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Ghost Sighting In An Old Maine Farmhouse

Updated on September 20, 2011

True Experience: Ghost Story From Maine (Videos Below)

One January, few years ago, my husband and I decided to drive up to Maine and stay in a few places up and down the coast. We had never lived in Maine and it seemed nice enough, compared to Florida (where we lived for 5 years). We both grew up in the Northeast and missed the changing seasons and were stressed out from work, so we thought this was a great plan for the new year. We ended up staying in Maine for six months, living in homes for a month or more then continuing on.

After a few months in midcoast Maine we moved further south. Sometime in the spring we found the rental listing online; it was a farmhouse near Kennebunkport. The house was a good price and it was on several acres of farmland with horses and barns, something we hadn't yet experienced in Maine. What decided it was that it was close to the little, charming village of Kennebunkport.

It was a huge house, broken into two sections: the old house was from the 1800's and the newer house built sometime in the 1950's. The older half was not part of the rental because there was no heat there, so we stayed in the newer half that had four bedrooms. For a couple and a cat, it just seemed a huge, rambling house, even without having to stay in the second half. The two houses were connected by a long living room area with a fireplace. There was a door that kept the other half closed off. It was in that living room where I saw the ghost.

One morning, a few days after moving in, I went downstairs to feed the cat. As you walk down the stairs, there's a little corner you turn, and you immediately get a good view of the living room. That morning, with the cat leading the way, I turned the corner and saw a woman sitting in the far chair closest to the fireplace. She wore a white-ish dress and she sat there just staring into space, not looking in my direction. At first I wasn’t frightened, just curious to know who this person was sitting in my living room, but that’s when I noticed that I could see through her, to the dark chair she was sitting on. So, in my infinite wisdom, I ignored her, went to the kitchen, got the cat food, and rushed back up the stairs. Every morning until the day we left, I kept my eyes averted from that area, fed the cat, and went about my business. I figured if the cat wasn't bothered, I shouldn't be either.

I never mentioned it to my husband until after we left, because I didn't want to scare him but it turns out he felt a presence too, just random chills and noises (we didn’t talk about it until we were safely tucked into a hotel wondering where our next adventure was). My cat, who usually slept with us, slept on that same chair, every night, that I saw the lady in. The other half of the house creeped us out when we did a walk through it and we only did it once. It was incredibly cold there, with stairs hidden behind doors and unused furniture sitting around waiting for someone to spend time with them.

The woman who rented it to us lived in another state. She once emailed me a few weeks into our stay to ask me if "the house was behaving for us". We only met her once to do a walkthrough of the home, and when we arrived at the house I was ushered in the front door and I saw another woman sitting in the chair and said hello to her. The woman just smiled and didn't say anything back. When we were through with our look around the house (8-9 bedrooms, parlors, pantries, etc.) the woman was no longer there. When we told the owner that we liked the way the house looked and that we would like to rent it she replied, "oh yes, I can tell this house suits you, you're a good fit." Even then that came across as creepy. We never saw her again because when our lease was up she told us just to leave the keys behind and she would be by some time to check on the house.

As you can see, that experience didn’t detract us from moving to Maine. Actually, it probably helped seal the deal. :o)

Below are links to video walk-throughs that my husband and I made of the second, older, part of the house and the half we stayed in. In the first frame of the newer half of the house, you can see into the living room area where the chair and fireplace are. That door at the far hallway leads to the old house. The video of the newer part has music, so beware that you have your volume turned down. The older part was taken after I had seen the ghost but my husband never knew it or else we would never have ventured in.

Older Half Of House

My Maine Blog

If you want to know more about my life living in Maine, come visit me at my new blog:

Newer Half of Old Farmhouse


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    • Drjacki profile image

      Drjacki 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I am SO up for a good ghost story and that was fun to read! it would be interesting to know who that woman was relative to the history of the house. Bet some ghost-hunter TV show would like that place! Thanks for the very entertaining hub.