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Ghosts Or No Ghosts Is The Question

Updated on June 29, 2013

See the ghost in this photo

This ghost photo is from , Haunted London. London is said to be one of the worlds most haunted cities.
This ghost photo is from , Haunted London. London is said to be one of the worlds most haunted cities. | Source

Ghosts Or No Ghost Is The Question.

All my life I have seen ghosts and other paranormal activity and I wonder what other people think about Ghosts and Paranormal Activity. I know for an absolute fact that ghosts do exist but a lot of people are just as strongly convinced that ghosts do not exist.

It is generally accepted that a ghost is the soul or the spirit of a deceased person or animal. And yes over the years I have not only experienced the ghosts of humans but I have also saw the ghosts of animals. One of the most amazing of these was Mr Jinx , the ghost cat of St Augustine. CLICK HERE to read the story of the ghost cat of St Augustine.

Why Do Some People See Ghosts While Others Do Not?

This has really been something that has bothered me all my life. Why do some people see ghosts while other people quite often in the same location not see ghosts. And I really think I have some answers for you. I truly believe after studying ghosts and the paranormal for over 30 years that there are some people who for what ever reason can see ghosts while other people for what ever reason can not see ghosts. Now why this is I really don't have the answer for but I truly believe I am on the right track.

I think there are some families that can see ghosts and paranormal activity while there are other families that can not see ghosts or other paranormal activity. I know that my family or at least most members of my family can see ghosts and other paranormal activity. My late mother , Virginia Propst Walker could see ghosts and other paranormal activity all her life. In fact my mother had one of the best documented ghost stories ever. Before her death a few years ago I was able to read my moms ghost story as she told it. CLICK HERE to listen as my mom tells her ghost story on video tape.

After the death of my Mom on January 6th 2010 she let me and a close friend of mine and hers know that she was still with us. I had a child's rocking horse in my living room and when you hit the horse on the side it made sounds just like a live horse. Just a few days after my moms death that horse shook in my living room and made the horse sounds even though no one touched it or went anywhere near it. Over the next few days she did many other things that left no doubt that she was still with us. One thing that she did to mine and her friend Carolyn was she started to open and close the automatic sliding doors of her van. Now while any one thing she did might have been explained she did so many things that their was no doubt my Mom's spirit at least was still with us and doing everything she could to let us know she was there.

It is a real comfort to me that my mom let me and my friend know for a fact that there is a here after and a after life. HAVE YOU EVER HAD EXPERIENCES LIKE THIS? If so please post about your experiences in the comment section below. I really would love to hear from you.

Do you see the ghost in this photo.

Another great real ghost photo. You can clearly see a ghost in the above photo. This is one of the best ever true ghost photos.
Another great real ghost photo. You can clearly see a ghost in the above photo. This is one of the best ever true ghost photos. | Source

What Do You Think About Ghosts? Do you think they are real? Have you saw a ghost?

Did You Read About My Real Haunted House?

Yes I really do live in a real haunted house. In fact one of the most haunted locations I have ever lived in. If you could live a week in my house and see what I see I just know you would truly believe in ghosts. CLICK HERE to read about my haunted house.

Think about this. There are thousands upon thousands of stories of people seeing ghosts and other paranormal activity. And while many ghost sightings have a simple explanation there are plenty of ghost sightings and reports of paranormal activity where there is no simple explanation.

I have saw many ghost photos like the ones on this hub page that a simple explanation just won't work. How about you? I don't know about you but I am convinced by the ghost photos on this page that these are real ghost photos. I believe that ghosts are real and sometimes it is possible to take a photo of a ghost.

Newberry South Carolina Ghost Story

In the summer of 2001 through the early fall of 2001 I and my girlfriend lived in Newberry South Carolina in what I consider to be one of the scariest haunted locations I have ever been to. Before our stay in Newberry S.C. was finished I was more convinced than ever that ghosts are very real and my girlfriend was even attacked by a ghost. CLICK HERE to read the story.

Newberry South Carolina has all kinds of ghost stories and some of the spookiest graveyards you will ever see. The graveyard on Boundary Street in Newberry South Carolina is one of the spookiest places you will ever see. CLICK HERE to see all the photos of the Boundary Street Cemetery.

More Photographic Evidence That Ghosts Do Exist

If you want more photographic evidence that ghosts do exist I have several more great ghost photos that prove that ghosts do exist. In fact some of the best photos ever proving that ghosts do exist. And if you would like to see these ghost photos CLICK HERE NOW.

I know I may or may not have convinced you that ghost exist. But here on this page is evidence that ghosts do indeed exist. Probably enough evidence to convince any jury on earth that ghosts do exist. I hope you will check out everything on this page and on the pages that I have linked to and then post below in the comment section. And thanks for reading my hub page on , Ghosts Or No Ghosts Is The Question.

Join A Free Ghost And Paranormal Conference Call.

Do you have a great ghost story. Would you like to share it with the world. Or would you like to tell me your own ghost story. Then please text me at 904 748 9563 and I will text you back. I really would like to hear from people who believe in ghosts and the paranormal. If there is enough interest I plan to set up a weekly or monthly Ghost And Paranormal Conference Call that everyone that wants to can take part in for free.

Please post and tell us about seeing a ghost or your own paranormal experience below. Thanks for reading. Please post a comment now. Thanks.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have had unexplained activity in three different homes once my partner were in bed talking about a person who died a year ago as we were talking about her my zip on my jacket which was on the floor was being pulled up and down on its own for approx thirty seconds on its own no lie

    • profile image


      6 years ago


    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      We lived in a haunted house when my daughter was born. We would hear the woman singing to our daughter when she woke in the night. Our daughter sees ghosts all the time. The house we lived in had been built by an ancestor back in the 1830's, so we thought that she was just singing to her multi-great granddaughter.

      Our son fell asleep on the couch one night, he was 10 then. We covered him and went to bed. He woke in the night and saw a woman covering him back up, he thought it was me. I had never woke and so we knew who that was. She was also wearing a long white robe. I didn't have a white one. She did have long dark hair like mine and it was loose, so he couldn't see her face when she was bent over. We seemed to have a grandmotherly ghost.

    • profile image

      nawal baguan 

      7 years ago

      nice story!!!!!!! u making me scaried?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      "To see is to believe",but i do really believe!!!!!!!!

      ...they really exist...


    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      7 years ago from Summerland

      I love your hubs and why? Because I too have had experiences with ghosts and the supernatural my entire life. I've lived in at least 3 haunted houses, one of which contained a pretty negative spirit that sort of followed me around...haunted my dreams and produced what people call "sleep paralysis". I always wondered why I experienced these things and many other people did not, and these things used to really frighten me, until I got older and realized that it is a special thing to have. I wouldn't change it now. It makes me feel as though I'm more sensitive to things unseen by most. The house that I live in now was haunted when we first moved in, but I think the ghosts have since moved on. The electricity would go out and very creepy times, one time specifically when my husband made a joke about "the ghost in the house". Another time the electric went out to the living room when I was indeed watching "the haunting in connecticut" all by myself. I've also seen shadow people in my house from time to time and experienced sleep paralysis once just recently. After I did a cleansing with sage, the sleep paralysis stopped and I haven't seen the shadow people since.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i also see Ghost

    • amberrae profile image


      8 years ago from WA

      Interesting hub! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I completely believe in spirits, the spiritual world is very much real and at warfare to say the least! Nice job!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't know if I've seen a ghost or not, but the day my mother died, I heard her call my name two different times. I could have thought I was imagining it, but when the cat turned to look the second time, I knew I hadn't imagined it at all. I haven't heard her since, but think it would be interesting to know if she's still around me.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      8 years ago from Wales

      Oh wow what a fascinating hub and also your hub about your home.

      i haven't given this hub the attention it deserves so I will be back over in a little while to read and listen to video clips and I will let you know what I thought..

      Take care.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Very interesting comment. Thanks I do appreciate it.

      Yes it is sad when people do not believe what you are seeing. All my life I have saw things that other people can not.

    • daydreamer13 profile image


      8 years ago

      I too see ghosts. This is not always a good thing, especially when no one believes you. I wish I came from a family that could see ghosts, instead it took years to convince them that I wasn't pretending or making up stories for attention. When I was a child I kept telling my family that a little girl and her mom were living in our house. No one believed me until one day my father aksed me to take him to where they were most of the time because he believed that if it was true he'd find some kind of proof. I took him to the attic where they would go often and showed him where they sat when they were in there. He looked under the floorboards and found a child's old-fashioned lace-up shoe and a bunch of old medicine bottles. He believed that those things were why they were there. In any case, I was just glad someone finally believed me.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Very interesting comment there. Something plays with my old 14 year old yellow Tomcat. It runs through the house and plays with the cat. The cat has a distinct meow used for give me a can if food I am hungry. He gets canned food only as a special treat but I hear him ask what ever he plays with for a can of his food as they pass through the kitchen. He uses that meow only for feed me and only when there is a human in the kitchen with him. So I really believe the ghost is in the kitchen with him. Did you read about my house which is haunted. Click the below link to read it.

    • Ivorwen profile image


      8 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I don't think I have ever had a door unlocked, but every now and then I have wondered. For years, something would drop a pink quartz pebble on the dining room floor, about 10pm, every night. If I picked it up and did anything with it, it would retrieve it and drop it again. If I left it alone, the pebble would remain on the floor until sometime after I went to bed. It was always gone by morning.

      I found the type of rock it was interesting because I grew up in an area with lots of pink quartz, but have never seen any around here. I talked to a friend about it, and she said to just acknowledge the entity and it would calm down.

      Later, something started playing with the washing machine knobs, until I told it I knew it was there. Nothing much has happened since.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Ivorwen I would say you have paranormal activity at the very least. What else has happened.

      I have tried to use three different bed side lamps and I can not leave one plugged up. It goes off and on and I have even run another line in and it still did the same thing.

      Recently what ever has started to unlock my doors at night after I know I have locked them. I have to insert a screwdriver in the chain on my front door to keep it locked at night. When I got up this morning the two locks on the back door were undone and the door was open. I don't know why it suddenly wants the doors unlocked.

    • Ivorwen profile image


      8 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      While I have seen many things, I don't know that any of them were ghosts, as in spirits of the dead. Most seemed more like a projection of something living.

      Your stories about what your mom did after she passed on remind me much of activity that goes on in my house from time to time. Toys will go off on their own, heaters will change temperature (that takes turning a knob), lights turn on and off, etc.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      8 years ago from East Coast , United States

      I know its hard to believe that a ghost does exist but I assure you that they do. I have saw many over the years and I actually live in a house with a lot of paranormal activity and a ghost or two. Thanks much for the two great comments.

    • Stories Inc. profile image

      Stories Inc. 

      8 years ago

      I've never seen a ghost. I wish I had, at least that way I'd be sure. I'd love to know if those I've lost still to some extent exist somewhere. My mom claims to have heard a ghost (but there's a logical explanation for that and somehow she doesn't even believe in ghosts), and my sister that she's seen some in my room (I'm pretty sure she dreamt it, though). So far, I've had no undoubtable evidence of their existence. I do want to go visit some haunted placed sometime, and if I don't see or hear anything there, then that, I guess, will be the end of the matter. I'd love to hear some other people's experiences though.

    • Urbane Chaos profile image

      Eric Standridge 

      8 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma

      Excellent hub!

      Personally, I don't believe or disbelieve in ghosts - but I have had a few strange things happen to me over the years.

      I spend a lot of time exploring old buildings from the early 1900s that have been abandoned or have parts otherwise unused. I remember going into an old apartment building for some research I was doing and I swear I have never felt that scared in my life.

      Everything was fine until I reached the top floor, then I just got this overwhelming feeling of sorrow.. I don't know if it was just the gloomy place or what it was, but ever since then I'll freely admit that there certainly is a possibility that they exist.


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