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Gifted Eyes

Updated on July 15, 2014

The Veil

Do you possess a unique awareness that differs from the common five senses most humans have? Some people are exceptionally sensitive to the environment that they can perceive what many could not or hope to do.-- Disembodied spirits.

We speak of spirits clinging tenaciously to our earthly realm that are no longer of this world. Yet, they remain among the living and some are even unaware that they are dead. Different cultures tell different stories in hushed voices and some are more terrifying than the other.

Many claim to be born with a "Skin like veil" on their faces at the time of birth in which doctors have to remove before the newborn suffocates to death. It is also said that this "Veil" is a gift, giving an individual the ability to see spirits. The 6th human sense as they call it.

A man by the name of Drystan.K, a High school graduate. shares a story similar to what I have explained.

"It all began as a child. Walking to school, entering a public restroom, buying groceries, visiting a grave and watching the television at home did not seem so simple at times.They are everywhere! Lurking in the shadows, away from sunlight. Some are good, some are evil and many of the experiences I had with them are terrifying.

The feeling of constantly being watched by someone or something not visible to the naked eye is rather scary. But what about feeling that you're being watched and you actually get to see who or what is watching you? I've encountered those moments multiple times. Some will daze at you from a distance, some will try to communicate with you and you'll never know what you'll get yourself into if you acknowledge their presence.

My mother knew about this but did not seem too concern about it even after so many strange things occurred in my house for 11 long years. The outdoor was like a death trap. I couldn't go a day without being startled or screaming in the middle of an ongoing class.

I was living in fear and did not mind being publicly humiliated for my uncontrollable actions. I wanted to be normal, for some reason I knew that I had to accept this.

Years went by and I've grown to be impervious only with the help of liquid acid. I have been blind for almost 6 years now and I love my life as it is."

I guess, a man would rather live happily blind than be tormented with the sight of the dead. I have made a list of methods practiced by many people in Asia. Many I should say, are not born "gifted". Humans do the most compelling and sometimes foolish things for the sake of discovery.


Puppy Eyes

Ever tried rubbing dog tears in your eyes? This practice is common in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Believe to bestow a third eye, many people have resorted to this method to fulfill their desire. Unlike contacting spirits with the Ouija board as explained in my previous article, certain people prefer to come face to face with the dead.

Foolish? Not necessarily. Such acts are also believe to shower the bearer of the third eye with good fortune. How? Lottery numbers. This diverts them to something else.-- Black magic.

To dwell in the black arts with the dead is a risky business. Many have succumbed to the evil spirits because such practices are dangerous and often comes with a price. Nothing is free from the devil.


The Cornea

Ironic as it seems, this was practice in Thailand where patients undergoing a cornea transplant gets its new cornea from a dead human body. I have collected reports on patients saying that they started to see abnormal and terrifying things within a day after the transplant. Most of which is similar to the movie "The Eye" A Singaporean made film directed by the Pang Brothers. They began to blame hallucination as the primary cause.

A black figure holding the hands of another person, slowly walking away and fading through the distance. A boy standing next to its corpse after a fatal car accident and a boy in the corridor who'll never stop asking where is his report card.

It all may seem like a fairy tale but this movie was based on the stories of real life people some of which I know personally. The identity of the donor who donated the cornea will generally remain anonymous. The bearer of the new cornea will begin to see what the previous bearer has seen and messages will be conveyed if something tragic used to happen.


Dead Men's Soil

A Elton Simon Randall of Canada once shared me his story. "The trick to see spirits is to dig up a grave of a suicide victim and use the soil on its face to rub it in your eyes" Funny how I think this is similar to the "Puppy Eyes" method. Different parts of the world have different belief systems in my case.


Hide and Go Seek

This was a child's tale. Parents are always scaring their little ones to not play at certain areas like "The Old Coconut Tree" or at "The Old House Across The Street".

Curiosity kills the cat. The more popular game "Hide and Seek" is a major hit with children. When one plays such a game in a defile area, spirits tend to play along with these children.

Many cases are reported from parents that their child could not be found and later witness their children crawling back home famished, dehydrated and have their clothes torn off.

These children may become hysterical, violent and disobedient towards their elders. Some have confessed that they talked to these playful spirits and agreed to play with them. Thus, going missing.


Attempt at your own risk or in the presence of a paranormal expert/psychic.

A bowl of rice, a pair of chopstick and red candles. Tap the bowl with the chopstick and a devouring spirit may just come crawling to the bowl to feed. *You were warned*.

The Chinese hungry ghost festival is also when both Taoists and Buddhists perform rituals to transmute and absolve the sufferings of the deceased.

Do you believe in spirits?

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