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Ghosts in the Workplace

Updated on August 14, 2014
Ghost in the hallway of the Hawthorne Hotel
Ghost in the hallway of the Hawthorne Hotel | Source

For many people working is a big part of who they are. In some cases, working is more than just a means to make money. It can be a passion or even an obsession. But if the place that people work has such a big impact on their lives while they are alive, what about after they die? Some deceased workers come back to haunt the place they once considered a second home. But what affect does that have on the current employees?

Regardless of the type of business, some places have accounts of seeing former employees still making their presences known. Some ghostly employees seem to still be working; others just come by to see how business is going.

Any workplace can have ghosts, but some are more prone to ghostly activity than others. Factories, prisons, hospitals, and theaters are considered hot spots for ghostly encounters. Even some locations such as bars or restaurants have been known to have their fair share of hauntings as well. Many times it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the type of business but the history of the building or the land it sits on.

Many paranormal research experts believe that theaters are the most likely place for haunting because of the artistic energy conveyed on stage or the big screen. Other paranormal researches believe prisons and hospitals are the most active due to the energy from illnesses, death, and harsh conditions these places can convey.

Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, AL
Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, AL | Source

Linda Vista Hospital

Some paranormal research theories include that if a person dies in the workplace their spirit creates an attachment to the place they worked and died at. In most of these cases, it is usually a violent death that causes more of a ghostly attachment. For example, Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, AL is said to be haunted by two men who died after being burned alive in the furnace. The list is long on work related deaths at Sloss Furnace when it was in operation and the list of ghost experiences are almost as long.

Hospitals have seen their fair share of death, too. Sometimes those who died suddenly have been seen walking the halls whereas in other cases it is those who have passed on from a terminal illness. Some former hospitals, such as the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles, CA and Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky are considered some of the most haunted places in the country. Although they are closed as hospitals now, reports of ghostly occurrences come in from hospitals still in operation today.


Prisons are a violent place and most deaths occur by violent means. The treatment of prisoners by guards and other prisoners aren't always hospitable ones. This can create an attachment even after death. Some prison ghosts are looking to avenge their death where as others may be taking the life sentence into the afterlife.

Some locations that are hot spots for ghosts have decided to capitalize on their haunted location by offering ghost tours. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, the Stanley Hotel, and the Ohio State Reformatory are just a few that have regular tours that talk about the history as well as the hauntings. Many haunted locations even allow paranormal investigators to book a night at the location for a fee. Ghost events are becoming more popular at many locations that include investigating with paranormal show celebrities.


Whatever the reason is for deceased employees to be haunting their former place of work, it is evident that many people have experienced some sort of encounter with ghosts at the place they work. Some people don't mind them and learn to work with the ghosts. Others are excited about some of the experiences they have had with ghosts in the workplace. Other people have quit their jobs over ghostly occurrences.

Although some people are still very skeptical, it is hard to deny the countless number of experiences people have at various workplace locations. Even though the reasons why someone may haunt the workplace is purely theoretical, it is hard to dismiss the patterns found in the appearances of ghosts in the workplace.

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© 2014 L Sarhan


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    • gaymuscleandlove profile image

      CB Jones 3 years ago

      I loved your hub. Many people think they may be working in a haunted workplace. Your hub helped to explore this topic?