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Squirrel with a White Face

Updated on December 3, 2018
Marsei profile image

I live in a suburb of New Orleans and have been writing here off and on for 10 years. I have been married 53 years to the same crazy guy.

White-faced squirrel or furry angel?

The Sun Was Focused on Him

Three years ago, one warm late winter afternoon, my husband and I were sitting in our lawn chairs at our camp in Kentwood, Louisiana. It was a superb afternoon, just drifting quietly by, sun shining, a few fluffy clouds, red birds feeding at the feeder. We were floating from one topic to another, drinking coffee and talking trivia. My husband said he hadn't seen any white-faced squirrels on the property in over two years. Although I tolerate his obsession with hunting, I certainly don't want him doing it at Kentwood. I said, "You'd better leave my squirrels alone." His answer, "If I get a chance, I'm going to shoot one and mount it." He was halfway kidding, but I continued fussing for a bit. He went back to his (boring) Clancy book and I just sat and watched the birds jumping up and down, trying to make the seeds fall from the feeder.

Some five minutes later, I caught my breath and said, "Oh, my God. Joe, look." Sauntering down the fence not ten feet from us was a white-faced squirrel. Joe was noticeably shaken up. The squirrel took his time walking down the fence. Both of us remarked later that the sun seemed to be focused on him. He eventually walked out of sight behind some pecan trees. We looked at each other with our mouths open. We have talked about the incident many, many times since then, whether we manifested the little creature by talking as we were, whether he came from another dimension just to let us know that there is more to life than what we see, or whether he was a squirrel angel --- I say this a bit facetiously, but not entirely -- sent from a divine source to comfort us in some way. We talked about it for almost an hour, with Joe asking me twice if I thought we really saw it or dreamed it -- both of us? No, I don't think it was a dream!

A Second Visit

On our next visit, I had a feeling I might see the squirrel. I took a camp chair and walked over to the creek where I often sit and photograph birds, butterflies, whatever comes by. I noticed a squirrel in the top of an empty tree. Although it was warm, it was still winter and the trees were bare. For almost an hour I watched the large red squirrel lie across a limb with his feet hanging down on either side, just basking in the sun. As he began to climb down, I thought I saw a bit of white and started to get excited. I remember thinking, Oh, please come near me. Please come close. And he did. He climbed a tree only yards from where I was sitting. He came close enough for me to snap the picture on this page. He looked at me rather inquisitively and for a long period of time, never seeming even remotely frightened by my presence, then climbed down and went on his way. I remember feeling very sad when he left, as though I had lost something.

In Retrospect

I have never seen the squirrel again or any other white-faced squirrel. I know many will say just a coincidence and I might agree, but there were two of us there. It had been two years since we'd seen a white-faced squirrel and he appeared walking down the fence five minutes after we mentioned him. If he brought a message, I think the message was to search out peace of mind, which is, after all, what we are all looking for. I looked at things differently after that experience. I sold a business that was very stressful and live a much quieter life now where afternoons like that one are not uncommon any longer. Friends have told me he's a "familiar." I'm not so sure of that. I consider him a "visitor" from perhaps another dimension.

Divine Gifts

I have had other experiences similar to that one in my 66 years, all unexplainable, and all definitive proof, at least in my mind, that there is more to life than matter, than flesh and bone. I believe to attempt to explain phenomena like our visiting squirrel dishonors the experience and diminishes its meaning. I've come to accept those moments as divine gifts, validation of a watching presence, and a reason to try to do my best with each day I am here.

A Message


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    • Marsei profile imageAUTHOR

      Sue Pratt 

      8 years ago from New Orleans

      They are. And I will never forget that one.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 

      8 years ago from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA

      Such moments are precious.

    • Marsei profile imageAUTHOR

      Sue Pratt 

      8 years ago from New Orleans

      This was a wonderful experience for my husband and me and I loved sharing it.

      Thanks for your kind words.


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Marsei, What a charming, endearing, picturesque look you offer us of fortuitous, special interactions with nature! In particular, I appreciate the beauty, energy and grace of squirrels. It's the agile, attractive gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) here. So it's fun to hear about encounters with a white-faced red 'un.

      Thank you for sharing, and Welcome to HubPages,


    • Marsei profile imageAUTHOR

      Sue Pratt 

      8 years ago from New Orleans

      Thank you so much for your comments. I especially appreciate what you said about it being relaxing. That's how I felt the day I saw the squirrel and what I was hoping to convey to readers. Nature can give us such

      wonderful gifts if we're open to them.

    • rLcasaLme profile image

      Rael Casalme 

      8 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      You were fortunate to have captured the moment in a photograph with the visiting squirrel. I guess you were among the very very few who had that chance. You're a good photographer. I loved it.

      I loved how you wrote this. It's like sending me in a very peaceful world without any worries. By reading, it almost feels like it was a dream being narrated to me. And the weather captured in the photos just added to the beauty of this. It was very relaxing. You're a gifted writer.

      I'm voting beautiful.

    • Marsei profile imageAUTHOR

      Sue Pratt 

      8 years ago from New Orleans


      Thank you for your kind words. Both my husband and I have come from virtually no spiritual awareness whatsoever to finally understanding that the messages will come if we open our hearts and minds. After that, life becomes magical. (I did enlarge the photo of our visitor!)

    • Dr Kavita Shaikh profile image

      Dr Kavita Shaikh 

      8 years ago from MUSCAT

      The Universe is constantly sending us messages, but we are sadly unaware. Only the spiritually advanced ones and the few chosen ones (like you and your husband) understand this phenomenon. No matter what others have to say, IMO this white faced squirrel was definitely the Universe trying to communicate with you. Excellent hub, voted up. But could you try to attach a larger picture of the squirrel please?


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