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Give God Back The Life Given To You

Updated on March 24, 2016

God Accepts

We go through the day and face all sorts of challenges of various difficulties. One that may occur now with new technology and media is envying. “Why can’t I be doing that right now?” We all may be thinking that when we see a friend’s snapchat or photo on Facebook but is that what is needed to make God ecstatic? With all kinds of new technology and media we incline to forget what we have and fall short of the Glory of God; seeing the best, or worst, of people on different medias, may cause envying or simply forgetting what wondrous thing we have. Our life.

In the past, I used to do this quite often, yearning for more than what I had at the moment. I was utilizing the life God gave me for myself. I was selfish. I turned my back on God after he had given me the most precious thing I could have ever craved. I was frustrated with the life I had and probed for answers elsewhere other than the Word of God.

It was the first week of this spring semester and I saw a stand for a Christian group and for some “odd” reason I was lured to the stand. I simply introduced myself to an older gentleman there and wrote my contact information down and went on with my day. I was contacted and decided to attend a bible study. I was very skeptical at first and could not understand how someone with rational thinking could believe such antediluvian ways. Yet, every week I continued to go and listen to the crazy things.

Luckily, one Bible study, God spoke to me through his written words. “For where jealousy and faction are, there is confusion and every vile deed.” (James 3:16), this verse saved my life. I was able to relate God’s word with how I was living my life. This verse opened my eyes to how God has made the Word relatable to everyone. It then gave me trust in the Word.

Days passed and I remembered going over Hebrews (8:12). This verse became very important to me. It covered the topic of how God forgives sins and does not remember them. It made me realized that albeit we fall short of God’s Glory he forgives, loves us, and never remembers our sins. The only ones that bring up our sins of the past are ourselves and people around us. It allowed me to understand that I can have a fresh start with God and so can everyone else!

We can give our lives back to God! He sent his only son, Jesus, to shed his blood for our sins. His suffering is allowing us to be close to God. So, why not take this chance to determinately live a life that glorifies God? Fortunately, I can now call myself a Christian after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Giving my life back to God is one of the most fulfilling sensations. I hope sharing this will help someone continue seeking God, come back to God, or come to God for the first time. He genuinely cares for all of us.

Prayer for this blog: “Lord please break my Kingdom down and build your Kingdom in me.”


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