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Glory Stories

Updated on March 31, 2017

My story is about a wonderful life rescue and renewal. It's about an epiphany that happened to me. An epiphany is a dramatic sudden light of reality and truth that suddenly makes us to see in a way we've never seen. It's an "Aha, now I see!" moment. I'm here to share some of the light of God's glory that has created my new life story.

My story touches on how sad life was, but it goes way beyond that. Although my life is not about what I once was, it is true that it took what I once was to make me who I am today. So I was doing some thinking of the journey here. All of my life I've been very shy with strangers and found it difficult to be in the company of others. I suffered deeply in mostly secret ways. No peace in my heart. But then God showed up and over the years God has moved in my life and gradually recreated me. He threw the old fears and memories of who I was into the sea of his forgetfulness. I did learn that we have an enemy who tries to go fishing and drag up old sad facts and happenings. There's a dark spiritual kingdom that works to keep our fears and failures before our faces. But I'm not going and I'm sharing with you that you can escape that misery too. Jesus Christ is mighty to save and redeem lives from misery and failure. We can humble ourselves and learn how to live in the sweet presence of Christ always. I've had a glorious transformation and I love to share my story with others. I love to encourage people who struggle with life. When God transforms us we begin to love reaching out to people who are in need of a change of heart. We become friends of those who are still like we once were. Lonely and fearful of trusting others. God lives in us and He loves to reach out to strangers and make friends of them. He tells me often "Relax, make to yourselves friends of the people you meet along your way." I'm delighted to let him lead now. I know he has never met a stranger. I'm totally safe wherever he leads me. And he loves you just as much as he does me. I want you to know that what he has done for others, he will for you!


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