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Ghosts what are they and Do they exist?

Updated on September 2, 2014


The most common phenomena that has been discussed and talked about for ages are the ones about Ghosts. People have doubts about it. Some people swear by it and say they believe that they exist and most of them write it off as mere fragments of people’s imaginations.

It is simple to write off what we do not see or experience or see. But could there be a real side to it. People have narrated experiences at length and some of the details are stunning with amazing matching facts. And another aspect is that whether people believe in it or not everyone loves to hear an experience on the topic.

I would not like to get in a personal opinion on this but somehow I believe that there is an energy which is unreleased which may have its own powers and cause its own doings. This same power can be called as a ghost.

To understand the dead let us evaluate what the living would be like. Let us say we are part earth that is our physical body, this defines our existence. Then we have emotions which control our thought process. Emotions make us behave differently, for e.g. anger, fear, anxiety, curiosity, love etc. Then there is the energy content in our body which is independent of the Physical Body and the emotions. The energy levels are high or low depending on our emotions and this has direct impact on our physical body. So somewhere all three are connected and though independent of each other they vary consistent with each other. We can only control ourselves, in short we either control our emotions or control the actions based on our emotions. This control and actions taken have an impact on the energy levels within us.

Let us take two good examples. First one if we do a good deed, say we help someone or do something which has a positive impact we feel light in our heart. At the same time if we do something that makes us feel guilty or extremely bad then it makes us feel very heavy in our heart. We can physically feel the burden of weight around the chest. So what really happens, our emotions have different reactions on the energy level, a negative charge makes it heavier and a positive charge makes it feel lighter. There is a third impact in this where we control ourselves and remain neutral irrespective of positive or negative charge this does not have an impact of feeling heavy or lighter. In the third case one can say that the energy level is independent of the physical body and the emotions. Thus in the third case whatever is the action the energy remains independent and does not affect the body.

Taking this as base let us say our controls are weaker and our energy level is connected to our emotions and physical body. Then our actions and behaviour have a direct impact on the body and energy cannot be released universally as what is light can travel upwards the rest will remain grounded.

So now if a person who is not detached gives up his physical body what will happen? This state can be debated as the state of scientifically a person is dead. Science has not verified the energy levels and emotions attached hence will declare the person does not exist. But then the mere physical body is given up. The energy within has not given up its ties with the emotions and thus still remains around. The powerful the energy level the stronger the emotions will be able to act on its own. The emotions by it on its own will start using the unrealised energy to achieve its ends. Remember the emotions are still attached to the energy hence unrealised into the universal energy. Scientifically we know that energy can be transferred from one form to another. Thus a if a source of energy attached to emotions imagine what all it can do. If this starts behaving on its own then imagine the impact around us. These simple phenomena can be described as Ghosts. Thus Ghosts as per my theory are nothing but strong emotions without the physical body but with energy to support it. We all know that energy can be multiplied thus with every passing day the energy can be multiplied and thus the so called Ghost can become more and more powerful by the day. That is if the unrealised emotions know how to multiply and the power of multiplication.

As we also know that the emotions can be stronger or weaker and at the same time the level of energy can be high or low. Thus eventually the so defined ghosts will be powerful or weaker. With the power of manifestation the same combination of energy and emotions can be used to display various forms shapes sizes or even behave like humans. Mind you energy can be transformed or converted from one form to another. So manifestation is simply using the same scientific property of energy and creating a different level of magic.

Thus once it reaches the stage of manifestation it can bother humans or simple make its presence felt but not be seen. Let us understand one thing that science has not uncovered everything yet or rather not discovered everything that we are surrounded with. We are still discovering newer facts by the day. Thus through manifestation emotions use energy and what we see is ghosts.

Thus in simple terms they do exist but scientifically it will take time to prove this relevance and hence written off as mere fiction of imaginations.

Then the question arises that why can’t everyone see ghosts. The answer is very simple, all people may be born with the same senses or maybe the physical appearance but the level of perception of senses is different from one person to another. For example X maybe very good at research and analytical but Y maybe good at using his or her physical strength. Another simple way to explain will be to say that all brains do not function in the same fashion. There may be common traits yet each has its own uniqueness and identifies similar objects differently. So it is simple isn’t it, all may not have the chemical combination to see the supernatural phenomena named as Ghosts.

So if you ask me they do exist but it is not necessary that we all can see them. Some may see them, some may simply feel them or some may not notice it at all.

I believe scientifically they exist only thing is that it will take a lot of time to prove the facts as it is not a simple theorem that we put on paper and prove it. It is a complex subject using the combination of emotions and energy, will require a lot of research.

Due to emotions people react differently to different situations. So results of the study will vary as emotions will always be inconsistent. Until a consistent result is obtained, let us continue the debate and once proven let us decide whether we need to be scared of them or not. My next one will be whether we should be scared of Ghosts or not. What say!!!

Existence of Ghosts

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