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God, A Cop, And A Miracle

Updated on July 22, 2013
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In 2007, Greg's 23 month old Grandson was killed. At that point, he found a need to write about his family, crime, and local issues.


What a day, oh man, what a day!

My beautiful Boricua wife, Lastheart and I were just sitting behind our computers doing our hub checking and writing articles. We heard a voice outside and it was Lastheart's Uncle. Going out the door. he asked if we had heard from Manuel lately. It seemed he couldn't get in touch with him. Manuel is Lastheart's cousin and he is a very good man. After the last hurricane, he had some damage and Lastheart and I helped him get fixed up. Manuel is in his 60's and we help him when we can. He doesn't drive, so he walks to the store and other places he needs to go.

No one had heard from him. We decided to go check. The three of us jumped in the car and drove to Manuel's home in Carolina, Puerto Rico. When we arrived, neighbors came out and explained to Lastheart and her Uncle, in the Spanish dialect of Puerto Rico, that they had not seen Manuel in 3 days. This was odd, very odd. We became worried and I looked through the windows as much as I could. We saw nothing.

The call to action began.


Lastheart started calling family members. Prayers were lifted to God.

Lastheart and I prayed and we then made our next stop. The Carolina, Puerto Rico police station.

I must say, the woman behind the counter did not seem very helpful. We left that station very frustrated.

We then stopped at Manuel's church, but no one was there.

We decided to take my lovely wife's uncle home and she made the picture you see above and to the right. We ran copies and it was posted on Facebook. We had to find him. We then decided to take the pictures several places. Back into the car we went.

show route and directions
A markerCarr. 3 Km. 8.3; Ave. 65 de Infantería; Carolina, Puerto Rico -
Avenida Regimiento 65 De Infantería, Carolina, Puerto Rico
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B markerSala de Emergencia @18.395451,-66.073738 -
Sala de Emergencia, San Juan, 00921, Puerto Rico
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C markerSaint Just, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico -
Saint Just, Trujillo Alto, 00976, Puerto Rico
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D markerCarolina, Puerto Rico -
Carolina, Puerto Rico
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Police Stations And Hospitals

With pictures in hand, we drove back to the Carolina police station. The same dispatcher was working. Lastheart handed her the picture and asked the question if we could have a police escort to enter the house. We had this dreaded feeling he may be in there hurt, or even dead.

She was very unhelpful again, and I was starting to get a real bad attitude about Carolina "Policia". She claimed the only one who could help us was out on a call retrieving two dead bodies and wouldn't be back until maybe 8pm. It was now about 6pm.

We considered our next move, and Maggie said we should take a picture to the main hospital in Carolina (A on the map). Maggie ran it into the emergency room and had to somewhat "force" the employees there to take it. They supposedly checked to see if he was there but???

The next stop would be Centro Medico in San Juan (B on the map). This is probably the largest hospital in this area. My love ran the picture into this hospital and was well received. They would keep an eye and ear out for Manuel.

"What should we do now?" We stopped for gas and realized we hadn't eaten. Burger King drive thru as both of us thought and prayed silently. Maggie first called her sister and asked for flashlights, she then called the police back and it was a new dispatcher. Yes, they probably could get it ok'd to send a police escort, but they would call us back. We drove to her sister's home and retrieved the flashlights (C on the map). We decided to drive back to Manuel's house (D on the map) and look, hoping the cops would call us back before we got there.

Breaking and Entering

We arrived at Manuel's house and still no call. I decided to use the flashlight and look closer. My heart skipped a beat when I looked through the window and I saw his glasses. I called Lastheart who looked and also saw his umbrella that he usually has with him. Maggie called the cops and it was told to her that she needed a judges order. Maggie told them we were going in anyway. The dispatcher said we were responsible.

With a neighbors hammer and a little help from him, I climbed atop the back roof that is zinc panels. I tugged and pulled and finally some came free. I lifted them creating a space large enough for my 50 year old body to shimmy thru. We propped it up with a board. Dodging the nails, I somehow managed to get in. I was now in the laundry room, but had a locked door to get through.

Without explaining how (if you read my hubs from when I was a young man, you will know), I got the door open. Now was the very difficult part; I prayed for strength. Would I find a dead body? I looked throughout the house, and he wasn't there. Hallelujah's sounded all through the neighborhood when I told Lastheart.

I shimmied back out the way I came in, locking the door behind me first. As I pounded the nails back in the roof, I looked over and there were two policeman with Lastheart. Oh man, I'm going to a Puerto Rico jail I thought. How would that go? Would anyone bail me out?

I strolled over and out the gate. The cops looked at me and Maggie was speaking very fast Spanish. The only part I could understand was her pointing at me and saying I only spoke English. I asked if they knew English and the one did. I started explaining to him and he stopped me and said it was ok. I breathed a sigh of relief. Maggie told me she was going to get the flyer that is at the top of this hub.

Officer Vazquez

When Maggie handed the flyer to the policeman, his eyes opened wide. "I dealt with this man on Thursday," he stated. "He was walking up by McDonald's, and fell and hit his head. He is in the hospital." The officer went to his patrol car and pulled out a log book. He found Manuel's name, phone number, and Social Security number. Manuel was in the first hospital Maggie had taken a flyer in. They said they looked to see if he was there. I guess they didn't look very hard.

The miracle comes with us getting that same cop that handled Manuel. There are a lot of Policia in Puerto Rico. This was no coincidence, this was prayer and God hearing prayer.

Puerto Rico needs more cops like this one. His name is Officer Vazquez and I am happy he is a Carolina Policia. He should be teaching other cops on how to treat the public.

Thanks to Officer Vazquez.

Do You Believe In Miracles?

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We went to visit Manuel right after. With a smile, he wondered how we found him; we told him God.

It is now one day later, and Manuel was released from the hospital. We brought him home with us and he is sitting in the chair watching a movie as I type this.

I thank our awesome God for the miracle he performed. I thank all who prayed, and I thank the cops, especially Vazquez.

I thank Lastheart for caring for her cousin so much. If she didn't, I may not have witnessed this miracle.

Yes, miracles still happen today. No doubt about it!

© G.L. Boudonck


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    • profile image

      revivor 4 years ago

      Great story - kept me reading to the end!!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      A heart lifting tale and thanks for sharing.


    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 4 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      I am so glad you found your uncle! Miracle do happen, and I do believe that God the wonderful officer to you.