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Getting to Know God and the Rocks He Throws at Us

Updated on October 11, 2012

Rock of Ages sighting in Western Canada

Here's how God, over a period of millions of years starting from the Ice Age,  brought a glacier rock  to Georgia Bay.  Eventually, such a phenomenon would by word of mouth, name or christen a town in Western Canada.
Here's how God, over a period of millions of years starting from the Ice Age, brought a glacier rock to Georgia Bay. Eventually, such a phenomenon would by word of mouth, name or christen a town in Western Canada. | Source

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God can move mountains, rocks included

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)” is a favorite biblical verse of best selling inspirational writer Norman Vincent Peale. This verse gets special mention in his book The Power of Positive Thinking. Like God’s spin-doctor, Peale prescribes that you repeat this verse three or more times a day to heal the soul and send it soaring.

When used in conjunction with other prescribed verses, you should be on your way. In the book’s sequel, The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking, Peale reveals the results. No doubt, many have been healed! It’s no different from following a medical prescription which involves taking a combination of pills to heal chronic depression.

Is it a big surprise that other spiritual leaders are saying the same thing? Robert Schuller, founder of world-famous Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, wrote the book Power Thoughts: Achieve Your True Potential through Power Thinking. At the other end of the spiritual spectrum, yoga gurus underscore the importance of developing your own mantra, which you need to repeat to yourself while assuming the lotus pose in transcendental meditation.

Then why does the verse in question and its cohorts work for some people but not for others? The answer is that it takes a leap of faith for anything to happen at all. Reciting a verse in an empty fashion just doesn’t cut it. Even in the Harry Potter lore, students at the Hogwarts School of Magic will be the first to tell you that magic words from ancient witchcraft books don’t work until you learn to pronounce them with absolute conviction.

The same is true for the verse under discussion. In fact, in order for it to work, it needs a partner verse. This fellowship of verses works pretty much like the public and private keys in your ATM card. The manna or mojo don’t come out until you learn to use the other verse: “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”

Behold the importance of these two verses to Christian life. Wail all you want, praying earnestly with all your heart. You will probably notice with increasing frequency that your prayer never gets answered until that very moment when you believe with absolute conviction that grace from heaven will surely come. Indeed, a man-god who changed the course of history forever once said that if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to a mountain, remove and it shall be moved; nothing will be impossible unto you.

Remember the general who approached Jesus Christ during his very short yet powerful ministry on earth? Because he believed 100% that Jesus was going to heal his sick servant, his wish became the messiah’s command. Go check for yourself in the biblical account how the general did not even bother to check his servant’s condition—he just assumed that he was healed and went on with his job in the military like normal!


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