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Learn Ghost Communication and Psychic Mediumship Fast and Easy

Updated on July 27, 2012

Protection From Darker Energy Beings

There are entities and intelligences that are of an ancient even prehistoric nature with low vibrational states of existence. These beings are intelligent and know mankind in and out. Their greatest trick is making us believe they are figments of our own imaginations. But the truth is these creatures thrive on emotional negative energy. They are parasites and will try to influence your emotions telepathically as to be of a more sweeter nature for them to feed on.

Having this information can save you grief. Using this information you can acknowledge the negative images, thoughts, and emotional ques they are trying to communicate to you. You can use your knowledge as a shield against their attacks. Religious artifacts or other symbolic spiritual artifacts can also be imbued to repel these creatures.

Protection from Psychic and Telepathic Attacks

Having some of these items and bits of knowledge can keep you safe as you channel.

  1. I carry crystals and a bag of sea salt with me.
  2. I always wear a stone protection necklace imbued with a protection prayer.
  3. I ask that any spirits or entities I am communicating with mean me no harm and that I mean them no harm as well.
  4. I open with a prayer for anyone wishing to speak to me and for myself that my soul be uneffected and protected when opening myelf as a channel to the unseen.
  5. At the end of a session I say a prayer for those on the other side and thank them for talking to me.

Learning to Be a Channel

You probably think that there is no way you are going to be able to channel a spirit just by reading this short article, but you will. How can I be so certain? Well believe it or not it is actually pretty easy to do. I'll talk about how to receive information from the unseen and how to learn to communicate with the spirit and also how to tune them out when you need to turn it off.

Step 1: Learning to Tune:

When you learn to tune what you are doing is conditioning your mind to sift through the random thoughts that seem to fill our heads. Much of this is our own mental filtering going on, separating nonsense and unimportant information from those bits that help us in our routines. Billions of bits of information are being sensed by your senses right now. Your eyes are taking in billions of photons which are bouncing off the rods and cones of your eyes. Your nose is sensing the smells in your environment, your ears are hearing all the sounds that are going on all around you. This can create a lot of mental chatter. Other things like stresses, and information we take in are also constantly bombarding us at every turn.

This is a very busy chaotic traffic jam of information always being thrown at us. Our brains are geared to filter this information and create a perceptive interpretation of what it is we sense. All this information can be so overwhelming it usually all we can do to keep our thoughts straight. But we can calm the mind enough when we place ourselves into a trance state. A trance state is a state of mind where your thoughts are calm and your body is still and relaxed. Most of the time when going into this state of mind we will fall asleep because of the calming effects it has on us. But with practice you will learn to acknowledge random thoughts from those that are actually being received by an outside psychic influence.

Step 2 Finding Your Calming State:

  • Find a room in your home where you can be alone, or a place outside free of distractions.
  • Sit in a relaxed position, now I don't tell people to go into a lotus position or anything, I happen to think it works better for you if you are just relaxed so even laying down might work but it will probably end up with you falling asleep, so sitting is best.
  • As your mind begins to calm down you will notice random thoughts, outside stimulus will seem amplified, even your own body will begin screaming with itches and little pains here and there. It is important to address these issues but with the most minimal amount of attention. Then return to your calming state.
  • Now you can close your eyes and begin slow breathing, use this time to focus your minds eye on the area of your forehead. Imagine the environment you are in. See it with your imagination. This is seeing with your third eye, the mental construct of your physical world.
  • It is in this state that you will begin to imagine things, you will see events and people you met before or during your daily activities.

Step 3 Tune Into the Spirit World:

  • You are now in a state of mind to make contact with the spirit world. Ask if anyone has any messages for you, ask if you can help them.
  • Now it is important to try and not filter out what may come across as random images. These nonsensical images and words are actually spirit entities trying to talk to you using a telepathic link.
  • Ask for names, ages, who they are, what they want to say.

This technique is mental or passive channeling or mediumship.

Now a warning, Not all entities that will communicate with you are going to be of a good sort.

Step 4 Tuning Out:

  • Tuning out is actually pretty simple. You just need to get back into your normal routine.
  • Watch some television, play with your kids, take a walk, read a book.
  • Just engage in your daily life and you will be able to lower the veil pretty easy.

Well I hope you enjoyed this quick lesson and good luck channeling!

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