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Getting To The Quiet Place

Updated on March 15, 2011

The Quiet Place Exercise

For one moment sit quietly and revel in the majesty that IS God. When all is silent and the world that you live in is at peace be it early morning or late at night, take the time to silently worship Him.
Don't think of anything else but the stewardship that is your responsibility upon this Earth. Take your time, block everything out and think of it. Are you to be responsible for what part of His creation?
Mmmm interesting here is it not?
Because taking care of His creation means just that...taking care of it.
Is it the Earth? The animals, the land, your job and what it stands for? Is it your neighbor or the young people who need guidance?
Everything that IS .......IS HIS CREATION...including YOU.
In the scheme of things are you taking care of YOU? Are you eating right, exercising, being a good friend and neighbor, business partner, husband, wife or student? Are you seeking that quiet time to connect with Him daily?
You see since we are all HIS CREATION, beginning to take care of yourself, you will notice it a wonderful progression that you will only want to take care of other CREATIONS. HE IS ...HE IS that He has given a wonderful opportunity to worship HIM by taking care of what He created.
Ahhhhhhh wow...We know what you must be thinking "Well that's just a bit too deep for me" We say grab the shovel and dig deeper.
Your worship is not just in song, in praise and dance on Sunday's it is in this quiet time of this exercise we suggest that you seek daily..

Now that you have taken some time to think about your position in the scheme of stewardship over the Earth and all that is in it, breathe deeply and visualize your part in what you will do to be just that, a good steward.
Well you say "How I do that?" We say begin where you are. Take care of you and then what you do for you, give to something or someone else that same care.
Think about that. How does that feel? See yourself doing it. If you ate today, feed someone that needs feeding. If you know of a need take care of it.
You say "I can't do that" We say "yes you can it is easy, because it is easy"
Think about how wonderful it feels to be a steward taking care of God's wonderful creations.
Right now you are only thinking, not doing just imagining that you are.
Now.....feel how that feels. How does that feel? Wonderful doesn't it?
Praise God right where you are. Take this time to give Him the praise and honor for you coming into alignment with being who He called you to be. Thank Him for this day and this moment.

Reverend Dr. Clark is an ordained minister who helps manage Enterliant Group and Love Live Breathe Ministries LLC.


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