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Giving Isis her name back.

Updated on July 9, 2015
Ta-Iset profile image

Ta-Iset has never graduated from High school, but she got most of her vast intelligence through reading and learning online.

Who is Isis? Is she Islamic State of Iraq and Syria? Or an Ancient Egyptian Goddess?

In the media we have heard a lot about Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They use the acronym ISIS to talk about the Iraqi terrorist group. I feel it is just staining the good name of Isis the Ancient Egyptian Goddess. To be honest how would people feel if we used Jesus as an acronym for "Judea's Executing Syrian's Under States" approval? This is why I am very uncomfortable with the use of her name.

1.) When I pray to my Goddess people may think I'm praying to the terrorist group. Which isn't a far fetch considering most people don't even know who Isis is because of the media saying her name so often to refer to this group. That's not even considering also the fact that everyone suspects everyone that isn't mainstream religious, if someone says they are Wiccan, they're terrorists, Pagan, terrorists. Isn't Islam itself considered to be Pagan? And under that they are referred to as Terrorists.

2.) I don't want to be charged for uttering the name on social media in a religious manner, considering how tightly the government has been spying on everything posted online these days. Target words are "Isis" "Terrorists" "Israel" "Syria" All of these put into search engines are immediately monitored. Which is why I'm hoping that we can change the name so Pagan's can look up Isis without a SWAT team charging in their homes for trying to find a prayer to her.

3.) How about the fact that it's a Goddess name! And my religion shouldn't be put through the mud because they wanted a shorter version of the name they have. How about you call them what you been calling them for decades? IRAQI terrorists! That's what they are. Keep it in the place they are supposed to be and leave my Goddess out of it!

4.) I don't need people to come after me with pitch forks and fire because I have her name on my books, and on my religious spaces. It's confusing people, and it's immoral to use a Goddess name for a terrorist group.

I don't go around using bible references to refer to terrorist groups, I would probably be hung if I did... Or worse burned at the stake. I feel it is time to give Isis her name back, she was and is a great Goddess to the Egyptians and those who follow her as a Deity. Her consort Osiris would yell to the heavens that this is blasphemy... I feel it is as well, just because She is an Ancient Goddess, doesn't mean she's been forgotten. I would appreciate it if people referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, they address it properly and not use the acronym Isis.

What does this look like?

Does this look like someone terrorizing people? Because that is a TERRORIST.
Does this look like someone terrorizing people? Because that is a TERRORIST. | Source

Terrorists... Not the proper name for Terrorists.

Terrorists, are terrorists. They shouldn't of ever given them Isis's name. I feel that no one has addressed this issue, and the Pagan community should do a petition. This isn't right, they are using our religious Goddess to promote their war. Why not use Cains name? He slaughtered his own brother. Why not use God, he has killed millions if not billions of people with floods, plague, and other "miracles" to sift out the ones that weren't perfect. Why use Isis? She lived peacefully among the Egyptians, teaching them how to reap and sow their seeds, and harvest. She ruled over them when Osiris went to teach all men in upper and lower Egypt these customs. She protected them from Seth and his evil plans. She was considered the great mother of Egypt for giving birth to Horus, and saving Egypt from Seth and his Chaos.

Why didn't they name the group after Seth? He was malevolent, he was chaos, he brought misery to Egypt when he put Osiris into the coffin, he dropped the coffin into the Nile and hoped it would kill him. But he washed ashore, in Byblos where his coffin grew branches and a huge tree formed. The King came to the shores to see what the people were talking about, he thought the wood was good for a pillar, he decided to cut it down, shape it into a pillar and added it to his palace.

This is no story about a group that developed evil plans, then executed them on their own people to send a message to a government across the seas. This is the story of my Goddess and her consort. Isis was a mother, she was a Goddess, a Queen... She was not meant to have this attached to it. I want to free her from this disgusting display of propaganda. She deserves better, and I know where she is in Amenti she is very upset that her name is being misused like this. Who are these people to just pick this name and use it without weighing what it would mean to others? Since Paganism has become a recognized religion in America and Canada, our governments should make it a priority to find out if there would be backlash for using a Goddesses name for a Terrorist group.

This is the REAL Isis!

This is the real Isis, and I wish to make the world know that this is the only Isis!
This is the real Isis, and I wish to make the world know that this is the only Isis! | Source

The true story of Isis...

Before Ra had left the earth, he was getting very old, and in his old age he told himself that if Nut had children; one of them would take over as Pharaoh. So he put a curse on Nut- that she would not be able to become pregnant on any day in the year.

Saddened by this Nut went to Thoth for help. He was Thrice the great God of wisdom and knowledge, magic and learning. He was Ra's son who was also in love with her. Thoth knew that Ra's curse once it was said, could not be undone, but with all Thoth's intelligence he knew of a way around it. He went to a God named Khonsu, he was the God of the moon. He challenged him to a contest at draughts. Game after game Thoth would win, The price went higher and higher, but Khonsu paid the most, because he put some of his light down and lost it.

Finally Khonsu decided not to play anymore. Thoth the wise God he was, gathered up all the light he had won from Khonsu and made it into 5 extra days, they were set between the end of the year and the beginning of the year. There were only 360 days of the year, and after adding the 5 extra it became 365 days, but remember they are days of no year, so they were celebrated at the end of each year in old Egypt.

But after this Khonsu didn't have enough light for the whole month, so now he dwindles into darkness, only to rise to his full glory, because he lost all the light that made the 5 days.

On the first day Osiris was born. The second day was for Horus the Elder. The third day was for Seth. The fourth day was Isis. And on the last day was Nephthys. This was perfect because Nut's children were born of no day in the year, for those days did not exist in any year.

When Osiris was born, there was many miraculous things happening around the world. Including the voice that came from a shrine in Thebes on the Nile, today it is known as Karnak, It called to a man named Pamyles telling him to tell all men that Osiris, the mighty good king, was born to bring joy to all the earth. Pamyles did exactly that. He also attended on the divine child brought him up from child to adult.

When Osiris grew up, he married Isis who happened to be his sister. It then became a custom after that, that Pharaohs of Egypt followed this there after. Seth married Nephthys: because only Gods could marry Goddesses.

Isis after her craft learned the Secret name of Ra, Osiris was sole ruler of Egypt and ruled on earth as Ra did before him. He found the people to be disgusting savages, brutish, fighting among themselves, killing, eating each other. Isis discovered the grain both of wheat, and barley. It used to grow wild over the land with the other plants, it was known to man; Osiris taught them how to plant seeds. Only when the Nile rose from the yearly flood, and sunk to leave fertile soil over the fields; he taught them how to tend and water the crops. How to cut the corn. He taught them how to thresh the grain, and he taught them how to thresh the floor. He showed them how to dry it and how to grind it into flour. Then he showed them how to make bread. He also showed them how to grow vines, and use the grapes to turn into wine. They had already known how to make barley into beer.

After the people of Egypt learned how to make bread, and cut only suitable flesh off of certain animals, Osiris, taught them laws, and showed them how to live peacefully, happily together. He showed them how to entertain themselves with music, and poetry, dancing. When Egypt was peaceful and happy, Osiris decided to go around to other places to teach all men these skills. While he was away he put Isis in charge, and ruled she did both gracefully, wisely, and well.

This is a version of the story I found on

She was a devoted wife, mother, and Queen. She was loyal not only to her people, but Osiris, and her son Horus. I just don't want her name to be misused anymore. Every time I go to search something up about her, I get a bunch of terrorist stuff, and that's not what I'm looking for... She has lost her name because of that acronym, and I feel it is only right to restore it back to who it actually belongs.

This what I find when I look up Isis.

In conclusion...

I feel that no matter the reason they gave them this name, they should find a different more suitable name opposed to one that refers to Pagan worship. This is only going to have a bunch of backlash, if it hasn't already, this hub is the start of my protest against Isis's name being used to refer to terrorists. This is immoral, they can't expect people to accept this as a name suitable. Pagan's already have a bad reputation, and this just gives more prudence to those who wish to dismiss our religion.

"You believe in a Goddess named after a terrorist group?"

"How can you believe in Isis? Aren't they Islamic extremists?"

"I knew Pagan's were evil, just look at them worshiping Isis"

"Why doesn't Fox News talk to a Pagan, don't they all believe in Isis?"

These are the types of things that people have said, and will continue to say unless we change the acronym. It's putting Pagan's like me who believe in Isis in danger, and public shaming isn't something that anyone should endure just because of a choice of words. Please hear my plea and change the acronym. I'm not speaking for all Pagan's but I am speaking for the ones who care about Isis as a Goddess, as a teacher, and a deity.

Thank you for reading my hub, I hope you enjoyed it. :)

So now I ask...

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