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.Gideon & Jeremiah ~ Personal Reflection

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 06/21/09


 In an interesting time of challenged Faith, growth in Christ, being stretched, and tested in many areas I was pretty open, seeking insight, advice and direction from many. God used many in (and some out) of the body to help guide the journey. Then in 1 week 2 people directed me to the story of Gideon, the first one specifically to the story of the fleece, then the 2nd person to the full story of Gideon. It was very timely and relevant, good stuff. I got a lot out of it and did so by using a study Bible and really digging in to the issues and struggles Gideon had. At only a couple of chapters in length, it packs quite a bit of stuff. As I said, I drew quite a bit out of it.

  I'd also like to take a moment to say that as I grow through these experiences I like to share them, I learn things about my "human nature" and ways to grow, then I like to pass them along so if someone else sees a similarity in their life then they know that their not alone and also can gain some insight on changing or amending the habit(s) & action(s). I know I've been blessed by the sharing of others several times and was really thankful for that person being open.

 Theres a term or phrase that I'm looking for and trying to remember, I've heard it many times and every time I do, it strikes a chord with me, it's to the affect of "style over substance" but describes my "issue" better. When I heard it recently I was strongly encouraged as, instead of feeling convicted by it, I felt I'd been redeemed from it. For me, I have and keep many Christian "trinkets" around me, be it a tee shirt or knick-knack. It was almost like I let those items speak for me to others, I'd justified them as "reminders", which they often were for me, but I've found that as I've grown in the Lord, placing Him first in all things they are purely more decorative now, praise God. This may seem trivial to some, but for me it was a symbolic stumbling block - why did I need reminders? Why did I not just "default" to God in Christ in all things? I certainly believe it had to do with growth, but moreso, it was about surrender, I don't believe that I'd fully "thrown up the white flag of surrender", FULL surrender to God. By no means am I saying that I've got it all covered now, there will always be room for growth and surrender I'm sure. But I feel so much more in tune and filled with Gods spirit.

 Feeling so much more genuinely inspired in my Faith & walk, as I listened and surrendered I was moved by many things, the book of Jeremiah really took hold of me. Eliminating distractions, really looking at and experiencing life through Gods eyes, wow, so many things look different. I'm still amazed at how "at peace" I am with some of the heavy situations going on in my personal & family life right now, ONLY by the power of God was that achieved.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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