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Ghosts, Poltergeist, Shadow People and Hauntings

Updated on October 11, 2015

True spine tingling entities from the beyond do exist in this world. Now I rarely discuss my experiences with the paranormal but at the age of 3 my father worked for the sanitation department in our city and would often find antiques that people just tossed to the curb. He came across a little teddy bear statue and placed it in our living room display case. It was right next to the television set and I was within peripheral distance to see that it wasn’t as cute as it appeared to be. One day while sitting on the couch watching cartoons I happened to glance at the porcelain teddy bear. Immediately I noticed its eyes had changed and it begun making some ugly faces. It would stick out its tongue and show its sharp teeth. I could see it doing this and would be so frightened I would immediately cry and told my mom. She looked at the direction I was pointing and grabbed the statue. She didn’t see it but I did. So she decided to get rid of it. The activity stopped.

I was rather relieved until my father thought it was a really cool idea to bring an antique painting of a woman dressed in black. It looked like a renaissance painting. Every time I walked by it, I felt negative energy that put up my defenses and again I would cry. The eyes of the women in this painting would follow me. This too was later thrown out after explained to my mom how I felt. This is when I knew for sure that the paranormal existed. Now how could an inanimate object be so terrifying? I wasn’t sure how to explain this until years later. See hauntings do not only take place in homes and people, but objects as well.


Let’s take a look at different types of Hauntings

  • Residual Haunting – These type of hauntings occur in a location where something rather traumatic took place. Let’s say someone passed in the house tragically like they fell down the stairs. In these common hauntings the entity may be what we call earthbound (stuck here in our physical reality, because they may not be aware they have passed). In this type of haunting it’s like a song stuck on replay. The events surrounding their passing keep repeating. Hence why many people say they see a young woman standing at the top of the stair way. To validate, numerous people may spot her and see her often standing there by the stair case. It’s an imprint of energy that has been captured in time and rarely do these spirits interact with the living.

  • Intelligent Haunting – This haunting the earthbound spirit passed in a location but due to unsettled or unfinished they refuse to cross over and are tied to the specific place or person. These are not shy and often make their presence known and they demand to be heard loud and clear. Things they may do is to move or hide objects. They usually manifest during the hours of 12am – 5am as this is the optimal time for spiritual activity. You may feel chills, cold spots, hear footsteps, doors slamming, Most of these spirits can be removed from a house with the assistance of a cleansing or speaking to them and asking them to cross over. If this fails, you may need spiritual assistance from a spiritual medium. The medium will be a direct channel between you and the spirit and cross them over into the dimension they belong in.

  • Poltergeist Haunting – Poltergeist is German for “noisy ghosts”. These type of entities are more aggressive and their manifestations are more pronounced and visible. These may include but not limited to objects being thrown across the room, doors opening or closing, electrical items going haywire, and physical attacks. It is believed that a person with the ability of psychokinesis (PK) who has the ability to move objects with their mind can make such manifestations take place. This is someone who is usually gifted with this ability but is stressed or under emotional duress and unable to control and release it. It creates a vortex of energy in the environment they are in and usually they are not aware that they are the root cause. They believe that it is a vengeful spirit and in reality it’s their inability to deal with their emotions. Professional counseling may be needed to release or better cope with their feelings. Once they can control their thoughts and emotions, the manifestations will dissipate.

  • Demonic Haunting – Now this is my least favorite subject because I’m a light worker and take no pleasure or joy in discussing such entities. However, the reality is that they do exist. These hauntings can occur when a portal (doorway) to a lower dimension is opened. This can occur if someone is dabbling in dark magic and conducting rituals or summoning spirits. Séances, Ouija boards may also trigger this. A demon is not a human and never was. Another words they never lived here in the physical world so they cannot be a spirit. Demons are dark and malevolent entities from a lower realm. This is the worst type of haunting to have. The goal of a demon is to destroy a person or family. To divide and conquer. They are very intelligent beings who carefully start off haunting the location or person by gaining their trust. See they want you to think they are your friend. Once they gain your trust they will break down your free will and their goal is to possess you or the home. They look for a vessel or a body to inhabit to carry out their sinister goals. Basically it’s like a parasite feeding on your body but what it really wants is your soul. They usually target the person in the family who is the strongest like the matriarch (mother) or patriarch (father) because once they can breakdown the strongest link the family it’s easier to conquer. This is not always the case. They may shapeshift and appear as little kids at first to put on the “appearance” that they are innocent and harmless and slowly they will change and eventually you will see true evil side. They feed off of fear so it’s important never to show fear and never challenge it. You may watch paranormal shows that challenge these things but remember that’s just entertainment and sometimes things are made to look easy. That’s a very bad again I repeat VERY BAD thing to do. Demonic hauntings will manifest in various ways…you might here tapping sounds in the walls or floors, scratches, foul odors (sulfur), objects thrown, hear growling, crosses or religious objects broken or inverted, physical scratches (usually 3 scratches in a row). Activity can occur at any given time but they like to do most activity around 3am (mocking the time Jesus died on the cross). You might notice extremely cold spots or see your breathe in the air. They will hide from room to room. If you suspect a demonic haunting you may need to involve a paranormal investigation team or seek an exorcism of the person or place being afflicted.

Other types of hauntings

  • Object Haunting – Hauntings of objects often occur because the spirit had a fascination or tied to this particular item when they were alive. These could include dolls, statues, furniture, toys, etc. These hauntings can be stopped by isolating and removing the item from the location or house.

  • Shadow people – Not too much is known about their origin. We know that they are shapeless and often appear as a dark mass floating to passing through walls. If they do take a form they are usually seen as a man in a trench coat with a top hat or a cloaked figure. You usually see them as silhouettes. They are also called watchers because we don’t know their exact intent but usually you are frightened. I happened to have my first experience of seeing the cloaked figure when I was 5 years old. I don’t know much but I was in another room terrified and hiding and saw it enter through the living room door and then vanished. It had no face or feet but was in a black cloak. It wasn’t until years later that I discussed this with people. The next encounter was when I was around 10 years old. I was in the elementary gymnasium and getting some volleyballs for the PE coach. I was the only one sent and the lights were off. I saw the back of this shadow man and couldn’t see his face but I had a cart thrown towards me and I ran. I told my coach but when they went inside to see, it was gone. So from my experience they can cause objects to move, affect highly sensitive individuals, they can cause nightmares, feeling of being watched, glide across rooms, etc. Envision yourself in a white light and sage the place.

The paranormal and supernatural does exist and they are here within our physical world. If you are doing any type of investigations please be careful and do not taunt ghosts. This is very disturbing and glamorized by television. They were once human and this is not a joke. Some didn’t ask to be stuck in our reality. Unless you’re trained on paranormal investigation and how to protect your energy please go in with an open mind and you might want to meditate, bring some type of crystal (black tourmaline), sage, sea salt, amulet, religious object. Above all be brave. Many things that go bump in the night may bump into YOU!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have read somewhere that slate or flint (I forget which one) is supposed to be very attuned to psychic energy, and will absorb and store the memory of certain events. This may then be replayed under the right conditions, or to sensitive people. To a lesser extent this probably occurs in locations which may not have this material in it. Of course, the more traumatic the event, the more likely it is that this will happen, which is why so many apparitions are of people who have met with an early, violent demise.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think events can sometimes 'record' theselves on the surroundings. For example, on a stone building or roadway, even perhaps just on a location. If there is enough traumatic energy, there must be a residue left after a particularly extreme event, probably such as a tragedy. I would imagine that places such as concentration camps would have to have some events replayed over and over again, just from the sheer volume of bad energy that must be present there. Anyway, thank you for your descriptions of hauntings, I was jus ttrying to add to it my opinion.

    • rayguzman profile imageAUTHOR

      Raymond Guzman 

      4 years ago from Texas, United States

      Thank you.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      It was such a interesting n valuable information ..


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