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Ghost/Spirit Encounters

Updated on June 13, 2015

I arrived in CostA Rica last October 2014. I stayed in a rented small room for one month. The following month I had to move to a less expensive place to live. During my stay, I had a good and comfortable living until it changed when my friend Baleegh came to visit me and he stayed for awhile in my cabina. My friend has a strong presence about him that ghost/spirit are drawn to him. His energy cannot be refused. When he stayed in my place, we started to notice some insects inside the house. First encounter were lots of flies and little worms. I was wondering where the flies came from. All of the windows had screens. Same with the door. I also noticed that those flies were only hovering around my friend. Every where he goes in each corner of the house they would follow him. He was annoyed with the flies and worms. I shared with him that another friend of mine told me that when flies follows a person its unusually means the person is anti-Christ. He did not entertain my thoughts but he shared that ghosts/spirits are attracted to him anywhere he goes. He said the flies are signs he used as basis that there are ghost/spirits in my cabina. He started to share stories of his encounters with the ghost in the past.

He said when washing dishes flies began to appear from out of nowhere. He was living in a 4 bedroom house with a girlfriend of 6 years at the time.It was a nice house with screens covering all windows and doors, yet the flies were everywhere, maybe 3 to 4 hundred of them. The brother of his ex-girlfriend had been murdered 2 or 3 years before he met her. That was his 1st encounter with ghost/spirits. Other strange happenings like cars keys hanging on the key rack disappeared but later reappeared! His glasses disappeared, strange noises in the ceiling, the pet cat snarling at something unseen and many other strange happenings. During this time, he had no idea why these strange things were happening until now he realized that it was her dead brother trying to get his attention. Begging for his help, his prayers.

A year or so later, he and his girlfriend split up. He made plans to rendezvous to Costa Rica to meet his Filipina girlfriend he met online. Later he learned that his ex girlfriend dead brother had followed him to Costa Rica, then later to the Philippines.

He became so distraught and frustrated, he was almost in tears. His Filipina girlfriend suggested that they go to the Catholic church but at that time he had little faith in God and the power of prayers.The following Sunday they attended church and asked if someone will assist them with this problem.They received a little booklet of prayer and read it every night together. He said he cannot recall how many days they read from the little booklet of prayer but the strange happenings stopped.The prayers worked! Up to this day, years later, he still keep a little booklet of prayers with him at all times and read it....

I remember when my girl friend and I visited him in his condo in Makati, Philippines. I felt a little scared when my girl friend said that there are ghosts in the condo. I asked her why you say that? She said I saw an old lady and a little girl passed by in the corner of my eyes.

All of my hair stood up upon hearing that. I shared that with Baleegh few months after our visit. He said why you wait till now to tell me this? There strange happening here and I thought it was a ghost but wasn't certain. He and his girlfriend were fighting as usual so he was preparing to return to the US.The morning before he was going to catch the plane, we were cleaning the condo. When lifted the air mattress he discovered a puddle of dry blood. The odor was very rancid. Also there were many flies swarming around the condo. He said the ghost seems more active now that he's leaving... At this point he didn't realize that the ghost/spirit wanted his help.

Even today as I write this story, he regrets not being able to give the spirits his prayers to help to find their way home...

Now, in my cabina aside from flies we started to experience getting worms everyday, everywhere. Sometimes I see crawling on the wall and in my bed. The worse was getting scorpions. Baleegh asked the owner if anyone had died recently in the cabina? The owner said yes, about 10 years ago someone was killed and stuffed in drum so that confirmed his suspicion that a ghost/spirit was in the cabina trying to get Baleeghs' attention. Now that it was confirmed that someone was murdered on this property Baleegh wanted to help him his way to God.

Baleegh had to return to US so he didn't have time to help the ghost in my cabina but he planned to return Costa Rica again but this time he wanted to be baptized while in US. So he found a little church that accommodated him in baptismal...

When he returned to Costa Rica he asked me was there anymore signs of the ghost still around? Baleegh does not know how to deal with ghost. He was irritated. I am not irritated because I just ignored them and the things they do. When I noticed him feeling mad talking to the ghost to leave him alone, I talked to him and explained that ghosts are not bad. I said you are experiencing that because your energy is so strong. They sense some sort of power in you and they are seeking your help. He stopped shouting at the ghost. He did not realize that they are asking his help. I told him maybe they sense that you have strong connection with God so they want your prayers. He said why not you pray for the ghost? I told him that I'm not so connected with God like you are. I don't know what you do but I do believe God blessed you with that kind of ability. Your prayers are more powerful than mine. So he was amazed of what he heard from me. He said that I answered all his questions in his mind why he always encounters ghosts. He does not believe that his prayers can be heard by God. Baleegh said to me "I don't know how to pray, give me a prayer to speak out". So I gave him this prayer:

"O merciful God, take a pity on those souls who have no particular friends and interceptors to recommend them to their, who, either through the negligence of those who are alive or through length of time are forgotten by their friends and by all, spare them, O Lord and remember thine own mercy, when others forget to appeal to it. Let not the souls which thou has created be parted from their, the Creator. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen"

I wrote on a piece of white paper. He took the prayers and taped it next to the entrance door so that it will be visible to his eyes at all the times. He started to read that and pray out loud offering for the ghost to rest in peace. He prayed many times in a day, everyday. Every time he goes to kitchen, to bathroom, to go out from the house he won't forget to read out loud the prayer on the wall. I just let him do that. Little by little worms gone, scorpions and other insects, no more. He always check the floor for worms. He said no more flies nor worms. After checking all around the little cabina, he announced... The ghost is gone! Wow...It was amazing! He was so amazed by his own ability. I told him that I thought his prayers are heard by God whatever you ask it will be granted. I asked him to pray over my stomach because I was having an ulcer, he did and now my ulcer is gone.

Because of this experience he asked me to give him a prayer for financial security. He lost all of his money investing in a Costa Rica business project with Roy.. In short, he's suffering financial crisis. So, I wrote another prayer about financial security. Again he glued it to the entrance door. So started praying like before as he did for the ghost. Two days later I received good news from a friend who owes me money for two years already no contacting me. She's asking for my bank account # because she gonna pay me half of her loan. I was so pleased and glad to hear from her. The following day an online friend refused to send me money. He said not until we meet in person. Then the next email I got from him saying he will send me $300 WESTERN UNION. I was so shocked because the guy made it clear he wouldn't send money until we meet in person. Amazingly he had a change of heart... God heard Baleeghs' prayers.The amazing part was the persons I expected that cannot pay me or send me money were the ones giving me money. Isn't this amazing? Baleegh still kept praying because he borrowed money from his niece and couldn't sit still until he made some efforts in repaying her. He said we just need to stay afloat until God gave him the break he needed. Now he believes the power of his prayers really exist. The prayer I gave him is written below:

*Heavenly Father have mercy on me for my entire family depends on me and I'm going through financial crises that am unable to assist them and any other needy person as I've done before.

Dear God provide for my needs, finance stability & family health according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus.Amen.

*Dear God, please help us through this very difficult financial period we are going through. Yes, we are at fault for getting way over our heads in this money mess. We ask for your guidance and spiritual help to get out of it. Please God, I know that with you by our side we will be fine. Thank you God for everything that you given us. Thank you GOD, please hear my prayer. Amen


God is really powerful and prayers are your strongest weapon in order to solve problems and achieve everything you want in life.


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Marlene...

      just wana add that not all spirits remain here on earth.they sometimes remain from incidents like murder and other untimely death.i will say this much...they are everywhere.....

    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi, thanks for the comment. God bless

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 2 years ago from USA

      I heard that spirits stay behind when a person dies and is not sent to rest in a complete and respectful way. Now after reading your stories, I see that it must be true. I definitely believe in the power of prayer. You have written some very powerful prayers. I'm glad they worked for your friend. Praying out loud with our voice brings the results we want from our most powerful God.


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