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Getting a Good Psychic Reading

Updated on November 1, 2015

Finding a Good Psychic

The first part in your quest to get a good psychic reading is to find a good psychic. A good psychic is not easy to find. It is a talent and just everyone does not have it. There are many that think they are psychic. Some pretend to be psychic. If some have the argument that everyone is psychic, then everyone can try to do psychic readings. But it does not help too much to have someone that is not psychic do a reading for you. It will not lead to anything that you want.

I worked for a place that did phone psychic readings. I was just doing the customer service end of it. The manager on it told me that they had ten psychics doing the readings then. There was only one of them out of the ten that was actually psychic. At least one of them was really psychic.

Then even though they are psychic or so you think, they still need to be able to convey their information in a nice way. Some of them are psychic but it does not mean that they have information that you actually need. In order to find a psychic that is actually good and helpful, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Some people are not that fussy and they are doing it for fun. I understand that idea. I have looked for readings just for fun also. But if you are spending good money on it, you probably really want to get something out of the reading.

You may want to know what is going on with work. It is getting tough getting work now.People want to know what is happening. You might want to know what is going on in your love life. They are difficult questions. Even a good psychic could have difficulty answering that. There is just so much that you can get from a reading. You also need to go in it yourself with an open mind. There might be something that the psychic could tell you.

The thing is that actually you can't expect to get that much out of a reading. You might be surprised to find a really good reading. Some of them are just telling you what you want to hear. In order to get a good reading you need to be patient. A good reading will tell you something that will be helpful to you. You might get something that tells you that there is something more to life than what you can see here.

The actual spirits do not just speak like you and I do. There are different things that they will say that need to be decoded. They can if they want to be very direct. For the most part, it is not going to be the you do this and that thing that you may want to happen. If a psychic has all the info for you, it may be too good to be true.

See what experience the psychic has. Try to get a recommendation if you can. If not just go by your gut feeling. If you are at a psychic fair you really need to look them over good. There is probably not a refund.

Fortune Teller
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Psychic Readings

Before you pay for the reading you should make sure you understand exactly what type of a reading they will do. If you want a psychic reading don't just settle for them reading the Tarot cards. Anyone can read the cards and tell your future by that. If you want a Tarot reading then you can get a Tarot reading. You can ask them where they gave readings before.

In order to get a good reading you should not give the reader a lot of information about yourself. They should be giving you the information. They can give you the information if they are good psychics. Don't be too quick to pass judgement that they do not know what they are doing. Give them a chance.

Many do start fishing for information. Giving them information yourself just allows them to guess at things. It could also just hinder the reading by leading them in the wrong direction. Also many get the information from what you look like. They also look at your body language. They can guess a lot of things without asking you any questions. You can get feedback on that sort of thing from others.

Let the reading progress and the psychic or medium tell you what is going on. Wait until they are finished to start asking any questions. You may not agree with everything they say. They might have some things wrong or even all of it. If you wait you might find out that the reading will get better.

One trick they have though is to just let you talk about your troubles. Then they tell you what you should do. If you like that it is okay but it is not really a psychic reading. A lot of the time they are just guessing. They know people are in trouble and that they will listen to them.

As for mediums that is a very difficult thing to do. Many of them I think imagine themselves to be able to do something. But they do get something many times. Just because they do get some information, does not mean that they know everything. Don't be so amazed at little things that you decide to give them more money for an hour reading without getting more reasons to go on. Many of the mediums have been proved to be frauds.

Be prepared that they might not be able to give you a correct reading. It is better not to argue with them then. It won't really help them to do that. You can tell them that it is not correct. Sometimes though, you might find out that it comes up later. Wait and see what will happen if that is the case.

A good psychic will be able to give you a good reading. Everyone does have a bad day though. Don't be too hard on them if they don't get anything. At least the person is being honest with you. It is better than them making something up. Something may just not be there then. If there is really nothing going on, they should really give you a refund. Don't let them give you a lot of negative comments. The psychic should not be doing that.

Your own guides will help you in the reading. They will also do something to protect you if they need to. That could include blocking some information. Your guides will help in deciding what you will need to know. Lastly, try asking for help from above for yourself before you go to the reading. Don't depend on just the psychic for help. They are only human most of them. Go to it with a positive attitude. You can always try the reading and see how you like it. It is a good idea to pay for a short reading first. A lot of places will offer a free phone reading. That can just pull you into a more expensive reading with curiosity. It is better to be careful with what you are doing. Don't let hem push you into things. The gypsies are also masters of getting people to pay for readings.

Psychic Readings

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TV Psychics

I have seen the psychics and mediums on TV. I think sometimes they are really picking up information. I don't myself quite trust them. If you want to believe in them it is something that you can look into. Some people do have real talent.

There is a certain way that some of the radio and TV psychics work. You can notice when they are trying to guess at a name. It is supposed to be easier to find names under certain letters. There are many scam things that they can do. They sometimes come up with rather vague information. I think some just believe themselves that they are psychic.

It is not really that hard for some to pick up psychic information. Picking up something that really means something and that is correct is the hard part. It is like in "The Mentalist" on TV. It is not all on the correct path.

I went to Berkeley Psychic in California. I have had different psychic readings. There were only a couple of good ones. Really there was only one and it was not that helpful. It is very difficult to find a good psychic.


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      jeenadavid 3 years ago

      I have experience using a medium in the past 1 year but i was not satisfied, now i am looking for more option. A friend of mine suggest i am not that sure whether to try her or not. I am somehow confuse at the moment.

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