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Ghostly Queen Mary

Updated on October 30, 2015

The ship "The Queen Mary" is getting ready for a voyage at sea but, before she could sail she must meet the riggers of fire and other occurances that could cause her to sink.

The firemen were running through the metal walls of her lower decks where they practiced their drills of opening and shutting huge doors that were opened and closed with a device that speedily opens and shuts the door. One of the doors in the engine room moved to fast and crushed one of the firemen (Fireman John Peddar). John Peddar met with an unfortunate accident on the engine room during the drill and now is forever trapped in spirit on the Queen Mary. John roams through the engine room appearing every now and again to be noticed and to let others know to be wary of the swift moving doors.

The Queen Mary sets sail for a trial voyage with deck hands and sets off to its destination to pick up passengers and sail off in deep waters off the Atlantic. During its trial voyage an accident occurs where the ship runs into the Curacao Ship killing 300 passengers on the liner and 16 deck hands on the Queen Mary. The deafening sound of the crash and grinding metal was so loud that it nearly drowned out the screams of the crew and passengers. They to have found a permanent place on the Queen Mary where the engine room and broilers collided with the waves of water entering the boat and the ghosts of those during that journey scream with fear that they too were not going to survive the journey home.

The Queen Mary docked and was left to the master boat men or ombudsmen that repair the ships in the shipyard, speedily it was repaired. The cruise ship then returned to sea with its original destination to pick up passengers in the captains hands. Afyer the incident, it seems to have given the spirits interest in some of its passengers and two of the women who seen shadows in the pool area began to drown and splash around trying desperately to get out of the water. Unfortunately, they met with their own end by drowning in the pool.

The ship began to have crazy occurances on its deck and lower levels with ratt;omg sounds. screaming, and splashing that would come from the pool. A lady in white who appears and disappears as suddenly, could be seen roaming around on every stair and visible space around the pool and in the pool.

Then one dark and gloomy night when "The Queen Mary" was still on its journey with passengers in tow, a horrible event occurred with the cook and another member of the crew having words and it escalating into a full blown brawl. The other crew member stabbed the cook repeatedly until he was dead.

Many occurrances appear and disappear especially cabin room B340 where very strange and eery occurances happen. Someone died of mysterious circumstances in the cabin room and brought back more dark and evil spirits because creepy occurances have scared people who have stayed in the room so much that they refused to stay in the cabin and begged to be relocated to another room. The blankets are pulled, phones ring without anyone calling on the phone, and strange and eery noises wake the passengers at night with screams and hysterical laughter.

Many other astral energies or paranormal events occur without explanation with orbs and a ghostly figures that appear all over the ship. Ghostly apparitions appear in 20 or 30s attire in the pool area where a good part of the spirits come and go.

After all these events even with the death of a infant baby in the childrens play area; it was decided that the Queen Mary should be decommissioned and docked.

On May 27, 1936. "The Queen Mary" was commissioned to set sail on the North Atlantic Ocean until it was permanently decommissioned in 1967, where it was moored and docked at Long Beach Harbor. It was a ship that was built for war and spent most of the time that it was at sea during the WWII era. However the Queen Mary was built in South Hampton, England and was commissioned and called the Queen Victoria and it is actually bigger and grander than the sunken sister ship the Titanic.

Many seances and psychic readings of the paranormal were conducted on the Queen Mary where the ship feels like a deary dark and angry place for cabin B340 especially and the image of abusive behaviors and other odd behavior happened in this room. An image of a deranged man who abused the child by throwing the small girl about four years old against the cabin wall and it was hidden to the public or the public eye.

When the psychic's performed there readings and the sleeping and staying in the infamous B340 where a child could be heard on tape, doors opening and closing. and the ghostly specter or presence of a dark spirit affecting the psychic's abilty to function as he felt ill and pressure on his body. The presence felt proved to be too much for the psychic and he was escorted off the ship so he would not be further injured or fallen ill to prevent death if at all possible and at all costs.



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