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My Encounter with Ghosts, Spirits, and the Paranormal

Updated on September 11, 2009

I didn't know it back then but I know now that I was following in my mother's footsteps in regards to her fascination with ghosts and the supernatural world. Even today she belongs to a ghost chat community called 'Guys, Gals, and Ghosts'.

My grown son sometimes calls me on occasion looking for understanding for everything from dream interpretation to odd phenomenon that he has encountered. He comes to me because he knows that I've had my own share of encounters and learned to interpret them.

My Encounter With the Metaphysical World

I got up one morning feeling very sad and down because my kids were away on their visiting weekend with their father. Often times I didn't feel like eating when I was sad and knew I would waste away if I didn't so I headed into the kitchen to make myself breakfast.

I began to fix myself some eggs and toast, setting the kitchen table with a plate, glass and fork. I didn't have any napkins or anything because I was so broke as a single mom back then that I considered both napkins and Kleenex tissues a luxury. Toilet tissue was all I could afford.

As I went about my kitchen getting out the bread and butter for toast while my eggs cooked I struggled at the thought of eating and trying to swallow any of it.

Once I sat down, however, I just looked at my plate. The lump in my throat prevented me from eating so I plopped my elbows on the table and began to cry into my hands. At that moment I began to pour my heart out to God.

Suddenly, I felt a strong presence in the chair next to me. I peeked through my fingers and saw no one. I wept some more as I continued to pour my heart out to the presence I felt sitting beside me.

As a friend would reach over to hand a person a Kleenex tissue when they needed it, I saw in my mind's eye this presence handing me a tissue and suddenly I found myself wiping the tears from eyes with a tissue. When I realized what happened I was stunned. I felt comforted but I was still a little in shock by what happened.

Later that morning I called a very close friend of mine and told her what happened. She prayed with me about what happened and about the things in my life that were hard, I began to feel much better.

I've never had a situation happen quite like that before or since, but I've had many other different types of encounters with ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural world over my lifetime. Some of the encounters with ghosts and spirits have been during my middle dream state, and some have been in my fully awake hours. Each were encounters with spirits, angels and different ghosts.

Ghosts and Spirits Caught on Tape

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

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    • profile image

      kalpana Koul 

      8 years ago

      I had an encounter with ghost about 15 yrs back.It was night and all were sleeping.I felt like going fpor toilet.I came back and slept but was thinking of ghost and was frightened.Then I positively make up my mind saying that nothing exist like ghost and if there is anything,it will touch me now and confirm the presence.As i was thinking it and i felt a pressure onmy arm.It was so hard that i couldnot move my arm and call anybody.After few seconds, i gave the huge jirk and found that as if i was in my dream.But I know that was not adream but the the extent, I still feel that touch when i think for ghost.

    • steviem profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing,I still feel my first husbands presence around me when im really sad and he has been dead 3yrs,like I have said before just cos we don't see it doesn't mean it's not there.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Yes, this happened quite awhile ago and my kids are all grown and happy (except one went home early due to a car accident). I've grown considerably emotionally as well as financially due to the wonderful spirit guides, friends and angels each of has here on earth!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Oh, wow. So, I too, understand the lonliness of "dad's day", as well as the luxury of napkins. I use face cloths, and wash them out in the sink and hang to dry for the next meal. Also, I do not eat when sad or uspet, and you are so lucky to have had a comfotrign expirience like htat. Whe I was a small child, my life was not so good, and sometimes, I thought someone was in my room, a gentle and kind something, that was looking out for me. I never knew if it was just in my head as a coping thing, or maybe a real angel. Thanks so much for sharing this!!!Oh, and I do hope this was a long time ago, and things are beter for you now.


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