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God, Jesus the Bible and YOU!

Updated on September 22, 2016
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K.D. Martel is a writer, published author and artist working from her studio in the province of Québec, Canada.

Is There a God?

I may be opening up a can of worms here, but I have to get this off my chest before I freak out and write some offhand comment on someone’s hub here!!

When I read hubs written by fire and brimstone bible people here that quote passages from the sacred book stating that so and so will go to hell and burn and the only ones saved will be the ones who are good and hold and praying to Jesus everyday. Well, come on people, wake up and smell the coffee! I still can’t understand in this day and age how some people can be so close-minded to the world.

There are many religions on this Earth, and all have their place and beliefs, yet the common denominator is God, Buddha, Allah, Yahweh (or many other names depending on the culture). Yet, it is very important not to take the Holy Scriptures, or books, on a LITERAL basis. The bible is a metaphor on how we should deal with our spirituality on an individual level. It is not a tool for denouncing any other religion out there, like saying: “my God is better than your God and YOU will go to hell, not me.”

God or Universal energy as those in the spiritual community like to call it, is not a bearded old man, but pure love. pure light and energy. Hell is not a "place" down there burning fire, but actually a state of being (people can live in their own hells and the choice is theirs). I believe strongly in angels, especially archangels, and they are divine energies of the Universe. I have felt their presence when I needed them the most. I believe that God is within us, all of us, and we are God (the bible says that God made man in his own image..this is a metaphor!!) Open your horizons and read into other religions, you will finally see the common thread that runs through them all and realize that we are all one on this earth no matter what our beliefs are.

Religion gives purpose to many, helps people in need. I myself grew up a Catholic and my mother dragged me off to church every Sunday telling me that if I didn’t go to Church and pray to God, I would burn in hell. Well, I eventually woke up, started reading spiritual literature and finally realized that the “Word” was not to be taken literally, which many people do, sadly enough. Why is it that we take famous novels and break them down and read the “secret” meanings in every sentence to what the author actually had to say, but not do that with the bible??

The kingdom of heaven is within, within our bodies, our minds. Not in the fluffy white clouds up there! The bible was written by men, as many holy scripture were, therefore giving them the right to set up laws concerning our lives according to their limited view of the world at that time, especially towards women. Too bad that many spiritual leaders still apply those laws today, two thousand years later!!

I believe Jesus was a great healer that walked the earth many years ago. If you read between the lines, his healings were all energy related. I practice Reiki myself and it is a form of hands on healing, like what Jesus did in the bible scripture. I think that we took the life of a simple, pure healer that had a gift and sensationalized it back in an era before man understood those things and could only explain what was happening through the eyes of a Iron Age man!! It would be similar to putting a person with a helicopter, laptop, blackberry and medicinal knowledge back into the Iron Age and having people of those times write about their experience through their eyes. It would probably look something like this: “ the God stepped out of his silent horseless chariot that had fallen from the heavens and spoke of magical ways to heal our bodies. A booming voice came from shiny box in his hands, the voice of God spoke to us....” you get the picture?

Broaden your horizons, don’t take everything you see, read or hear literally, be aware of every moment, feel the energy that surround us all, we are all connected, we are all one!

© 2009 K D Martel


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    • Andy Ramjohn profile image

      Andy Ramjohn 7 years ago from Canada

      Nice Hub - I can appreciate (and respect)your 'opinion', but is it a 'studied' opinion?

      Live long & prosper!

    • qwark profile image

      qwark 8 years ago

      Hi Kmartel:...only for a moment and just to ourselves. If you havent read: "Desiderata," pls do. " doubt the universe is unfolding as it should." I know "new" words bother you,but I'm gonna use one that I hope will give you perspective in ref to our existence in an eternal and limitless cosmos. The word is: "googol." That word describes, to the truly thoughtful, the generic value of human life in the cosmos.....which is NONE!

      Qwark :-)

    • kmartel profile image

      K D Martel 8 years ago from Quebec, CANADA

      lol...Qwark..we ARE special..each and every one of, me and all the other souls on this planet having a HUMAN experience! Thanx for your POV!

    • qwark profile image

      qwark 8 years ago

      Hi Kmartel:

      I am not an atheist, agnostic, deist or a believer in imagined "god/s." I am a realist, logician and pragmatist.

      Since Luther broke away from the Roman catholic church in the 1600's, more than 40,000 protestant sects have come to exist. Each of these "cults," interprets the "scriptures differently and each will proclaim "it" has the truth! Of course catholics will tell you that they, and only they, are privy to the true path to "god." Golly, how is one to choose?

      There are many innocuous religions. The only religious belief that has become the bane of human survival is "monotheism." Since "it's" conception over 3000 years ago, "it" has been responsible for more human death and destruction than any concept man has created but the "automobile."

      When you study the rise of man and his bent for beliefs in the "supernatural," it becomes obvious that as his brain evolved and the anomaly "consciousness" was energized, he, like no other earthly life form, became aware of his mortality! This created fear and confusion in his mind. He developed "imagination" and with that, he created "things" upon which he could place blame and seek solace.

      As his sophistication grew his "gods" followed suit. His "gods" became abstract concepts which defied definition...they could not be proved or disproved...and so it remains today.

      In terms of geologic time, We just appeared.

      We are abominably ignorant and profoundly involved in the processes of our evolution.

      Nature requires that all life adapt to her demands if it is to become successful. If we cannot do that, we too, will join trillions of other life forms which have become extinct.

      We are nothing special in the cosmos. We are just a "happening."

      Qwark :-)