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God, Are You Out There

Updated on August 1, 2018
Jerry Hulse profile image

"Jerry retired Trucker- Author- Ph.D. in Philosophy/ Life Coach from Kingdom Ambassadors Global Univ. & Currently MHC Life University"

Creation Verses Evolution

The God of The Bible Revealed

This hub came about as I thought about all the things that we encounter on life's highway. It seems as though we are being prepared for something greater that is somewhere in our future. When I see the innocent suffer and the wicked prosper I catch myself with a prayer on my lips asking God, how am I as your preacher going to make you look good to someone in need? You were not there for the family of Lazarus when they were in desperate need and you even missed the wake when he died. As I pondered this in my heart, I remember being taught that there is a God of this world and he is called Satan. The Indians call him the trickster and that he is.


My Conclusion

When I think of this vast solar system and how it is overseen by a great creator, I am reminded of an expensive clock that a unique designer took hours upon hours to bring into what he had purposed in his mind. Suddenly I am reminded of an encounter with one of our drivers who claimed that he was an atheist. This driver and myself were delivering to the same customer somewhere in New York. As this driver approached my truck, I noticed that he was angry . I informed him that I would help him if he cleaned up his vocabulary. He agreed knowing that I was a preacher but at the same time informing me that he was an atheist. I explained to him of our great solar system and how our planet is exactly at the right distance from the sun and tilted at just the right angle to sustain life all the while rotating at one thousand miles per hour making a complete revolution in 24 hrs. I went on to tell him why every planet and star has its place and function in this system. Even Jupiter and Mars are at the right place to keep us from being bombarded from asteroids and meteorites from outer space. We can clearly see a Creator overseeing this great system. This man let me pray with him and it felt like a warm blanket had covered us. I then began to inform him that even though he did not believe in a God or a Devil there was one thing for certain that there is something in this truck with us that we are unable to see. I also informed him that he should try and communicate with this presence and ask it to identify itself.

Sometime later, I had the privilege to meet this driver at a truck stop and he confessed to me that he had had an encounter with the Living God and asked Him into his heart. I sit here and I ponder how one could be so convinced that there is no creator or master mind behind all the vast universe especially the unique way everything is designed to function without drifting out of orbit and ending life as we know it. I then get excited when I think of how much faith it would take to state that there is no God.

These people must spend their entire life trying to convince themselves that there is no God when in fact, man was designed to believe in a higher power. It is no secret that each civilization known to man has left their mark in history and each had their own way to approach what they believe to be some kind of God that they must appease either through live sacrifices or some other way such as dance etc. One day we will all come face to face with reality has the very breath we breathe leaves our body and we find our selves entering an eternity that we may or may not be prepared for. As death claims our body, all our dreams and ambitions will die with us as we will no longer be counted among the living and then dear reader we will be brought before the creator of this universe to give an account of the life that we have been blessed to enjoy. I do not know about you but I intend to be prepared to enter this era with joy and not shame.


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