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Go beyond the mind to attain the changeless state of Truth!

Updated on November 17, 2016

Sathya Saibaba has said...

The constant and variables...

We have two terms, ‘constants and variables’ in mathematics. Constant denotes which remains the same, irrespective of the functions. Variables change their value. For instant the numerals are constant and depict the same value while variables are denoted by letters ‘x’, ‘y’ or ‘z’. We will analyze the same in worldly situations! A road surface remains constant while the vehicles move over them or getting displaced. In spiritual parlor, the Self is the constant entity while the world always changes!

Now let us explore this topic further. Whatever changes cannot be termed as true! For instant, the world is on constant move and nothing is stagnant! How? The earth rotates around its axis as well as orbit around the Sun. Though for our view the earth looks static, if we examine deeply, the earth undergoes continuous motion. If we examine scientifically, the atoms are in continuous motion even in an inert rock! This is not perceptible to the naked eye but an ‘electron microscope’ can point out to the motion that takes place inside any matter! We look at the outer form of any structure and term it as solid. If we look at the pillar, we deduce that it is static. But the atomic scientist avers that the pillar is really a vision created by gyrating energy of particles and it is not solid. Sometimes, in the sky we witness a comet! It contains dust particles, gases and other elements. As the whole lot is formed in a shape, we consider it as a solid one! In the same analogy, the pillar is a gyrating energy of particles! Since it is of high speed, we are not able to visualize the motion! We know electric wires conduct electricity. The wire is seen as a fixed and static one! The movement of electrons takes place inside which cannot be assessed by naked eye! In a similar way, the earth looks static without any movement but the geologists have proved that the center of the earth contains molten metals in extremely high temperatures and due to the same, there is rotation, earthquakes, volcanoes and many happenings.

Quote on changes

Facts are different from Truth!

Now, let us revert to an important aspect of philosophy connected with change! Whatever changes can never be true! Truth is One and it will never undergo any modification due to time place or causation. There is no Indian Truth, American Truth, China Truth or Russian Truth! Truth is Truth and nothing else! We term the facts as truths. While facts are subject to changes and they are governed by time place and causation, Truth never changes! Whatever is connected with imperishable, immortal Self that alone can be called as Truth! All the events, happenings are mere facts and they are not truth! We have seen in the court rooms, whenever a witness is called to depose, first he has to take oath! In India, Bagawat Gita, the holy book is produced before the witness. He has to place his hand on the book and say, “whatever I narrate is nothing but Truth”. In Western countries, it may be a different book like Bible! There is a fundamental difference between worldly facts and Divine Truth. While Divine Truth is called “Paramarthika Sathyam” in Sanskrit language, the worldly facts are termed as “Vyavaharika Sathyam! One term belong to this world whereas the other term denotes the other world.

Now, let us go to the analysis, how the non-dualist term the world as ‘false’? Since everything changes each moment, the world is termed unreal. That which comes in the middle and goes in the middle cannot be real. The only ever-present Eternal is the Self. We have seen that bodies appear on the world and we term the phenomena as birth. We have also seen, many elderly persons pass away and we call it as death! Obviously forms are never permanent. They are like water bubbles! We do not know when it will burst. The life of a bubble is momentary! How can we call ourselves as ‘Immortals’? We are all mortals subject to death! Hence even great sages, prophets and incarnations leave their bodies one day as in the case of Rama, Krishna, Saibaba, Buddha and Jesus. Of course, in the case of Jesus he ascended after three days of crucifixion. Very recently Sathya Saibaba attained Mahasamadhi and his mortal form was interred in Prasanthi Nilayam where he lived until the age of 85. His 91st birthday is due to be celebrated on 23-11-2016 at Puttaparthi as well as around the globe in several places. It is He, who has predicted the dawn of golden age long ago!

Golden Age nearaing

The reappearance is imminent..

Devotees around the world are expecting his imminent arrival once again on earth in the same form soon! This may look superstitious to many but many evidences show that this will take place soon! Faith and patience are two pillars on which devotees rely!

The philosophy of non-dualism is based on the existence of one entity only. There is no second. If second is perceived, then we are in illusion or ignorance! This illusion is termed as Maya! In retrospective, we can consider the mind itself as Maya! In the scriptures, it is written that mind is the cause of creation. We can understand this point through some analogy. Without the involvement of mind, none can perceive the world! Hence we can say that the world is in the mind! Also the scriptures proclaim, all that we perceive in the outer world is a reflection of the inner reality! When god is reflected in the mind, creation is perceived. There is a spiritual equation. God + mind = Man and the corollary, man – mind = god! When man removes his illusory mind, he becomes god. Hence during real meditation, the mind is dispensed with. With the mind, no meditation is possible and the effort will fail. Only for sitting in a posture, the mind will aid. Meditation is a thoughtless state which is possible when the mind is killed. This annihilation is possible when we root out the ‘egoism’!

Body is a bubble

Whatever changes is not Truth!

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