than we are in all things, a complicated process for many of us who come from self-important cultures. As a parent, God is the example that we seek to become. We must humble our hearts to receive his teachings that come through prophets by way of the scriptures and spoken word.

Sometimes we want to assume that we know more than our earthly parents when we are teenagers. Our parents are no longer our idols around that age, and we only find fault with their council. We also do the same to God the Father. The difference with Father in Heaven is that He truly is always right and knows best. We can trust that He can teach us better than what we are aware. We should be humble and grateful that He is willing to share with us all that he knows.

  1. The first step in formal prayer is to Address God like we would any person with whom we are trying to have a conversation.
  2. Thanking God is the second step in formal prayer or any prayer in my opinion!
  3. The Third Step is Asking God for what we need and want.

What Do You Think?

Does it make sense to you to thank God for what He has done before asking Him for help with something else?

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© 2013 Rodric Johnson

What are you thankful to God about today?

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