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God And Our Unconditional Love For Him.

Updated on March 25, 2013

God And Our Unconditional Love For Him.

It is often said that God resides in all human beings he is within us. Yes, God is present in us in our words and deeds in the form of love which has to be infinite, pure and unconditonal and not contaminated by conditions. By unconditional love one means without any expectations of any rewards. Our love for the divine should be like that of a mother's love for her child. When a child is born a mother nurtures her baby with utmost love and care she showers all her affection without any expectations in return. If she thinks of her rewards then it will hamper her focus on her baby and become a hindrance in her childs's upbringing. At that stage of her life her baby means the world to her and she celebrates her newly developed bond of love with her child.

The concept of the existence of the supernatural power is explained and understood differently by different religions of the world. It's basic human instinct that we tilt towards God only when any serious misfortune strikes us, if life is moving smoothly without hassles then we are not much interested to delve deeply into the concept of God's existence. Some religions believe in some specific form as God while others may consider God as formless. Some have faith only in scriptures written by saints while some may try to seek God through meditation. God is not limited to images and scriptures alone, we have to experience the presence of the supernatural power in order to believe in his existence.

Rituals are an integral part of many religions. In Hindu religion different dieties are worshipped for different reasons because they represent different qualities like Lord Shiva is worshipped for good health and long life, Goddess Laxmi is considered as the harbinger of wealth and prosperity, Goddess Saraswati is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge and Mother Durga as Shakti. It is our primary concern to know the underlying reason why a particular ritual is being performed rather than mocking it or blindy following it.

We are all here to seek happiness in life. But, we often experience a lot of pain and suffering. The reasons may vary maybe our inability in pursuing our goal or failure in relationships and interactions with other people. our share of joy and sorrow depends solely on our past life actions. We must also not forget the fact that our present life forms the base or foundation for our next birth. As a householder a man has to make his family feel secure financially. But, while acquiring materialstic gains we must always follow the righteous path, for the moment we drift and follow the path of evil we will be opening an account of bad Karmas for which we will pay back in our next life with a heavy interest.

Whenever, we are wronged by others we are hurt. The more we recollect the episode the more we re-live that incident and we develop feelings of revenge. We feel revenge is the only way which will bring an end to our pain and angst we are going through due to the other persons actions. We are advised by others to forget the episode and move on in life. Yes, we do make an attempt to forget it but it is not easy because the unpleasant event will move from the conscious mind to the sub-conscious level and get submerged there and erode us mentally at times and might resurface like a volcano and disrupt our life in many ways.

The best way to overcome it is to forgive our offender. Forgiveness is very difficult for it should come within our heart. Forgiveness must not be considered as our weakness for our offender but it should be practised even at times when we are mightier than our offender. Our forgiveness should make our offender bow down his head in shame.

It's indeed difficult for human beings to follow unconditional love and forgiveness devoid of any expectations in return and to accept others as they are especially for a householder who is bonded by so many relationships. Perhaps it's a easier task for an ascetic who has detached himself from all wordly pleasures and family ties and considers the entire world and it's people as his own. We must not forget that most of the religions of the world preach love, humanity and forgiveness towards their fellow human beings including enemies which is seldom practised by it's followers. In conditional love we are dejected, disappointed and hurt but when we distribute unconditional love we experience real joy and ecstasy.


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