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Do We Have The Technology To Detect Spiritual Presences And Ghostly Activity?

Updated on August 25, 2019
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Paranormal Creature Revealed on Camera

The supernatural anomaly perched behind this paranormal investigator, will shock you. Watch the video below for the full story
The supernatural anomaly perched behind this paranormal investigator, will shock you. Watch the video below for the full story | Source

Definition of Paranormal + Supernatural

According to here are some noted aspects...

Paranormal =

Beyond Normal, Claimed Occurrence of an Event or a Perception without Scientific Explanation

Supernatural =

Relating to Things that cannot be Explained According to Natural Laws Especially Ascribing to Occult Beings

The Paranormal in a Modern World

I live in South Wales, and I cross paths with folk who are readily open about their personal encounters with Deceased Loved Ones, Spirits, Guardian Angels, Shadow People, Tormenting Demons, and the like.

Through my experience, for most of these people there is a problem. It would be wiser not to admit to such strange anomalies, possibly for the fear of being called crazy or shunned upon by normal folk.

The mystery of the paranormal captivates individuals and crowds alike and has done throughout generations.

If you do believe in the afterlife and the strange paranormal events surrounding us all. Or even if you don't? You are still correct.

Some people have never experienced any such haunting activity. So why should they trust in something they have not seen? They have no reason to believe in ghosts.

Whichever past methods were incorporated by the inquisitive minority to produce evidence of paranormal activity were often classed as the outcasts of society.

The mysterious magic of the supernatural occult and the dark arts was perceived by the unbelievers as something they misunderstood and feared. The notion of a mystical religion where dabbling in witchcraft and spell-casting was feared.

Some folk are dead scared of ghosts. Which stems from their own personal beliefs. Dreadful thoughts of paranormal creatures crawling under the bed-sheets late at night tingles their clammy skins.

We formulate our own beliefs without realizing these beliefs are similar to the force-fed beliefs of others ideas and fears. Even though that impacted force-fed belief may be totally wrong. Someone else's belief becomes your own.

Many people REALLY fear the paranormal. Each individual chooses how to associate with its meaning, either positive or negative, and is entirely up to that individual.

Apprehension creates an emotional impact. I should know I attend many organised ghost hunt sessions with like-minded folk in haunted locations around South Wales.

It is always cold. It is always dark. Everyone huddled together. Is there really a paranormal presence residing here? I can feel the icy goosebumps crawling over my skin. These folk fear but they long to know. Curiosity and excitement is a dark enjoyment which they covertly, or openly pursue, and gladly pay money to do so.

And the tension. The apprehension. What! Did you see that, my ghost meter suddenly spiked.

Nervy, but exciting. But if you are serious about detecting spirits and energies inside your home, I want to talk about a gadget I myself use. And do take a look at the videos below explaining the meters in action and how they work.

Technology, has come a long way. Electrical gadgets are produced for specific reasons to carry out specific tasks.

Paranormal phenomena is witnessed by some open-minded folk and when a young child or an animal is detecting or communicating - interacting with something which most adults cannot see.

The ancients most likely understood more about the paranormal than we ever can, and were performing strange paranormal experiments for detecting presences and activity.

Curiosity is a powerful motivator when searching out the abnormal of what cannot be understood or perceived, unless seen for yourself and then judged by your personal experience.

Emotions are explosively powerful and can impact that person. Strong primal instincts preparing the body for upcoming expectations of, who knows what?

A curious addiction for modern folk seeking adventure with a completely different form of entertainment to participate within.

Video 1: The K-11 EMF Ghost Detecting Machine

K-11 EMF Meter in Action Ghost Hunt Around the Home

What Is The Meaning of a Spirit or a Ghost

This next article piece may seem a little strange to you. Please read on with an open mind.

Within any living organic creature, plant or human, resides an energy that is both separate and is a part of that particular physical body. The energy is the individuals presence, of which fuels the existence of that particular organism where it resides in.

There are claims, and I’ve experienced and noted this for myself on two occasions that I can remember. The physical body is so relaxed and allows the brain to completely suspend any thoughtful actions, such as when you are sleeping. Interfering brain activity subsides and the energy or the spirit is able to set free from the physical clutches of the body. The energy is able to roam.

Also referred to as The Soul, the energy is set free because emotions incorporating the Ego has diminished its physical hold. The body has in effect shut down emotionally and physically, enabling release of the spirit.

The term for energy leaving the body whilst the body is still living is known as Out Of Body Experience (OOBE) or Astral Projection.

The Energy, Spirit, or Soul is a separate part of our Spiritual aspect of our whole existence residing in our organically functioning physical being. When sleeping, the analytical part of the mind is finally at peace.

When a body is deceased and there is no longer life, there is no active mind or consciousness holding’ the energy, spirit, soul, to the body.

The spirit (or soul) is a powerful force. A free thinking energy released from the physical existence and perceives surroundings and interacts.

Now this is where it get strange, and the reason for showing you this incredible video below.

Inside the mind, is two separate aspects that work together and independently. The emotional ego aspect. And the subconscious spiritual aspect.

It seems everyone possesses a dark aspect to their nature, of which they prefer to be kept secret. In the dark, if you will. This dark aspect may not necessarily be from you yourself, and it may not even be that bad. But maybe from generations somewhere down the blood-line, of which the memory of your cells still carries today.

Take a look at the strange dark shadow experience in the video below before I carry on with the explanation in then next article section.

Video 2: Something behind me

Something is Sitting Behind a Paranormal Investigator Late One Night

Why do Ghosts or Spirits Supposedly Haunt Us

When using the term Spirits or Ghosts, there are various kinds of Paranormal Entities and Presences freely lurking within the mysterious Realms of the unseen Planes, which we are all connected and apart of but of which many folk are even unaware of.

These mysterious planes do exist.

What is perceived as a Ghost could be a soul or the energy of a deceased physical animal (or human) when all physical aspects are released. And thus lingers around certain living folk or areas or buildings etc.

The reason could be because of:

  • Your own emotions and beliefs
  • Their mission to comfort you
  • Their emotions / connection to you &/or a/the place, when they were alive

What I am about to tell you is a strange incident I recently witnessed.

One day a few months ago I knocked a relative’s front door. The lady shouted from the open window upstairs.

‘Doors open come up I am tidying.’

I rushed up the stairs to greet her. She was excited stating that yesterday she was holding a certain (aqua) crystal.

She told me her dad, who has passed away a few months earlier, had come through because she was just thinking, daydreaming of him.

‘Suddenly,’ she blurted excitedly, ‘the tap in the bathroom (which is next to the bedroom) had somehow turned itself on.’

Obviously I was amazed by her enthusiasm how could I not believe this lady?

Then she proceeded to take the small crimson-clothed red bag of crystals from her bedside cabinet. ‘Look, I’ll show you what I did,’ she beamed.

The lady shook the bag enthusiastically and splayed the various 5 crystals onto her bedspread. Then she grabbed at the turquoise blue crystal. ‘I was only holding it like this and thinking of my dad.’ She said.

Suddenly and to my utter dismay the rush of running water rang from the bathroom. We both dashed there and saw the tap was fully open, releasing a stream of cold water. There was no one else inside the house.

Many folk experience such signs from the spirit of a deceased person who had been a closely connected source to that person whilst alive.

This kind of spirit has a purpose, which relates to reassurance and comfort.

The sole purpose of a ghosts’ spiritual presence is to let you know that they are there and you have nothing to worry about. Whether it really is the spirit of your actual loved one or another kind of paranormal entity or Guardian Angel, who knows?

On the other-hand the emotional aspect of the so-called ghost and often activity is produced, either knowingly or not, and portrayed solely from the Ego alone.

Not so much a paranormal factor but maybe a supernatural aspect.

Certain emotions are strong and very powerful indeed.

The human-being has the incredible capability for projecting his/her emotions, mostly on an unaware subconscious level.

Every person has a darker side or past, normally to what they portray onto others.

Folk normally hide this part of their forbidden dark-side and separate it for fear (FEAR – GUILT - EMBARRASSMENT) of being shamed or not being accepted or fitting into society as a ‘normal person.’

Even though, most of these darker aspects of their emotional make-up are not all that bad, maybe shame and embarrassment or guilt which may be old-fashioned beliefs and practices fed to them growing up, and are not theirs anyway, even though they subconsciously suffer the repercussions.

The powerful darker emotions are shunned and placed to the back of the mind.

They are stored separately (almost forgotten) from the good aspect of the positive emotions.

So the mind is in two sections instead of being ‘united, complete and whole.’

The part of the darker infected mind has initially created a ghost or strange being which a person strives subconsciously to keep hidden from those around them.

Although subconsciously the human mind has the ability to portray energy and the dark side of their past may be intentionally hidden and can come through as a ghost, others around can also at times experience those apparitions too.

The ghost generated subconsciously is a powerful presence and can be perceived by others.

On Location Detecting Spirit Activity

3 meters are set into the middle of the room in a haunted location
3 meters are set into the middle of the room in a haunted location

Tools For Detecting Paranormal Entities

Isn’t it reassuring to know of trustworthy technological devices we can use to satisfy our curiosity for detecting such ghostly and paranormal / spiritual existences.

Energies create subtle vibrations such as electromagnetic or electrical currents which emanate where the energy passes by.

There are forced electrical currents emanating from appliances, etc. Also, surrounding us are natural electromagnetic fields from the earth’s core, plus there are mysterious wayward energies surrounding and passing by us.

A good quality ghost meter has the capability to detect unexpected and sudden spikes in vibrational currents and will produce a visible (and sometimes audio) indication within the device, of which is easily seen (or heard) in the dark.

EMF ghost detecting meters are designed specifically to pick up on the subtle sensations of wayward fields of electrical and magnetic disturbances, which make them ideal paranormal investigating tools for the job of ghost-hunts.

Video 3: Testing 3 popular ghost meters

How Do Ghost-Meters Work

© 2017 Dale J Ovenstone


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