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Giving up is easier than holding!

Updated on February 5, 2013

Free food and clothing to surrounding villages!

The immortal teachings of scriptures!

This is verily the central theme of Hindu scriptures. A chant in the Upanishad clearly states that 'immortality can be achieved only by sacrifice and not by wealth, action or progeny! We do not want to remain 'mortals' which is limited to the longevity of the life in the particular body. Every one wants to live for ever, with full of wisdom and joy throughout his existence. This is the quality assigned to the Brahman or Supreme Being which enabled the creation on earth. This is how the Supreme One is extolled in the Veda and Upanishad. His attributes are "ever existing, full of wisdom and in perennial Bliss! Nothing can hinder his all pervasiveness. He is sublime than the sky. The sky itself pervades the entire Cosmos. The one who is subtler than the sky is correctly termed as "infinite and immeasurable! Since the mind and all faculties of human beings emanated from him, it is not possible for the mind to gauge the Supreme!

No word can describe him nor our imagination catch him. He is beyond all these. He is immanent as well as transcendent. He is formless as well as with form. He is beyond the duality of the mortal world. Though good and bad emanated from his will, he is untouched by them since he is beyond the good and bad, we observe in this world. Hence Saibaba has once told a gathering that everything is pure in creation. If you observe contamination, it is your false view, otherwise creation is holy and pure. Human mind is inexorably connected to the body and the outer world. The mind can function only with relation to a body. It can not exist without a body. Hence the mind is attached deeply to the body which it considers as its own! This is the fundamental illusion of the mind. On death, the body disintegrates into primal elements but the mind is snatched away by the last breath before death! The mind which is snatched away is the seed for your future birth in this world. The sum total of all your activities decides your future birth in a particular family and environment.

We may observe that people who are holy in nature takes birth in the house of pious people so that his holiness is further nurtured without break. On the contrary, evil natured people takes birth in the house of evil doers! It is the cosmic law. A mango seed when planted gives rise to a mango sapling which will ultimately grow into a mango tree and gives many mango fruits later. Otherwise, a bitter neem seed will produce only a neem sapling which ultimately gives bitter seeds! Hence remember, "What we sow is what we reap and the fruit can never be different from a tree! We have many evidences in history. Great people were born is holy surroundings. Though they may be poor in wealth, they will be rich in character!

Now coming back to our original theme, it is only through sacrifice, man gains and not by hoarding or grabbing. The world honors charitable people. To day we honor Ford and Gates not for their business acumen but for their contributions to many schemes for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden all around the world. They are more remembered for their philanthropic activities than their success in business inventions. Also it is easier to let go than to hold. Hold a hanky in your palm. It requires the effort of all the fingers. If you let go, you will feel free and effortless! Hence share the extra resources with the have nots. It will give you plenty of joy if you share with others the resources they lack!


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