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Ghosts in the Attic, Ghosts in the Basement

Updated on March 22, 2018
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty has had paranormal experiences her entire life. These experiences have fueled her passion to write about all things supernatural.

Why are attics so creepy?
Why are attics so creepy? | Source

Coming to an attic near you...

Not a graveyard. Not an abandoned building. And not in a creepy forest. Actually the most seemingly common place for ghosts to haunt is in an attic or a basement near you! Think about it, have you ever heard a really good ghost story? So many of the best scary stories told around the campfire mention that ghostly woman in the attic or the evil that lurks in the basement.

Perhaps you've even experienced a haunting in your life. Maybe you remember your grandmother's attic being extremely spooky, or maybe you actually saw a ghost living under the basement stairs. Whatever your ghost in the attic or ghost in the basement story, one thing is for sure. Ghosts enjoy haunting bone-chillingly spooky places.

Basements make the perfect spot for trapped negative energy.
Basements make the perfect spot for trapped negative energy. | Source
Every basement I've ever been in was terrifying.
Every basement I've ever been in was terrifying. | Source

Something under the basement stairs...

Ever since basements have been built into houses in the Northern parts of the U.S. there have been hundreds of stories about ghosts in the basement. Let's face it, most basements are scary places and not just for kids...for the bravest of adults too! Is it because the basement is usually the darkest part of the house, stuffed with unnecessary furniture and objects that don't exactly fit into the rest of the house? Or maybe it's the fact that the basement is usually so gloomy looking with dark corners and cold, blank walls.

Usually the darker spirits are associated with being the ghosts in the basement. When I say this, I mean that you typically hear stories of angry and territorial ghosts in the basement, rather than neutral, residual energy-type ghosts. I even have my own experience with ghosts in the basement, and it coincides with this same pattern of ghostly basement behavior. My story goes like this...

When I was thirteen years old, I lived in a large old brick home in a very small town in Maryland (U.S.). The house was pretty, but also very creepy for many reasons. The particular reason for my fear of this house was the basement. Every time I had to do laundry in the basement I would never allow my back to be turned towards the open air (I always had my back up against a wall for fear that something would grab me from behind). I never actually saw a ghost in the basement, but being that I've always been sensitive to energy and spirits...I felt it there. And these sensations only got stronger after messing around with ouija boards in that same house that very year. Come to find out one of the previous residents was into some pretty dark magic while he lived in that house. Could that have been why I felt such a negative presence in the basement? Luckily we moved out of the house shortly thereafter, and I haven't had a ghost in the basement story since (I live in Florida now where there are no basements!)

Some of the ghosts in the basement stories I've heard are much more frightening than my own. One woman tells of hearing noises in the basement, noises that sound like ghostly little children playing clanking and squeaking...high-pitched laughs and cries. Some people have even caught ghosts in the basement on camera (check out the video directly following this section).

Another ghost in the basement story tells of a ghost in the basement who actually plays with a little boy. The little boy is seen talking to someone invisible while in the basement, and everyone shrugs it off as an imaginary friend. Then one day, two of the older siblings saw the little boy playing with his imaginary friend in the basement...they were throwing a bouncy ball back and forth. The older siblings were so frightened they ran and got their sitter to come take a look, and when she went down to the basement she didn't see the ball bouncing back and forth...but, the ball came bouncing towards her from an empty corner of the room.

If you read Michelle Belanger's Haunting Experiences: Encounters with the Otherworldy, you would read an unsettling tale of this author's real experience with a dark spirit that lived in the basement of her apartment building. In fact, the author believed that this dark spirit was a collection of negative energy that had built up from the negativity in the house and continually grew as it fed on the negative energy above it. Everyone who lived in that apartment building was fearful of the basement, these were grown adults scared to go into a basement. And this particular dark spirit or collective evil energy had a favorite spot...under the basement stairs.

So how about your basement? Do you have something evil lurking below...


Ghosts in the attic...creaking from above

A creek on the floorboards above. A vague rattling of chains. The distant sound of music drifting down from above. Could there be ghosts in your attic?

Probably even more popular than the ghosts in the basement stories are the hundreds of stories of ghosts in the attic. These attics could be in the oldest houses in the world, or even attics in some of the newest homes. Ghosts do not discriminate as to the age of the building...if the attic looks dusty enough and sounds quiet enough, they'll haunt it. Personally, I have never had any close encounters with ghosts in the attic; however, I will share with you some hair-raising tales of things that go bump in the the attic, of course.

Maine is a beautiful state, but it is not devoid of its ghostly stirrings in the night. In the town of South Portland, there is an old yet beautiful Victorian home that was a part of a college campus. This house was commonly known as the Hillside Dorm and seemed to be a fun place to least to the people who didn't live there. To the students who lived in the old stately home, they would come to think of the dorm otherwise...they would come to know the ghosts in the attic very well. On many occasions, the residents of the house would hear animal like noises coming from the attic - scratching, clawing, running, and thumping. And every time traps were set in the attic to get rid of these animals, nothing was ever caught and only strange tracks were found by the traps in the dust. The Hillside Dorm has a history behind it - it's been a funeral home, a brothel, and a nursing home since its establishment. The students and other residents of the home believe that an old woman and a little boy both haunt the dorm and perhaps the attic is their favorite spot. Paranormal investigators have gone in to investigate and caught EVPs of an old woman talking.

The May-Stringer House in Brooksville, Florida has been known to be haunted for many years. It is now a museum full of antiques and War collectibles. It is also full of paranormal activity...and probably more than a few ghosts in the attic. There is a little girl who died in the May-Stringer House in the 1800s, and her name was Jessie May. Jessie is said to be heard crying in the darkest corners of the attic at night, and she has also been seen peering out the attic window. Her toys in her old room have been moved unexplicably on more than one occasion, freaking out the women who work at the museum. But in addition to poor Jessie May's ghost in the attic, there might be another ghost haunting it. This ghost in the attic is known as simply "Mr. Nasty". When Mr. Nasty makes his presence known, most people just run out of the house...he likes to scare the workers...he has a very ominous energy about him. Many EVPs have been collected in this house, and in particular emanating from the attic. You can hear a little girl's voice on many of them, either crying, asking for help, or asking for "cake".

Ghosts favorite spots?

So do you still think a ghost's favorite spot is the graveyard? Or are there more ghosts in the attic and the basement than anywhere else in haunted history?

Perhaps it is the fact that the attic and basement are the empty spots in our homes, perhaps that is why the residual energy or actual lost souls collect in these places. Maybe they want to be close to us, but maybe they also want their space. Or is it possible that the ghosts in the attic enjoy the attic because it is closer to Heaven? Maybe the reason why the ghosts in the basement are of a more negative vibration is because it is closer to Hell...

Tell me if you've ever had an experience with ghosts in the attic or ghosts in the basement.

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© 2012 Kitty Fields


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  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    2 years ago from Summerland

    Michaela - Yes, agreed.

  • Michaela Osiecki profile image


    2 years ago from USA

    I think spirit activity is so prevalent in those kinds of spaces because they're liminal places - the spaces that are kind of 'in between' so to speak.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    4 years ago from Summerland

    Hey, Brian. I have always been frightened of basements. Sometimes I wonder if it's just the fact that they are within the Earth itself and the Earth is actually radiating really strong energy...forcing our human brains/receptors to feel something powerful and overwhelmingly frightening. Love being in the South where basements aren't a terror any longer! :)

  • Brian Prickril profile image

    Brian Prickril 

    4 years ago from Savannah, GA

    Yeah, what the hell is it about basements? They always gave me the chills and I'm sure some of that is thanks to Hollywood, but I can't deny the overwhelming "feelings" I get in certain basements. Fortunately, I too live in the south where there are no basements.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    5 years ago from Summerland

    PDXKaraokeGuy - Rats do love to mate in the basements, don't they?

  • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

    Justin W Price 

    5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

    I grew up in Portland, Oregon in an old farmhouse. We had an attic and a basement. No ghosts, but I did have a basement bedroom and there were plenty of rats running around

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    Dolores - Gosh! So many of us have had to deal with the scary basement....especially in Maryland! LOL. You're right, the basement is always extra spooky at night but the basements I've had to deal with were scary in day and in the night. Haha. Thanks for the comment.

  • Dolores Monet profile image

    Dolores Monet 

    6 years ago from East Coast, United States

    I remember when I was young I was afraid of the basement, but only at night. During the day , the basement was a great place to play or work on projects. By night, forget it. In the evening, sometime after dinner, my father would always ask me to check and see if the basement door was locked. I learned the meaning of courage then, going down those steps, walking across the whole dark basement to check on that stupid door which I had probably left unlocked. And I was no little kid, but a teenager who could not admit to my father that I was scared of my own house. I'd rather face the ghosts than have my father think I was a jerk.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    Mom Kat - Those are some very good theories...I never thought about that, great points! Yes, I've had visits from loved ones with scents like perfume...there was one house that I lived in where I would smell maple syrup and pancakes out of nowhere when no one was cooking. I never did find a logical cause for that smell.

  • Mom Kat profile image

    Mom Kat 

    6 years ago from USA

    A couple things... (great hub by the way)

    Yes, I've been visited by spirits. My great-grandmother most frequently. I know she's visiting when I smell her perfume out of nowhere. Friendly spirits give little signs to let me know they are still there or still watching, those who have passed.

    Other thing: why are the "creepy" places most frequently haunted:

    I strongly believe it is due to EMF ~ electromagnetic frequencies. Ghosts emit this energy when they are around. Old attics and basements are notorious for having old or faulty wiring which also gives off EMF. Sometimes the creepy feeling is this wiring, other times I believe that the spirits feed off of this energy to make their own stronger.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    b. Malin - Thanks so much. Wow, very intriguing. Blessings to you.

  • b. Malin profile image

    b. Malin 

    6 years ago

    This was such an Interesting Hub Kitty, and that Video was Something else...Wow, seeing is Believing. I've never seen a Ghost, but have had some dreams that seem so real, like talking with my mother after she died, and her telling me that she didn't know she would be able to work any more...My mother was a "Work a holic".

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    pagesvoice - I too have been to Gettysburg but was much younger. I don't remember feeling anything supernatural, but I believe it's because I was a child and going through some troubled times anyway. But Yes, I have written an entire hub on the ghosts of gettysburg...there is a huge energy there...and many sightings of ghosts. Thanks for your comment!

  • pagesvoice profile image

    Dennis L. Page 

    6 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

    Your article was both intriguing and interesting and the accompanying video does have a certain eeriness about it. I am pleased that no evil spirits have surrounded me (at least that I am aware of) although I often see blurred images of people or faces in my living room, hallway and basically wherever I am in my house. The only thing in my basement are spiders and they are creepier enough.

    While in my early twenties, I visited the Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. My visit there was only supposed to be for one day. The emotions and odd feelings I experienced led me to stay an additional two more days. To this day I cannot fully explain to others what I truly felt there, except that I was completely overwhelmed.

  • godfire75 profile image


    6 years ago

    I have captured shadow jinn, orbs, and evp. These things are very real and I take it very serious. I'm currently working on hub ideas to address and hopefully inform folks on ways to protect homes and families from being plagued by such forces. Good article I enjoyed it.

  • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    Joyce - Wow! You sure are pulling them in close to you now. Yes, you're right. Once you open yourself up, they will feel more attracted to you...or perhaps it is just that we can see them better once we're open to them.

    moonlake - Creepy! Basements are such a spooky place. Thanks for reading!

    rcrumple - Hilarious! Fastest showers ever...I don't blame you, and I don't think I would've taken a shower down there for fear the lights would go out on me! Thanks for the comment, as always.

  • rcrumple profile image


    6 years ago from Kentucky

    Kitty -

    Extremely interesting, once again. When I was young, my mother was a constant hospital patient. Thus, I spent much time at my Grandparents. At the time, they only had in door plumbing in the kitchen sink and cellar shower. (The outhouse was out back, lol) I was never afraid of the dark, but I feared going down the steep steps, entering a 20 foot span of dark hallway, and reaching up the wall to find the small chain hanging from the light. It was always as if there were something watching and lurking. Even after the light came on, I still never felt comfortable there. It was the land of the fastest shower allowable, for sure. lol Loved this!

  • moonlake profile image


    6 years ago from America

    When we lived in Germany I use to have to do the washing in a basement. Hang all the clothes up to dry. I never turned my back to the door. I always faced the whole room so I could anything that might be going on. For all I knew there was a ghostly face looking over my shoulder. It was a spooky place but I never saw a ghost. Voted uP!

  • writer20 profile image

    Joyce Haragsim 

    6 years ago from Southern Nevada

    Great Hub and video.

    I think I've opened myself up to spirits at first which is recently l've seen three different ones, two where young in there 20's looking like you and me. Then a white see through man that was watching me fold bedding, ours met and poof he was gone. Then a couple of nights ago l felt a hand touch mine as I reached for something.

    Voted up and interesting, Joyce.


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