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Ghosts! Should I get scared of them?

Updated on September 4, 2014

It has happened to people

In terms of behaviour, ghosts are very close to humans. They are bounded by emotions just like we are. We humans are active based on our moods and we have our highs and lows, so is the case with ghosts.

So let see some of the experiences of people who have witnessed this phenomena.

Story 1: By the well

This one is by my grand mom. She used to live in village which had a population of about 250 people. She used meditate and often she would tell us that she had the ability to connect with the paranormal energies. I have seen her go into a trance in meditation so somewhere I got believe that there is existence beyond normal life.

She said that she could even sense if there were any other energies apart from humans. She always had a few tales to tell as well. One of them was the tale about the well.

Post marriage she had shifted to my grand father’s village which was almost the same size she had grown up in. The village also had a population of about 200 odd people. In those days piped potable water was not available and people had to go to the well to fetch water. There was particular well of her interest.

She mentioned that she had claimed that this well was guarded by a spirit and it was fond of that well. Not that it would haunt people but yet the spirit did not like too many people visiting the well at certain hours.

In the same village there was wrestler who used to exercise a lot and did not believe her claim. He did not challenge my grand mom either, but did not believe that spirits or ghosts existed. When he heard about the particular timings when the well was not to be visited, he was keen on visiting the place. So what did he do?

My grand mom had mentioned that it will disturb the spirit if visited at just before dawn. The wrestler took it up as a challenge. He had a routine of waking up at four am and then starting exercises in his own courtyard. One fine day as he woke early he went towards the well to do carry out exercise routine. He may have reached the well at about five in the morning and began with the routine of oiling his body and then started his exercises.

Most of the things went around fine and he grew in confidence. Yet when started his doing his push ups something unusual happened. Though his body was well oiled and also sweating by now he got stuck in a position. He could move his body up and down but he could not move his palms and his toes. They were grounded. Rest of his body was mobile. So if he wanted to continue to push ups he did not face only challenge. But if tried to move his palms or toes they actually glued to the ground.

After some time when he realised that this was not normal he shouted for help. One of the passer bys took notice and fetched my grand mom, she immediately rushed to the spot, recited or rather mumbled something and this gentleman was freed. My grand mom says that after that event the wrestler never dared to go near the well even in broad daylight.

Story 1: Knock on the door

This is another tale told to us by grand mom’s brother. This is a shorter one and not much in it but yes if believed it shows some evidence of paranormal activity.

One of my Grand mom’s brother was in the army, he would move to different places as per his postings. He seldom visited his native village and was mostly spent his time in city. Let us say that right from his childhood whether for education or his employment he was always away from his home. He purchased a new house at his village and decided to shift there. Once on a holiday he decided to visit the place.

The first evening he visited the place he was told by the locals to be cautious and not to open the door at odd hours of the night, especially after midnight.

He was serving the army and often been on night duties and rubbished the claims of the locals. That evening tired after shifting he slept off in the hall while reading and did not realise that the door was left open. He does not remember the exact hour this incident took place but he was sure that this was not his imagination.

He was woken up in the middle of the night by a knock on the door. He woke up and asked from his chair who is it and started walking towards the door which was about ten feet. The only reply he heard from the door was “Please do not leave the door open, it is not safe to do so.” He reached the door within seconds of hearing this and to his astonishment there was no one at the door. Between the courtyard gate and the door the distance must have been of about 20 feet, so if anyone was at the door would not have reached the gate by the time he reached the door. He looked at the gate it was still locked from inside. He checked the courtyard and did not see a single soul around. The veranda was did not have anyone sitting either. He did not sense any activity neither in the courtyard nor in the veranda. He was taken aback but did not have an answer to what had experienced.

He did not have any answer to the incident that took place. Of course after the incident he made it sure that the door was always locked before he went to bed.

So speaking of ghosts or spirits this was another story that I grew up with.

Story 3: Voices

This is one that happened to me and friend. Me and two of my friends used to always take walks and often we used to walk very late in the night.

We used to walk in the street that led to the main road. This was a straight path of about a kilometre. On this street there are several Royal Poinciana trees. On of the nights as we were taking walks me and my friend both heard our names being called out; it sounded more like whispers in the ear. The third friend was talking to us as we were walking hence there was no possibility of he having called out our names.

The moment I heard my name being called out, I asked them if they had heard the same. Both of them claimed that did not hear it but the second friend mentioned that he too heard his own name being called out at the same spot. Now this was something unusual to all three of us. I was walking in the centre hence there was no possibility of him having done so. The second one and I heard our own names being called out at the same time at the same spot. We rubbished it thinking it would have been our imagination as there was no one else on the street at that odd hour.

A few nights later as we were walking on the same spot we experienced the same. It was spooky not scary. As a precaution we decided to avoid the tree during our walks. After the change in path our walks were normal and we never heard any voices.

However one evening when the street was pretty crowded as I walk past the tree I heard my name being called out yet again and one more time at the same spot. If looked around there was no one addressing me. It was unusual as the volume was so low that the person had to be standing right next to me and yet I was alone while walking.

I never had an explanation to this but then this truly happened to me and my friend.

Story No 4: A wild jump

This one was narrated to us by our common friend. Whenever we discussed paranormal activities he would come up this one tale as though it was stuck to the back of his mind.

His way back home was through a lane which is until date regarded as one of the most haunted places. A bungalow or rather mansion which is sealed for good is the particular spot where many people have narrated different experiences. So what his tale?

His cousin and another friend of his cousin used this road in times of emergency to return back home. Their returning time was normally post eleven pm and many times post midnight. One such night when they were returning home they used the lane. Normally they would avoid the lane and use the longer route but something prompted them to use that lane as they wanted to reach home a little earlier.

They were riding on a bike his cousin’s friend was pillion and the cousin was riding. At this spot something unusual happened. As they were closing in on the haunted spot they saw a lady walking on their side of the lane and walking in their direction. As they were near the lady all of a sudden the lady faced them and jumped right through them in a way that passed between the rider and pillion. My friend’s cousin hit the brakes in emergency. Both turned around and saw that the lady continued her walk in the other direction and was she turned around and laughed out loudly continuing her walk. Scared to his wits my friend’s cousin quickly rushed out of the spot and swore never to use the lane ever again.

They never had an answer to what happened but it was two of them swearing all the time that it happened to them.

Apart from these there are many other tales or stories to narrate. But the personal experiences that I have heard have never had anything that has caused any harm or injury. Like in my own case I used to hear a knock on the door between 1.30am and 2am and when I opened the door there used to be no one at the door, or no one at any of the neighbours door either. This has happened to me more than a dozen times. It is now so scary that I do not open the door at all at those hours.

So once again these tales have shown that there is paranormal existing yet there is no evidence of people being harmed in any way. Of course there are common tales narrated which have passed through word of mouth, that most horrifying things have happened to people. But then these are not the personal experiences of people narrated to me.

So if I consider all the above I can say that there isn’t much to be scared of but yes these incidents scare people when narrated at odd hours. Again this does not mean that we should not cautious.

Just like we humans are it seems that the ghosts too have a naughty side to them and like to bother people for fun sake. There maybe some scary experiences where people may have been harmed but then these were told to me personally by anyone.

I used to visit a place where I have seen three to four odd people who have been possessed. They spoke in different tones and pitches as against the normal ones and they would normalise only after they recited something on a rosary. In one such case one person claimed to have been possessed by ten spirits at the same time. Then again whether this was a state of mind under influence of too much of reading or a fact cannot be determined. The reason for not determining would be simple, ghosts is a subject matter with varied results and as it is dealing with emotions attached to unlimited energy supply, it can be dangerous to deal with them. So all in all I haven’t witnessed or seen anything to be scared of but all the experiences have taught me one thing. It is better to be cautious.

The so best would be to be cautious as the incident may have a scary effect and would have a psychological impact on us. Some psychological impacts are hard to erase.


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    • Aniket Lawand profile imageAUTHOR

      Aniket Lawand 

      3 years ago from Pune, India

      Thanks. :) . It is true that people have lot many experiences, many of them have gone unnoticed.

    • Aniket Lawand profile imageAUTHOR

      Aniket Lawand 

      3 years ago from Pune, India

      Thanks Carrie. :)

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Carrie Lee Night 

      3 years ago from Northeast United States

      Thank you for sharing some of your odd experiences :) well written. Voted up and interesting :)


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