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God Gave You A Brain So Use It

Updated on July 6, 2008

Quit Expecting God To Solve Your Problems

I'm going to get a lot of flak for this hub but I've got to express my own thoughts on this subject for a change. I let people have their say for so many years, I think it's time that those of us who are tired of people asking God to solve their problems to finally have a say in the matter. I know there are quite a few people out there who feel the way I do because so many have expressed their views on this subject to me. There are also those who will argue the opposite side till Dooms Day but so be it. You live in American and you have the right to believe anyway you want to. Just do the rest of us a favor and quit handing off your problems to God as an excuse for laziness or ignorance.

Here's the problem as I see it: you create a problem in your life, it could be money problems, family problems, relationship problems, car problems, neighbor problems, job problems, credit problems....whatever. Then when the problem gets too overwhelming, many people ask God to solve the problem for them. I've heard people tell me things like, "God will point me in the right direction," or, "I'll just give my problem to God and he will take care of it." Frankly, I get quite annoyed at these kinds of attitudes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a believer. I just don't believe that the good Lord is up there just waiting to take on every problem that mankind has to offer and make it better. I know a lot of you do and you have that right but I disagree with you.

In my own logic, I may see things a bit different than these poor pitiful folks who are often either too lazy to find a solution or simply don't have any personal accountability. It's just easier to justify the lazy attitude by handing it off to God because that excuse is acceptable to the vast majority of people. Accountability is another matter altogether. Many times folks just don't want to take the blame for problems that they, themselves caused. They always want to point their finger at someone else and say that this person is the reason for their problems. Usually, most people's problems can be traced directly back to them. Not all of them, mind you, but most of them. When this happens, people just will not accept this fact and many times, they'll simply lay the problem off on God just to clear their conscience. Sad but true.

Most personal problems are not beyond one's control. There is "usually" an answer out there that will solve the problem. The person to whom the problem belongs may not like the obvious solution because it may take some effort on their part for it to take place; however, a readily available solution does exist. So often they insist on "putting it in God's hands," rather than putting forth that effort to actually find and initiate a problem solving plan. I've seen this over and over again. I'm not claiming that every single person is guilty of this action, however, there are many who fit the description.

Another thing that gets my grit is when someone who cannot make an intelligent decision on their own hands off the decision to God. "I'll do what God tells me to do." In other words, these people are claiming to have personal conversations with God in which He tells them specifically what they must do. If these voices told them to do bad things, society would label them as schizophrenic but when there is no harm done, they are just "faithful servants of God."

Another version of this same type of handing off is when someone thinks that God changes every single detail of life just to give them a clue. For instance, someone may apply for a job and then, when they don't get it, they claim that God was to blame because He had other paths for them.

I believe that God gave man the superior intellect on Earth because He wants man to take accountability for his own life. Life is a series of decisions and one must use their God-given intelligence to determine which decision is right for them. Which direction should I go? God should not need to tell one. He gave us a set of guidelines to go by and each situation can be answered within those guidelines. When one makes decisions and does not use those common sense guidelines, he/she is solely accountable for the direction of their life from that point on.

So instead of turning to God for all the answers, why not read the Bible or ask your pastor/priest or local reverand? Ask God for the strength to carry out His will instead of handing Him the problem that you created.

You'll tell me that God answers all prayers and yet, we know that to be untrue but it seems that no matter what the occasion, so many people readily believe that God will provide all answers to all problems. The answer is already inside you. It is for you to find the answer or get some pastoral help but please quit telling me that God will solve the difficulties that you often got yourself into by not following His guidelines in the first place.

Pray for peace and understanding but be reasonable and accept accountability.


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    • profile image

      Royal 9 years ago

      It's True God gave gave us each different destinies and made us different. I shouldn't blame God he gave me the race I am. He gave me the right life not the wrong life.

    • Slikvee profile image

      Slikvee 9 years ago from Odessa, TX

      There's certainly nothing wrong with using prayer to communicate with God and I'm sure God doesn't mind but hey, he did give us the most intelligence of any creature on Earth and by doing so we acquired dominion over all other creatures. This gave humans a great responsibility to use our minds to be accountable for our actions. With this accountability comes the need to utilize the advanced mind. I do have issue with those who constantly say things like, "I'll ask God to give me the answer.." or "God will show me the way," etc. This kind of attitude tells me that someone doesn't want to take responsibility for their actions. They believe that every move or thought that they have is totally controlled by God and that they are not to make a move without God's approval. I don't think there's any credence in that kind of thinking. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and I believe that God will back me up on that one.

    • profile image

      Robert C. Van Laanen 9 years ago

      I cannot find the famous quote by someone, saying in effect, "If God gave us a brain, I can't believe he didn't expect us to use it."

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      Written with good intentions... I appreciate the clarity and your insight.