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How to Harness the Power of Your Inner Temple

Updated on April 1, 2016

Winning the spiritual war

A Sense of Dominion: How to Live a Spiritually Empowered Life
A Sense of Dominion: How to Live a Spiritually Empowered Life

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Activating the Temple of God

Guarding the inner temple requires a willingness to release the things within you that are contrary to the will of God. Inner chaos results inside us when our words and activities are not in alignment with the will of God. Our bodies, which were purchased by the blood of Christ, are the Temples of God. When our lives are not in alignment with the word of God, the temple of God suffers a great loss and we begin to malfunction. Our lives become full of misery, pain, confusion, hopelessness and despair, and victim consciousness. We face repeated failure in the dreams we desire to accomplish.

The Believer’s Body

The temple of God is the body of the believer in which the presence and power of God dwells along with the entire God head-the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. The body of the believer is designed as an instrument through which God can demonstrate His glory on earth, such as healing the sick and raising the dead. However, in order for this to occur, the believer must keep the temple of God clean and activated by obsessively pursuing love, righteousness and peace. God executes His plan through us under such holy and pure conditions. When the temple of God is not activated, the temple is being dishonored. Some form of contrariness to the will of God is occurring and must be discovered and repented of.

God’s Greatest Works

Throughout biblical history, the greatest works of God occurred when the holy men and women of God walked with their inner temple or house in order. Although they were not the temple of God, they were divinely lead and guided by the presence and power of God. For example, Moses parted the red sea by the power of God. The sea parted not because of Moses words, but because of God’s words operating through Moses. Water, wind, fire and all the elements of nature obey the voice of God. If God didn’t dwell in Moses and he was still able to do great works, where does that leave today’s believer in whom God dwells? Our call is greater than Moses.


Guarding the temple of God sustains the perfect peace of God.

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An Activated Temple

Those who keep the temple of God activated have their house in order. The kingdom of heaven is clearly seen upon them. They glow with joy and peace and love. They are able to see miracles everywhere they go. Because of the magnitude of the God’s joy within them, they laugh in the face of worry and fear. These emotions scatter in their presence. The believer with an activated temple can heal the sick, turn despair into deliverance, and redeem the time from every evil situation. For example, one believer can bring peace and prosperity to an entire business or community by claiming the prosperity of God’s kingdom.

Sacred Activities

Getting our house in order requires several sacred activities, one of which is prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting neutralizing all inner and outer darkness that you are allowing to oppress the temple of God. Prayer and fasting denies the activities of the flesh in every situation and executes activities based on the Holy Spirit within. You, the temple of God, is built up mightily when the desires and pleasures of the flesh are neutralized. The presence and power of God can then operate within you without interference. When the flesh is fully neutralized, the joy and miraculous power of God flow through your very nature, creating miracles in every place you enter. An unexplainable joy overwhelms your entire being, allowing you to bless a multitude of souls.

Forgiveness and Acceptance

Forgiveness and acceptance is another prerequisite for getting your house in order. Unforgiveness desecrates the temple of God. When you cannot forgive an individual than you cannot be forgiven by God. It is an inseparable fact. An unforgiving heart is a curse to those who possess it. All blessings and graces of the kingdom of God is shutoff. You become unfit for the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of love. When we refuse to accept our brother and sister because of unforgiveness within our heart, we are committed blasphemy to the temple of God. God is love. Our temples must represent this divine quality more than anything else.

Authority and Dominion

Executing authority and dominion is another requirement for getting your house in order. We must take authority over the kingdom of darkness that is determined to oppress our divine temple. When we are weak and non-resistance to satanic powers, they keep the temple of God in chaos. We are victimized by every condition and circumstance that comes our way. We become intimidated by people, places and things. The execution of authority and dominion within us is performed by God, not us. We allow ourselves to be observers and instruments of His work.

Knowledge of God

Wisdom and knowledge of God’s divine truth is one of the most important aspects of a house in order. For example, in order to keep the temple of God activated you must know what God expects from you via His word. Without knowledge of God’s word regarding your identity and how He expects you to be in alignment with His principles, you cannot maintain the temple of God in holiness.

Meditation on the Inner Temple

The power of darkness is too deceptive to out maneuver without the knowledge of divine truth. Therefore, the believer must become obsessed with the truth and righteousness of God.

Total Submission

In order to fully express yourself as the temple of God, you must be willing to totally submit to God’s will for your life. In addition to God’s universal will of loving God and our neighbors, He also has a personal will for our lives as well. God has a special duty that only you can perform. He has a special occupation in which only you can touch the hearts of your co-workers. His individual for you may lead you to being a police officer, a mailman, a restaurant manager, an artist, or an executive or CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.

Light of God’s Temple

The entire purpose of keeping our house in order is to allow the world to see the light of God everywhere we go. We must allow the Excellency of Christ to shine fourth in every situation, condition and relationship within our life. This is the reason we exist as temples of God in a dark and evil world and time. The representatives of God must maintain a clean temple in order to affect the lives of those around them and to create testimonies worthy of the every lasting kingdom of God. Beware of yourselves as a disorderly house. Eventually it loses value and becomes less and less desirable for the Kingdom of God. It closes down and becomes condemned.


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