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Updated on December 12, 2009


Sparkling flutters of tomorrow fill my heart with hope surrounding me with the essence of all that is kind and good. Each step that I take brings me closer to the shores of heaven, and to those that await me there.  Sitting in the relative quiet of my office, I hear the steady rain as God is refreshing this world of ours.  There is a haze in the air that is washing the pollutants from the air and filling the land with a newness that only God can give.


As I sit here now, typing out these words and phrases, putting together sentences and paragraphs, I am amazed that I have been given something to say, and the ability to do so.  God has granted each of us gifts, and it is our responsibility to use them for His glory.  Some are gifted musically, others artistically, some are gifted with an ability to soothe the fears of others and the ability to listen and set them at ease.  We are all given the seed of faith; and we must nurture that seed and watch it grow. 


We as individuals are gifted with so much more than we realize.  God created us with the capacity to love, create, enjoy and to feel compassion, (all the good things in life).  We have also been cursed to feel all that is dark and evil the reality that is Satan.  We are given the option of choice.  We can choose to enjoy the wonders and the amazing blessings that God has set aside for His children, or we can choose the evil and devastation that it is to be a child of Satan.


Where are you in the grand scheme of things? Do you walk in the light that is Christ Jesus or are you hiding in the shadows and fearing the reality that you have chosen?  Is your future filled with hope or horror?  I choose the gifts of God, the wonder that is His love and the fullness of His compassion.  Make your choice, accept Christ Jesus as your savior or just walk away into the shadows.


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