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God Can Bring You Out!

Updated on August 1, 2009

God Brought Them Out!

Please let me first start out by saying that many times in life we struggle with our past and fail to walk in our potential future. Let me make a deep statement up in here today!

People, believe it or not, your past has nothing to do with what God can do for you today! The Holy Bible says:

..."Your ancestor's were in bondage and did experienced all manner of sin and sorrow, but, I YHWH the God of your ancestors, I BROUGHT THEM OUT"... -EXODUS 29: 46!

God knows that today you may be a dirty dog, but whoever you are, and whatever you believe, just know and remember this, GOD BROUGHT THEM OUT! GOD CAN BRING YOU OUT!!

God knows that you may be a person who have been having sex with half of the people in the city you live in, but just remember, GOD BROUGHT THEM OUT! GOD CAN BRING YOU OUT!!

God knows that you may have bad credit and in these times of financial crisis you still want to buy a house, just remember child, GOD BROUGHT THEM OUT! GOD CAN BRING YOU OUT!!

God knows that your family and friends may call you by your problem and not by your name, but don't forget this Baby, GOD BROUGHT THEM OUT! AND GOD STILL CAN BRING YOU OUT!!

Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you believe, there is no past too troubled, and no person in this whole wide world that GOD cannot set free. Please listen to me up in here today!

God took an old man who was a murderer, named Moses -EXODUS 2: 12, and gave him Power -EXODUS 7: 1, and Moses actually saw God -EXODUS 24: 9-11.

O Baby, I know that you ain't listening but I am gonna go on anyway.

God took another old man who came from a family of idolators, named Abram (AbraHam) -JOSHUA 24: 2, and through him all families of the earth are blessed even today -GENESIS 12: 3.

God took another man who was a cheater, named Jacob -GENESIS 25: 29-34, and made him His Chosen One -PSALM 135: 4.

God took a woman who was a prostitute, named Rahab -JOSHUA 2: 1, and made her the Great, Great, Grand-mother of King David -MATTHEW 1: 5-6, and blessed her and changed her profession!

God took a certain Shaul (Paul) who persecuted the Notseri (Nazoraean) Faith to death -ACTS 22: 4, and made him a great teacher of the Gentiles -2 TIMOTHY 1: 11. Baby, I could go on and on.

But now, just stop and think a minute. If God used those people, He can use you. So what! You've had a bad past?

Ooo Dear One! Let me tell you just what is the real source of your problems today! You keep on living in your past. God wants to bring you into THE PRESENT and develop for you a great future! Ooo Baby! You don't know nothing about God -ISAIAH 44: 6!

Old King Yosha (Jesus) said it best :


Listen up people, repent, come you out of worldly evil and enter the Kingdom of God! And your change will come! Get on over here to the TRUTH!

No more low self esteem! No more worries about your credit history! Good God Almighty! Glory to God! Do you realize that most people have lost their very mind over things which you have experience and survived?


Sometimes we need to just take a little time out and thank God just for survival. But Ooo, can you hear me up in here today? Am I standing close enough? Ooo, but you don't hear me people!

Most of us are looking for the big testimony, but the true testimony is that maybe your man or woman cheated on you and left you behind (maybe with a few children or so and broke), but you survived it. You thought you would be on some type of mental depression drug, like Prozac or something, for the rest of your life, but God healed your wounds. We are survivors!

Stop right now! Where you are! Stand up right now! Give your own self a high-five, because you made it through life's trials & tribulations. Now say it out loud:


The people who are around you at this very time may not understand, but you know what time it is!

Stop trying to make people understand you, and praise God right now! Ooo Baby, after all, you might be in the midst of a life storm, in the very midst of the high rising tidal waves of life, but I have now given to you a unfailable and real solution to calm that storm.

You are a survivor. I thank God just for being a survivor!


Let the TRUTH be told, you may have had suicidal thoughts due to your problems, but God brought you out. I believe I got a few witnesses up in here today!!

Most people could not go through what you have been through and make it. Others have given up on life and are homeless, but God brought you out, so that He can bring you into the joy of Kingdom life!

In the Graveyard are Dreams Unfulfilled! There are paintings not painted, songs not sung, buildings not built, goals not reached, callings not answered. Will you go through this life and never answer your calling? God is calling you Right Now! Get on over here to the TRUTH!

Ooo Baby, I feel like preaching up in here today, but I better not, cause you ain't listening anyway. Wait a minute here. I don't care if you ain't listening. I am gonna preach the Goodness of God up in here ANY OLD WAY! Come on and say with me....

God has brought me out for a reason. I survived because He has a plan for me. All my bad relationships, all the suicidal thoughts. The bad credit, the repossessions, the death of my loved ones, the back stabbings from my friends and family members, the negative thoughts, the wounds of war, the lack of support.

I made it because I am blessed! I now release and let go of all past hurts, misunderstandings, and grudges, because I am blessed! I now recognize them as the illusions they really are, for God is all there is. In the name of King Yosha
(Jesus). All else is a lie!

Now my friend give yourself a big hug, wipe away your tears AND WALK IN THE VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!! And say I AM FREE!, I AM FREE!, I AM FREE AT LAST! I CAN FEEL GOD ALL OVER MY BODY!


I love you, but more appropriately God loves you BEST! If you should forget me, you have lost nothing. But, if you should forget the Power of God, then you have lost everything.

Come You Out!


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    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 7 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      YES! YES! I know God will bring you out, He brought me out!!!! Now that was some good preaching!!! GREAT HUB!!!!

    • Come You Out! profile image

      Come You Out! 8 years ago

      Thank you Harry for blessing this hub with your visit.


    • profile image

      harry 8 years ago

      God will bring you out with a shout a shout of a King!

    • Come You Out! profile image

      Come You Out! 8 years ago

      Thank you Judah's Daughter for blessing this Hub!

      I have like thoughts concerning your writing gift.


    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Amen, and amen! What a powerful message and anointing of His Spirit upon you and the writing gift He's bestowed! Thank you so much for this mighty word of truth! He brought me through and OUT of Egypt; praise God!