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Ghosts, Spirits & Lost Souls – What You Can do to Get Them to Stop Waking You up at Night

Updated on June 12, 2013

Many people have told us that they sometimes wake up at night and see, what appears to be, spirits in their bedroom.

There are several possible explanations for this experience. The spirits may be lost souls who, after their physical bodies died, have not yet gone to "the Light." Perhaps the deaths occurred nearby, or they simply follow some people home. This is more likely if you work in a hospital, live near a cemetery, or have recently visited either.

If this was the case, audibly telling them to "go to the Light" will help direct them to a better place as will asking your guides of the Light to help with the process.

They may have been souls (yours included) who are back from the future to see how things are progressing with you. We don't have a lot of explanation for this one, but we think it's possible and feel we've experienced it ourselves.

They may have been spirit guides checking in with you. They may be the souls of people sleeping, or temporarily away from their bodies for some other reason, and something attracted them to you.

It's fairly common to feel like there are souls or spirits in the same room with you. Though many mean well, it can be difficult to get a good night's sleep when they drop by for a visit. It can help to clear and protect yourself and your bedroom by visualizing healing, white light before bed if you don't want to be bothered.

Finally, this type of experience could involve some mischievous entities. They're usually more bothersome, like bratty children, than dangerous, so there's not much to fear if this is the case. Ask your guides of the Light for protection and surround your home and yourself nightly with white Light.

The practice of surrounding one's self with white light has much to do with the power of intent; if you believe you're protected, you are more likely to be protected.

We regularly have experiences related to what you've described.

One experience occurred in Miami during the first night Stephen was living in his new apartment. He was awakened at 3 AM feeling like someone was placing their hand on his leg. He turned on the light but no one was there, so he meditated and perceived a man in his late 20s who had died of a drug overdose in the apartment. He sensed the entity was scared and unsure of where to go. Stephen called in his guides of the Light, the young man's guides of the Light, and guided him into the Light.

A few days later, Stephen checked with the apartment management and found out that the last apartment occupant, a man in his late 20s, had in fact died in the apartment, but management didn't know the cause.

A second experience occurred in Los Angeles. Many times for over a year, Stephen was awakened in the middle of the night feeling that an older woman was standing in the doorway of his bedroom. Since this type of experience is common for Stephen, it didn't bother him much, but he knew it was best for her (and him) to move on. On several occasions, he used sage, his guides, and white light to clear the space and help her go to the light, but she didn't seem to want to leave.

Eventually Stephen stopped sensing her presence and recently happened to ask his neighbor if the previous occupant had died in his home. The neighbor's eyes got very wide and he asked why, and Stephen told him about the night-time visitations. He said that yes, an older woman who used to live there had a stroke and died. He described the woman and Stephen felt that this very well might have been the soul of the same woman he was sensing.

While talking with his neighbor (who is a writer for TV sitcoms) about sensing the former occupant's spirit, Stephen was joking about it, which seemed to startle the man even more than how Stephen knew that an older woman had died in the home. Hollywood is known for portraying death, the unseen planes, and other metaphysical topics as scary and even evil. However, to Stephen, they're neither scary nor evil, just a part of life.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • profile image

      Sudha, India 

      7 years ago

      Most of the nights I get waked up by something, but I can't see anything... around 3 am ..When I was in Bangalore some one tried to have sex with me and I was not able to push him and felt hard to breath or wake up..the next day I saw a huge Chimpanzee like thing trying to get me. I somehow got up and cried the whole night. I was frightened... It was too scary...I felt a foul smell on it.. I left Bangalore and now i am in hot place.. Still something is coming to me and wakes up around 3 am.. I don't want anything to come near me...If I say this no one is believing me...plz help me

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      thnx scott. but its not easy.

      nobody believes me. even my husband thinks I make these up to get attention.

      so what I do is ignore the fact. but last nyt my own uncle said I'mdoing something wrong. I dnt get it. its hard. the whole nyt there was this girl standing in front of my room door. didn't say or ask just looking at me. I think I'm going mad.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've hade many experience with the dead or lost spirits and still do. I will try to make this a very short story! The last time I communicated with one of them, well the person was not even dead but in a deep coma for sevral months. It was very stange to (mind) speek with a free spirit beacause it was as if the spirit was in my home following me and in my head for at least 10 days. I assume that I help the spirit reconnect with its body, and it took many day's before the spirit stayed connected with his body. I do know who the person is but I have not spoken for more than 10 years. I will try to contact it, and I will let you know what rally happened to that person. By the way people if all of you are spiritual and not down to earth, maby try to hold on to your loved one and not set them free. Just pray to God so there spirit do not leave there body to go to another place called paradise or hell. And if you are tormented with (bad) spirits, all you have to do before posession is say a pray to God. But be precise or it could go even more bitter. Please do not take this words to were head, beacause we are dust to the eye of God.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      when I go out I feel the lost spirits , some times they just keep looking at me, I want to bell them how can i. I have contacts with my dead uncle.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have to sleep with all the lights on cause something keeps wakeing me up at 3am, but even with the lights on they still come. I want it or them to leave me and my kids alone, what do i do??? my son talks to somebody every night. but everywhere i go something weird happens and it doesn't matter what state im in. my daughter got hurt the other day, she had a red mark on her arm she was in her room playing and then she came running out saying the women hurt me, i ask her where the women was and she told me she left. then she was talking to somebody in the kitchen and i ask her who it was and she said my new friend. my son woke up screaming and it was 3am i was trying to get him to go back to sleep and then we both heard a guys voice say HUSH my son look in the corner of the room and then ran and jump in bed with me, after that i went to close my eyes to go back to sleep and i felt tons of pressure on me i couldn't move, see or anything but that has happen to me a lot of times i got where i think ( In Jesus name please leave) it goes away What do they want from me... i believe their tryin to go through my kids as well to get to me for their only 3 and 1 yrs. I even see auras in the shape of people standing in my room, i tell other people and they just think im crazy. one day i was at a friends house and i was sitting in the chair in the front room and i ask them who was in the other room, they just look at me and laugh and said nobody, i told them whatever it is is walking in the front room and at that time the aura light thing i seen went through me and my friend was like WTF was that, for he felt something walk pass do i have a gift??? or why do they come to me, where ever i go i can feel them around, i havnt seen them as in a whole but as in a shadow or light or outline of a person with a glow coming off of them...i dunno i just need answers, and its soo good to finally get a chance to vent about everything that happens to me

    • pmccray profile image


      8 years ago from Utah

      Totally amazing; my late grandmother experienced two entities at the same time while in Japan.

      While living in Los Angeles at the age of 16 I met up with a restless spirit while talking on the phone late one night. I've never forgotten the experience. My mother later found out that a man died in the home previous to our occupancy.

      My aunt died in an apartment that was her residence for over 30 years. The owner of the building is a longtime family friend and to this day has been unable to rent the apartment for long due to my aunts presence. The landlord allowed her son to live in the place rent free and he left after one week stating; "mom Miss Lillian won't let me sleep at night". True story, my aunt Lillian was not a very likable lady and died of alcoholism.

      Thanks for the great read

    • Trips profile image


      9 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      So thoroughly interesting, and, for me, very timely. I've had experiences like the ones you described in the past, and just last night, I felt someone pinning me down to the bed. It woke me up. When I did, I could see a faint outline of arms and legs around me and, although I tried, I couldn't move for at least 5 seconds. So fricken weird and kind of scary. Obviously, I don't know, but it didn't seem friendly. I didn't even tell my husband because he doesn't believe in ghosts and would just roll his eyes, so I'm glad I can share this with you! :-) I look forward to reading more of your hubs.


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