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Gift Ideas for First Holy Communion

Updated on May 8, 2011

Celebrating a child’s First Holy Communion is a big day. It is a rite of passage, enabling a Catholic to become more vested in the typical Sunday Mass. Usually, a First communicant is about eight-years-old when he or she receives his or her First Holy Communion (in Roman Catholic churches, communion is received every Sunday at Mass). A communicant can be older if he converts to Catholicism at a later age. Nevertheless, receiving one’s first Holy Communion is a sacred event, and typically, a celebration or reception is held afterward for the communicant.

If you know someone who is getting ready to make his or her First Holy Communion and want to give him or her a physical token of congratulation, here are a few ideas that will be greatly appreciated.

Christian Gift Ideas

  • Picture Bible: Bibles are always a wonderful gift idea for any religious event or milestone. If the first communicant is a child, a picture Bible is a delightful idea. They are filled with illustrated Bible stories, usually running in order from the Old Testament to the New Testament. Written in easy-to-read short story form, an illustrated Bible is a great way for a child to gain a firm grasp of key biblical characters.

  • Rosary: A beaded prayer necklace, the rosary can be as elegant or as plain as you’d wish. Rosaries come in various colors and designs and are a traditional gift for any sacrament of initiation.
  • Cross or Crucifix: This is a standard gift that can be hung on a child’s bedroom wall: a reminder of Jesus’ everlasting love and sacrifice. Crosses can be plain or embossed with designs such as Celtic knot-work or roses. Crosses can vary in style. They can be made of stone, metal, plastic, felt, or fabric.
  • Statue: A lovely gift from perhaps a grandparent or godparent, the statue of a saint or the angel Michael or Mother Mary will be appreciated by any young person.

  • Picture Frame: There are an assortment of picture frames on the market. If you’re looking for a Christian element, there are picture frames embossed with images of Jesus and Mary. Also, there are frames specifying the celebration of First Holy Eucharist.
  • Biblical Tapestry: A unique and decorative gift, giving your loved communicant a tapestry to hang in his or her bedroom is a decorative idea.

  • Neck Tie: For the boys celebrating their First Holy Communion, there are white neck ties detailing First Communion. This tie can be worn for the spiritual event and then kept always, a reminder of the holy sacrament he took part in.
  • Christian Pendant or Necklace: A popular item, the necklace can be a simple cross, a pendant specifically symbolizing First Communion, or even the child’s birthstone.

  • Sun Catcher: A beautiful decoration for any window, a sun catcher will be adored by any communicant. This can be an heirloom to keep hanging during the daytime, adding delightful colors to any room.
  • Photo Album: There are sure to be plenty of photographs taken on the big day. A photo album specialized in the First communicant’s name, or designed with angelic ornamentation, is a no-brainer. Your First communicant will adore her very own photo album, filled with memories of this great day.

It's Okay to Keep It Religious

Regardless of the gift you decide upon to give the First Communicant in your life, remember it is a very exciting day that he or she will always remember. They will be pleased with any token of congratulations...even if it isn't a brand new bike or doll. A Christian-themed gift will be an heirloom for years to come, a remembrance of the child's First Holy Eucharist.


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    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Lots of great ideas. No matter how old you become this is a day that will aways be remembered.

    • viveresperando profile image

      viveresperando 6 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      :) v esperando