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Ghosts and Spirits: a look at their deceptive ability

Updated on May 20, 2012

Can a Spirit Deceive You?

There are millions, perhaps billions of people alive today that have experienced paranormal activity.

Without going into great detail, which I think would bore most of you readers I will say this: I have researched this subject extensively. I have read many books. I have watch many documentaries. I have personally talked to many people about their personal experiences with ghosts.

Having said that, and considering the astonishing testimonies from people who have experienced such paranormal activity, one can only come to the conclusion that spirits are absolutely real. They are not imaginations. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean that its not there.

Human beings are very finite. Considering the immeasurable size of the universe, or at least the guesstimated size of the universe, human beings are very finite. Humans can only occupy a very finite and limited area. Humans can only physically touch a very limited area. Humans can only see a VERY limited spectrum of light energy. There are so many things we cannot see.

We cannot see a magnetic field. We cannot see wind. We cannot see actual beams of light unless there is a mist or dust in the air. We can only see the source and the reflection of objects. We cannot see electric signals in the air around us. We cannot see love. Yet all these things are real.

I have personally experienced spirits. Again I don't want to go into great detail. But when I did have a VERY REAL experience with these spirits I didn't really believe in them. Needless to say, now I do. So then one cannot conclude that spirits are just things that people want to see, or do see because they believe in them.

Most of these "hauntings" are actual spirits. But they are not always what people think they are. They are not always spirits of humans, specifically loved ones. A lot of paranormal activity finds its source in evil spirits.

A demon can easily transform itself to look like, act like, and talk like another individual. Demons also can have access to detailed information about a deceased loved one. Remember, demons are not stupid! They know more than most humans know. They can easily fool someone by looking like, acting like, and sounding like a lost loved one. Demons can also impersonate someone by using intelligent information about that individual.

For example, Aunt Mary died many years ago. Aunt Mary loved to watch channel 7.

A demon can have access to that information, transform itself into the image of Aunt Mary, and tell you that she missed watching channel 7.

This can easily fool someone who is not educated in the deceptive acts of highly intelligent demons.

The Bible speaks of a great "cloud of witnesses" that are continuous watching us. Angels and demons are part of that great "cloud of witnesses".

Don't be fooled!

I would address that spirit in Jesus name. Say something to the effect of, "I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Tell me, what is your name?"

With some serious spiritual investigation and discernment you can find out if that spirit is true.

Having said that, I do believe that for some reason, sometimes, human spirits are bound to occupy earth as a form of imprisonment, or punishment.

Most people who die and have a vision of heaven say they NEVER want to come back to this earth. Possibly, for one reason or another, they are doomed to stay here. Based on all my research I do believe that on RARE occasions human spirits are bound to stay here.

I do believe the Bible is the ultimate written authority, and every word is to be believed. You may recall that there were occasions that the apostles thought they saw a "ghost" when Jesus appeared to them. There is no record of Jesus ever correcting them saying that human spirits don't exist on earth. Rather, He sought to prove that He was not a "ghost".

It seems to me that even the apostles themselves believed that human ghosts exist and can be found on earth.


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