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God Given Free Will?

Updated on September 19, 2016
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Titen-Sxull writes articles on topics such as religion and skepticism - original poetry and short-stories - and film/tv/book/game reviews.


One of the most precious gifts that modern apologists tell us comes from the God of the Bible is our ability to freely act as conscious agents. God gave us the capability of choosing our own path but with that capability comes the potential for sinful or disobedient behavior. You see not only do human beings have a will but so does God and any action which does not line up with God's will is, by it's very nature, transgressive and sinful.

In this hub I want to discuss the idea that the Biblical God has given us free will and, perhaps more importantly, discuss the conflict between God's will and plans and ours. In doing so I hope to demonstrate that the content, and Christian interpretation, of the Bible both bear the obvious hallmarks of fictional mythology.

Free Will is an Imperfection

The first thing to point out is something I've brought up in hubs before, that there is an obvious and immediate conflict between the will of God and the free will God has afforded humans. Free Will is necessarily an imperfection because it opens up the possibility of sin where none would have existed had God simply denied it to us. In a world full of free humans sin is essentially inevitable.

One has to question exactly what God's goal is in giving human beings this gift. It seems to me the only logical outcome of creating beings capable of making their own decisions independent of his will is that they will choose their own paths and be obedient to their own wills. Rather than heed solely the will of God human beings are free to pursue their own interests, goals and even abandon religious belief altogether.

God would presumably want human beings to be very different from him. Christians often say that God gave us Free Will to avoid making us robotic obedient droids but really what he would be avoiding is creating clones of himself. If the point of having free will isn't to choose something other than what God wants than I fail to see the point of it at all.

This is what God wants, right? Surely God would want his chosen species to act out their lives without feeling imposed upon? Well not according to much of modern Christian thinking.

The God that created this...

...Cares what you do with these

God not only cares about what you do with all the parts of your body but who you do it with
God not only cares about what you do with all the parts of your body but who you do it with
later Jesus also introduces thought crime, claiming that lusting after a woman outside of marriage is wrong
later Jesus also introduces thought crime, claiming that lusting after a woman outside of marriage is wrong
Just a heads up Thor, the God of the Bible might want you to carve that thing up
Just a heads up Thor, the God of the Bible might want you to carve that thing up

Micromanaging Your Life

Modern apologetics is crammed full of ways in which the creator of the Cosmos wants to micromanage every aspect of your life. From your finances to your career to your sex life to whether you can find your car keys in the morning before work God is apparently in the business of overseeing everything you do. In fact he's so strange that he's even counted the hairs on your head according to the Bible, perhaps that's how he passes the time when you and your partner are having sex.

Speaking of sex God has some very serious demands as to how you should and should not use your God given genitals. Apparently while God granted human beings a powerful libido and enough orifice's to experiment to our hearts content, even with multiple partners of any gender, God did not intend us to actually make our own sexual choices. Well, unless those choices involve going through a social ritual known as marriage that permanently bonds a man and a woman (or a man and several women if you're in the Old Testament). In fact some sects of Christianity go further than simply needing to be married and claim that God is also anti-birth control as well.

Prosperity and Passive Aggression

Many newly popularized forms of evangelism also set up God as being intimately interested in your financial future setting forth what is called the “Prosperity Gospel”. This naked attempt at making money on the part of popular TV evangelists is supposedly all about God's will to see you succeed financially but only after you donate to the ministry of course. And if God hasn't blessed you yet despite your donations perhaps you're just not donating enough.

If that's not enough people often believe that God has a calling for them, yes God's will is even interfering with any aspirations you have to pursue a given career. It is convenient for many that God's will in these matters often lines up with their own because if it didn't things would get awkward fast. And what if you make the decision to go against God's will and pursue your own choices? Where does that get you? Is any deviation from God's exact will considered sinful? Even if it's not sinful I have heard Christians tell me that when they neglected their “calling” God revoked blessings from their life or withheld them.

So God is standing over your shoulder demanding that you be a teacher when you want to pursue your dreams and become a musician? And passive aggressively he begins to mess with the rest of your life to push you in the direction of doing what he wants you to do. Sorry but it doesn't sound like God is respecting the free will he gave human beings and begs the question of why he gave it to them in the first place. If God is going to be a manipulative dick poking his nose into everything we humans do why bother with free will at all?

It Get's Worse, the Bible

From very early on in the Bible Yahweh's actions suggest that he doesn't really respect human free will at all. After all one of his first decisions is to curse all of Creation because Adam and Eve failed his forbidden fruit test. Their very first free decision is met not with passive aggressive manipulation or the withholding of blessings but with a creation wide curse that infects everything “good” that God had created with the virus of sin.

If you think God trying to change your career plans is a concern try being a Biblical figure like Abraham or Moses. For Abraham making a covenant with God involved being one of the first human beings to ever carve off his own foreskin – and he had to do this as an adult, without modern anesthesia!!

This bizarre ritualistic request is one of the hallmarks of mythology I mentioned. It is utter madness to think that a being who made swirling galaxies and dazzling nebulae asked a random man in the desert to make a deal with him that involved violently mutilating his own genitals.

Abraham and Moses

Later things get worse for Abraham when he is asked not to self-mutilate but to murder his own son and mutilate the body in a horrendous act of human sacrifice presumably meant to test his obedience. So much for God caring about the free will of we mortals. God also spills to Abraham the plans for mass murdering everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Moses doesn't have things any better starting with how he was chosen. His life was interrupted suddenly by God in the form of a burning bush giving him a mission. Throughout his time as a Patriarch God is constantly wreaking havoc on the world around him.

Moses has to act as the mouth piece to a murdering psychopath who sends deadly plagues on the drop of a dime and repeatedly threatens to leave his own chosen people rotting in the desert. This is, of course, another hallmark of fiction. Man versus God conflicts are one of the common conflicts of fictional stories. Compare Odysseus stubborn pride before Poseidon to scenes of Moses standing between God and the Hebrew people talking God down out of a murderous rage (see: Numbers 14 for example of Moses doing this). These stories are both clearly myths.

God Might Tell You Who to Kill

The Bible is filled with God commanding people to do things, these aren't seen as optional. In the Old Testament God didn't simply withhold “blessings” from people, in the Old Testament God would send a plague, a famine, or one of the other four horsemen of the apocalypse, to fuck up entire civilizations. God even had plans for some that involved cannibalism!

But even more horrific than being on the receiving end of the “will of God” in the Bible is what God might tell you to do if you are an obedient and loyal servant of his. God very well might tell you who you are supposed to kill. Of course Christians these days reject such an idea usually trumping up the “New Covenant” as an excuse but the fact of the matter remains that the Bible has numerous examples of God commanding war, human sacrifice and of course infanticide and child murder.

I don't see how any Christian can possibly trust the voice in their own head if they associate that inner voice with the God of the Bible. Thankfully though most Christians don't actually hear voices and that “inner voice” we all here is one they conflate with a more loving version of their God that they have created. However we do still hear stories of people killing others because they claim God told them too whether that command came from the scripture (as with Islamic terrorists) or whether they believe God actually spoke to them (as with crazy people).

And this, of course, is another hallmark of why the God of the Bible is fiction, in this particular case fiction used by humans as an excuse for their cruelty or insanity.


How much does God really give a shit about your free will if he might, at any moment, barge in and tell you which country to invade and remind you to make sure you kill all the children and animals too (see 1 Samuel 15)? What good is the gift of free will if God or his religious representatives on Earth are going to impose their own wills and rules upon you? Would you accept the same micromanagement from your parents after you have moved out on your own? That they would follow you around and tell you who to sleep with? What food is okay to eat? And what part of your genitals to carve off?

In the end these stories and ideas show all the signs of being human inventions meant to micromanage and control one another. In some cases religion is used as a shield to hide our wickedness and cruelty as with the genocides in the Bible, the crusades and inquisitions of Christian history and the sexual abuse scandal of today.

In some cases it is used to reassure ourselves that we are on the right path, or a higher path or calling but with the wrong motives or moral compass that kind of superstition can easily become dangerous. In the end, I believe, it is best to reject these obvious fictions even if they sometimes prove comforting.

Thanks for reading!

Random TMM video that inspired this hub!


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    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 15 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      Yep, it's one of those things I'm gonna ask when I get there!

      Regarding Noses, he wasn't exactly 'free' when God called him, he was in exile for MURDER (remember the story?) and probably the only reason he wasn't dead was he was an adopted son of Pharoah!

      Regarding Abram, Josephus tells us they ran from Ur because Abram had burned the idols to the ground!

      So neither man was actually free, and they possibly had both screwed up!

      Just a few thoughts.


    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 15 months ago from back in the lab again


      Thanks for the comment. My point in this hub is not primarily to cast judgment on God's morality but to point out an inconsistency. Why would a God give free will out to people if he was going to almost immediately involve himself in the petty tribal struggles of some desert nomads? In essence it's a reductio ad absurdum. If the answer to why sin and suffering exist in the world is free will and free will is this fantastic gift of God because he didn't want robots why is most of the Bible filled with God's attempts to twist humanity's arm up to and including calls to kill children?

      The moment you tell children that Santa Claus is watching and they better be nice instead of naughty they begin acting differently (some of them at least). The moment a deity begins mucking about in mortal affairs changing history and overriding free will left and right the idea that God wants human beings to be able to freely choose goes right out the window. Now luckily for modern Christians the miracles appear to have dried up. Now-a-days the only time you hear about people getting messages from God it's crackpots on the internet, televangelists or some nut claiming God told her to drown her children. So Christians can read stories about how God appeared in a burning bush to Moses and ruined whatever plans he had for his life to get him stuck wandering in the desert as middleman between whiny Hebrews and vengeful impatient God without the anxiety of it ever happening to them.

      No sane Christian ever has to worry about waking one morning to a message from God to carve off some more of their penis skin because modern times aren't like they were in the story-book days of the Bible... Remember what I said about hallmarks of fiction in my hub. How suspiciously convenient that when human beings progressed past our petty tribal struggles into Empires and ultimately secular democracies our gods began to lose that killer edge that made raids on enemy villages to slaughter women and children from sweet reward dictated by God (and needed to punish the heathens) into shameful war crimes that definitely get us on Santa's naughty list.

      Thanks again for the comment.

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 15 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      Got to admit, as soon as I saw the title I knew it was going to be an amusing read!

      As a Bible believer I'm not going to go 'point by point' as it would take too long, however the frequently quoted passages about 'infantacide' actually had a purpose.

      Even in modern Arab culture there is little room for 'letting bygones be bygone' and I personally know of one village Saddam totally wiped out because of the act of one man (over 300 people).

      Wiping out a whole three generations of a family prevented the possibility of a blood fued that could go on for centuries (eg Palestinians versus Israelis has been going on for three and a half thousand years, and shows no let up!)

      As for the 'Modern Christian teaching' I'd agree with you (90% baloney) I mean if God wanted us all prosperous where are my millions?

      Enjoyed the hub and I hope you take my comments in good humour.


    • rjbatty profile image

      rjbatty 16 months ago from Irvine

      Yes, of course, it's all mythology, and the Bible is only interesting in the respect that it shows some kind of evolution in our collective unconscious (a Jungian term). From the Old Testament to the new, we see a quantum leap in consciousness. The Old Testament is a kind of shocking reminder about our earlier barbarism and limitless fears/superstitions.

      Like you, I find it remarkable that modern-day Christians are still hugging their Bibles (and rifles, I guess). Many take every word as gospel (pun intended), and that's kind of scary. I think any kind of institutionalized religion is dangerous and backward... except perhaps Buddhism and Taoism (neither of which can be clearly called a "religion" in any case).

      A good Hub -- one that needed to be written.

      One thing I keep in mind when talking about religious beliefs with Christians is that IF God actually existed, he would be totally incomprehensible to us. Does such a "being" exert control over our every movement? Is everything pre-ordained? Well, if we are all just part of some highly evolved computer-like game reality, anything is possible -- even though we cannot divine (pun intended) the meaning or intention behind such willfulness. We might all be mere pawns, or digitized creations in a multi-verse and we may have been given a kind of artificial intelligence -- just enough to feel as if we are acting independently or guided by a celestial influence. Our ignorance may be so tremendous that we may never be able to connect the dots. Do I believe this? No. But, I don't entirely dismiss the possibility. Since our grasp on reality is actually pretty shallow, it would be pure bravado to dismiss any concept -- however outrageous.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 16 months ago from back in the lab again

      Thank you for the kind words Paula.

      I was hesitant to post this hub because it covers similar ground to many hubs I have written but I had never before considered how absurd the idea of free will is when you introduce a God that keeps poking his nose in where it doesn't belong demanding that people follow his plan for their life or else he will write them off as sinners and send them to hell. Christians today use free will as an excuse all the time. I can't imagine wanting a God to decide who I can sleep with, what kind of food I can eat, what kind of fabric I can wear, how I can trim my hair - what an anal retentive waste of God's time to go around micromanaging behavior in such a way.

      How can people really believe that someone who crafts galaxies on a whim gives a shit whether they eat pork or have the skin on the end of their genitals mutilated? Perhaps these sorts of mythologies were important back then when they gave cohesion to tribal bands and small kingdoms and helped keep order but we're well beyond the need for the eye in the sky watching everything we do to make sure we're nice instead of naughty.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 16 months ago from back in the lab again

      Sorry, I have comments set to need my approval before appearing mostly to avoid spam and trolls.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 16 months ago from back in the lab again

      The "Christian Format"? I'm not sure what you're talking about. The topic of the hub has to do with Christianity, the Bible and Jesus so that is the category I put it under.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 16 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Titen...I left a comment. Did it not send or do you screen them?

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 16 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Titen, I am always impressed by your work. This particular hub is especially fascinating and filled with the logic and common sense so important to your readers who have escaped the shackles of long term brainwashing which amounts to nothing more or less than ludicrous nonsense, incomprehensible jibberish and more smoke and mirrors than a wizard's stage show.

      I enjoyed the subtle humor you least it certainly gave me a chuckle, so I hope it was your intention.

      I try to get back here more often to read more of your work because frankly, it's just the dose of pure reality I need to keep the horrid leftover smidgens of that unnecessary (yet unrelenting) nagging guilt bug from poking at me!............Thank you. Paula

    • celafoe profile image

      charlie 16 months ago from From Kingdom of God living on Planet earth. between the oceans

      typical bunch of garbage you write. does not belong in the Christian format here.