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6 Reasons Religion is Dying

Updated on August 12, 2017

Declining Religion In the Modern World

Religion in developed countries is declining - but why so fast? It is estimated that soon 9 countries will be comprised entirely of non-believers.

In most other developed countries there has been recent significant decline. The UK for example took just 10 years to make a full u-turn and tilt the balance from being a country comprised mainly of religious believers to a country predominantly of non-believers.

The decline is even seen in the USA, a country known for being very religious. In the years 1990-2008, the percentage of Christians in the population fell from 86.2% to 76%.

As our societies change and develop, so too must our understanding of them. So why is it that our developed countries are seeing such a dramatic fall in religious adherence?

1. Choice

  • Upbringing- Today, with more rights and more freedom, it is more present in cultures to give children the choice to believe in a religion or not. There is no longer one clear way of behaving, and the need for parents (consciously or subconsciously) to protect their children from prejudice by raising them from a young age to conform with the community's faith has greatly fallen.
  • Multiculturalism- With the relatively new acceptance of new peoples and their cultures and views, people see that there are in fact alternatives to what they were taught as children and so understand that perhaps their way was not the best one. Thus, parents now have the choice of teaching many different views and morals, and children have the choice to choose them - all as a result of the new knowledge of the different ways people can live.


  • Diffusion- Naturally, with the introduction of new choices, religion will have lost some of its members to non-belief simply because it is was a new choice to take.
  • Spoiled for choice- Many children now see that there are over 100,000 different denominations of religion and none of them have any more evidence than the other. Hence, there being no clear way of choosing one specifically, many people conclude that they are simply unable to choose one at all - the decision being one that forms the most fundamental beliefs a person can have: What is right and wrong? Is there an after-life? What is our purpose?


2. Education

  • Schools
    Linking back to the idea that there are more choices and rights; the modern schooling system accelerates the effects of new choices by allowing for an unbiased teaching of different cultures and ideas. In many countries, it is mandatory for all schoolchildren to go through religious studies and understand the basic views of at least a few religions. This then goes back to the idea that each religion is given less weight because children are no longer taught that only their parents' religions are correct and all of the others are ludicrous. They now see that religions have very large similarities and that one is not worth any more than another.
  • Information
    With the invention of the internet and its availability to citizens of modern societies, information is no longer a luxury reserved for the richest. People can now check certain facts that religious leaders have claimed in the past and see that they were simply lies. An example of this was Pope Benedict XVI's view that condoms are evil, which lead to more AIDS in Africa and saw widespread opposition. Thus, whereas before religion had authority over information because leaders seemed to know certain things that the masses did not, now, everyone has the liberty to double-check any bold statements they were sceptical or curious about.
  • With the improvement of science, many questions that could not be answered before such as what is in space or how did organisms come to be, have been answered. Questions that would have otherwise lead people to religion because no other option was offered to them, now have many different theories. There is no necessary need for a God because other alternatives have been thought up of and so naturally some people will choose the different alternatives.


Some people see vague similarities between Darth Sidious and the Pope
Some people see vague similarities between Darth Sidious and the Pope | Source

3. Bad Press

In recent times, the media has featured news relating to crimes that religious leaders and authorities have committed. Stories of catholic priests committing crimes of paedophilia and the pope opposing homosexual relationships make some people wonder whether religion really helps create morality and whether the beliefs are at all valuable. Ideas such as female circumcision and inequality of women in particular religious societies also throw up questions of whether being religious is at all valuable to a person or society.

4. It's Unnecessary/Counterproductive

Many people view religion as a burden on society or themselves. Ideas such as having to take time out to go to church every Sunday, praying regularly, not eating pork, sexual abstinence, fasting, circumcision, being against homosexual relationships and abortions etc. can seem like a waste of time or immoral to some people. Therefore, many people simply decide that since they do not know which religion and set of rules they should follow (and which one would mean they wouldn't be punished eternally for not following is the right one), religion is simply irrelevant to their lives.
Also, some people find religious people and organisations who try to convert them such as jehova's witnesses and religious programs irritating and think that religion is too forceful, making them reluctant to associate themselves with these religions.


5. Controlling Method & Wars

  • Many people find that since so many wars have been waged because of religious reasons, the world would be better without them.
  • Others see religion as a method of controlling the masses and cite politicians who use support of popular religions as a simple method to seduce voters.

6. Free Thought & Logic

With the introduction of new rights and the encouragement to think freely and rationally, many people see religion today as something that is fundamentally irrational. In a literal sense, turning wine into water or healing people's ailments through touch may be seen as contradictory to modern science which can be said to have more proof/grounding.

Also, large problems arise with the very concept of God. The Abrahamic God (the one in Christianity, Islam and Judaism) is defined as having Omnipotence, Omniscience and Benevolence which many people argue is logically impossible.

An explanation of why this is follows.


The Painful Truth

In a world with an all loving God, there would be no pain. But people get illnesses, injure themselves and suffer years of emotional pain. Why?

One argument is that God allows pain because it acts as negative feedback. When there is pain, we know that something is wrong and can then do something about it, and so pain can be a good thing. When we touch a hot stove we retract our hand almost immediately and thus the capacity for pain that God has given us was a kind gesture.

However, instead of making us suffer for mistakes like touching a hot stove, since he is omnipotent (all powerful), he could have simply protected us from every danger existing today. At the very least, he could have given us the knowledge to protect ourselves from these things; if we knew that touching the stove would damage our body, we would not do it.

Furthermore, there are many cases where pain cannot be logically perceived as being at all useful. Innocents who develop cancer do not benefit from the excruciating pain they have to endure without remedy. Those who live otherwise normal lives and end up becoming depressed and committing suicide because of emotionally traumatic experiences also do not seem to benefit from the pain that has been inflicted upon them.


The Choice to Wrong

Another argument for the existence of the Abrahamic God is that he gives us the choice of doing good or bad, inflicting pain upon others or giving pleasure, and it is based upon these decisions that decides whether pain exists or not. Therefore, any pain that exists is because of humans and their sinful actions (the definition of which has not yet been agreed upon) and not God, who is kind as he gave us the free will to choose.

However, we do not choose to suffer.

  1. We do not cause genetic mutations leading to cancer and hereditary illness which inevitably lead to our painful deaths
  2. We do not choose to be physically damaged by other humans
  3. We do not choose to be negatively affected by catastrophes
  4. We do not choose to be punished emotionally for other human actions, e.g. a spouse's infidelity affects both partners but was not the choice of the one being cheated on.

There are endless examples where pain is caused irrespective of human decisions. How could any loving being say that a child who contracts the flu and dies painfully is that child's fault?

Tied in with this point is that as shown in the story of Adam & Eve, humans are 'naturally' inclined to 'sin'. Adam bit the apple using his own free will and so Adam (and all other humans) needed to be punished.
However, it was God, as our divine creator, who created humans. Including their nature. He made Adam in a way that he would bite the apple. An analogy to this is building a robot programmed to kill someone and then punishing the robot when he does so. We knew the robot was going to do it, we made him to do it. It was our fault that the person the robot killed died. Just like it is God's fault for making us in a way he knew would end up in sin and suffering.

Therefore, God is either not benevolent because he knew we would suffer, not omniscient because he didn't know we would end up suffering or not omnipotent because he couldn't make us in any other way to stop us from suffering. He cannot be all three.

Another way of putting this is if he could do anything and knew everything, since he created our very nature, he must have wanted us to suffer - making him not all loving. Or, he may not have had the power to make us in any better way, making him not all powerful. Finally, he may not have known that we would end up suffering, making him not all knowing.

Either way, the way in which the Abrahamic God is defined cannot logically exist and thus the Abrahamic God cannot exist.


A Parent/Child Relationship

The analogy of a parent and their child is made and you are asked whether or not the parent shielding their child from every danger is correct or not. Commonly you decide it is more right to let that child make mistakes and learn from them himself. Then, the comparison is drawn between us (the children) and God (the parent) and it is explained to you that this is why he allows us to suffer. But this is an incorrect analogy because in the real world children need to learn to think for themselves as parents will not always be there to protect them.

A relevant analogy would be a parent having the power to do absolutely anything, and then asking whether that parent would make it so that their child does not feel pain for the rest of his life or not. Here it is clearly cruel to allow your child pain where there would be no benefit from it, in the real world it would make for a valuable lesson and from the experience the child will gain more happiness than sadness. But where the parent, or God, has the power to prevent all pain forever, and chooses not to for no reason but to see the children suffer, it is sadistic. It neither benefits the child nor anyone else.

It may be argued that without pain, pleasure is unattainable. However, this is not particularly convincing since we would only need different degrees of pleasure to be able to contrast them against each other and say 'today I am happier/sadder' - there is no need for 'pain' which is not just a different degree of happiness or pleasure but a different species altogether. Were this not true and this requirement of 'duality' exists then it exists as a direct result of God who, if he were truly omnipotent, would have had absolute choice over the laws that governed us, including whether a duality was necessary for us to ever feel 'happiness' or 'pleasure'.

Put simply, an omnipotent god that could have done anything, could have created the world in a way that no pain was needed in order to feel pleasure. After all, we are encouraged to believe heaven exists and that it boasts exactly this...



Oooooh Heaven is a Place on Earth... Not Quite.

What is the point of Heaven? God already knows exactly who will and who will not get into heaven. He is omniscient. He knew from the start. Why not just put everyone in there now and forego the suffering that happens on earth?
The entire concept of Heaven is contradictory to all of the above points Christians make about the worth of pain and free will. In Heaven we live forever and are given the free will to do whatever we want, but with the absence of pain. Heaven is a place where no pain exists, so why cannot Earth be like that too?... Or, why cannot we skip the pain on Earth and go straight to heaven instead? What would be the point of this short (especially when you compare it with the eternity we get in Heaven) and painful life on Earth?

Best of all, since suicide is virtually always considered a terrible sin, there is no way for us to skip over our life on Earth and get to the good part in Heaven!

Why then, you might ask, did God create Earth when we could have all just been put in heaven from the start?

There seems to be no logical explanation other than that of God not having one of the three: omniscience, omnipotence or benevolence.

If God does not have one of these three, then he ceases to be God, because by definition he has all three of these things. Therefore, the abrahamic God cannot exist based on only the fundamental characteristics by which he is defined.

As such, many people upon realising this simply cannot adhere to any abrahamic religion. Of course, this also applies to any other religion that claims to have gods with these three conflicting characteristics.

The Christian Fallback Argument

One last argument for the existence of God is the following:

"Although it may seem this way to you and me, with our human logic, we cannot comprehend God's motives and so he must be doing the right thing but we simply don't understand it."

At this point you are told to forego logic altogether for blind faith, but many people find this hard to do after considering how consistently useful logic has been to them in their lives.

It then seems that these are the hurdles that have to be overcome by a person before becoming a member of an abrahamic religion:

  • No proof of God's existence
  • He is illogical by definition
  • Foregoing all human logic

When considering the impact of not using basic logic in your day to day life, it becomes obvious just how absurd it is to claim that you believe in something because logic is wrong. Here is just one scenario in the context of religion:

  1. A man on the street demands of you "give me all of your money or that man *pointing to an empty space* will not kill your children."
  2. You exclaim "what!? What man? And why would I want my children to die!?"
  3. The man replies "trust me, it's for the better."

At this point, you are being told by a stranger that you must sacrifice your possessions to a person you cannot even perceive, who you are told has the power to do incredibly bad things and that you have to accept it for the best regardless of it seeming to you that it is inherently for the worst.

In this case, giving the man your money would be considered lunacy.

But for some not readily ascertainable reason, when people sacrifice the little precious time they have on Earth to worship a God that logically cannot exist, it is considered a reasonable lifestyle choice.

After all, it is not like we are taught to be religious from a reliable source. We are typically taught by parental figures about religion from a young age. Unfortunately, since parents also walk on the streets, it is as useful to be told of Christianity by any stranger on the street.

Becoming a parent does not grant superior existential knowledge, a fact sadly forgotten by many.

Thus I believe that even the Religious Fallback Argument that God defies logic becomes undesirable on putting it into context.

It is clear that the general public are willing to logically manoeuvre through their lives. Why then do some insist on forfeiting it in circumstances relating to religion? Only nurture can provide the answer: they were at some unfortunate point in time taught to. Their disregard, therefore, being a result of the human's readiness to believe in authoritative figures.

A Religionless Society - Perhaps more moral - Perhaps what God would have wanted.
A Religionless Society - Perhaps more moral - Perhaps what God would have wanted.

To Conclude

To conclude, religion is declining because of the increase in choice, education, information, bad press, the idea that it is useless/counterproductive and the realisation that its fundamental principles are illogical.

Perhaps it is a natural progression of society to leave religion and begin instilling morality through education and understanding, rather than fear and fallacies.

Religion is like the scaffolding of a society - it has helped support us on our ascension into the modern era, but we must now let go of it in order to expand.

Other False Religious Arguments

Life Is Short In Comparison To Eternal Life
Arguing that because the duration of life on Earth is only a short time and eternity is well... eternal, then somehow the suffering God causes on Earth is justifiable is illogical. The facts remain that he could have surpassed this relatively short period of time of suffering and put us all straight into heaven.

God Wants Us To...
Any argument that involves saying "God wants us to..." which attempts to justify him making us suffer immediately makes God not benevolent. He is all powerful. Whatever he wanted he could have achieved without us suffering.

Do you believe that the God described by the monotheisitic religions (omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent) would have to be a sadistic entity to exist at all?

See results

The Great Grayling Speaks on the Matter!


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    • profile image

      doug cutler 3 months ago

      If only one is right! Which one? A little from each I think.

      A little positive thinking is better than none!

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 3 months ago from Orlando Florida

      I often say "If all religions are true, then no religions are true." Multiculturalism, Comparative Religion classes in schools and colleges all help people to see this plain fact. since every religion claims to be the one true religion, then every religion must be wrong. Thanks for your excellent listing of the arguments against the truth of religion.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 3 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      I think God allows differences to get the best from all views.

      Or perhaps if only one view it would become too common place and we would quit seeking and learning. Aventually most views agree there will be one view at the end of it all.

    • Slarty O'Brian profile image

      Ron Hooft 3 months ago from Ottawa

      It can't die soon enough

    • profile image

      marksideofthemoon 3 months ago

      Great article. Thanks for sharing. I am one who hopes religion continues to slide down.

    • Ivan Tod profile image

      Ivan Tod 11 months ago from Chester, ny

      Religion itself is not dying, the old god's system of rule by fear is and that's because the world is just too tired of it and too screw'd up to keep on with the "it's in gods hands" or "god works in mysterious ways" nonsense. The old ways were o.k for the old days and old ignorant minds but today is a new day and people are looking for a new better way. It should be obvious to anyone with at least half a brain that the worlds turmoil is based in religion which is based on the demands of their respective gods. If we rid ourselves of all the present religions we'll do two things; 1-rid the world of god based killings (which to date number in the billions) and make the world a better place for everyone, and 2-hold people responsible for their actions as with out gods to kill and maim for the perpetraitors can only attribute their actions to their own evil character and personality therefore they will no longer be able to hide behind their god when committing their acts of violence. I know some diehards will say it's not god or religion, it's the people who do these bad things but I would tell them to take a closer look at their own religious 'holy' books and they'll see that organized violence has been supported by their religious dogma since the beginning. And even if it is people doing the killing on a large scale, religion is somewhere in the shadows pushing, prodding and supporting the chaos. There is a better way, we just need to figure it out and get it going.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 11 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      The internet best learning tool. The religions are not going to tell on themselves! Nicene conference 325. Threw out the belief in reincarnation and individual communication and salvation.

      I strongly believe in both!

    • Paul Shene III profile image

      Paul Shene 11 months ago from Portland, Oregon

      The Abrahamic God (Yahweh) was a result of a war god cult usurping societal control of a society that was polytheistic. That society was led by El, and the pantheon was known as the Elohim. The Yahweh cult violently wrecked the other sister religions of that pantheon (Baal worship, Asherah worship, et al) and put Yahweh on the throne of El forming the Judaic religion that existed since King Josiah. In Greece the equivelent would be Ares killing off the cult of Aphrodite, Poseidon, etc and calling Ares being the same god as Zeus. That absurdity is what the Bible relates through creative edits and intentional mistranslation.

    • profile image

      Sanxuary 11 months ago

      Your ideas as to why Religion is dying are not quite there. Most people today believe religion is a club and one must meet the membership requirements of its members. It is poorly taught and no one has a clue what to practice and what goals they are to achieve. Life is not about Earthly agendas and most are concerned only with Earthly agendas. Unbelievers have no idea what we practice and accuse us of hypocrisy. They ask the dumbest quetions to many of the most obvious answers. We fail to teach the real purpose. The purpose is to always seek truth and to recognize evil. To avoid sin but to also make good decisions to recieve good results. To spiritually mature and regardless of Earthly agendas to our souls at all cost. We are often to weak to cast the evil in our lives out to find happiness. We fail to choose the right things for fear of penalties that support our Earthly desires and often support evil indirectly. If our children read each verse and asked themselves how would this effect my personal sactuary, the sactuary of my home and my family, what would they learn? If we understood the journey to spiritual maturity we would spend less time judging others and are selves. We would know that it is a practice and nothing near perfection. We might practice something more once we left church. If you our a non-believer then let me tell you how hard it is to live in your world. If I judged myself on the works of others I would be in hell and never escape. Knowing this why would any believer judge me on attempting to belong to any part of this World. We live in a broken and very lost world and evil consumes it every day. Never from the aspects of free will do I believe that faith can be demanded of all people in this place. The best you might get is a secular society. Even If I die and never commit another sin I will still be a baby when it comes to spiritual maturity. I hardly expect people who practice nothing to achieve much. Most people do not even have the intestinal fortitude to make the changes that will make their lives better. A dumb question I hear from those who do not believe is how can a loving God allow so much suffering? God allowed free will and its people to unwise, unintelligent or just evil who bring you the suffering. We all die eventually and your goals in Heaven are far more important then the results on Earth. Believers have hidden their faith, been persecuted and have chosen their death over the agendas and demands of this world. How many believers are willing today to do that? If they demand that you recieve the mark tomarrow will you choose persecution? Will you choose death knowing eternal salvation is longer lasting then life today? If you can not convince the believers, then convincing the unbelievers is not going to happen. We need a better approach to faith and practice. We need to be allowed to practice and understand the difference between sin and what is just bad decision making. Half the parables are hardly understood in the context of better living. I am not Kosher but could write numerous reasons as to why its healthy living. Something as mundane to many believers was teaching control, good nutrician and how to prevent a number of health problems. Never not practicing it is considered a sin to most believers but it still has a reason for being there.

    • Ivan Tod profile image

      Ivan Tod 13 months ago from Chester, ny

      I will do that , Oztinato. If it turns out to be anything resulting in the existence of the Ethereal God of human religion systems I'll gladly acknowledge it. Talk to you soon!

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 13 months ago from Australia


      Read the latest resesrch re string theory and also the holographic universe. It's suddenly looking very good for ol God.

    • Ivan Tod profile image

      Ivan Tod 13 months ago from Chester, ny

      They are saying God is possible because they don't see it as you do. To them God is simply a partice at the base of all matter, not a man on a throne. Science will prove "their" version of God soon through physics. The religious faithful will have to wait for their various Gods to prove themselves. Scientific "theories" of anything are based on mathematics. That being said, do you think an ethereal God can be proved to exist that way, with paper and pen? Probably not. So, just remember that not everyones views as to what God is are the same. What God is to you is not the same as what God is to the scientists who claim they may have proved his existence. As of yet there is proof of but one God...the God of the greedy...which is money.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 13 months ago from Australia

      Then why is even science now saying God is possible?

      The latest String theories, theories about Holographic Universes, and Kurt Godel's God Proof Theorem etc are saying the universe is looking far from an accident and has "intent".

      Godel was Einstein's anointed successor. His theorems are propelling science forwards even today and have only recently been responsible for proving time travel. These people are not dunces.

    • Ivan Tod profile image

      Ivan Tod 13 months ago from Chester, ny

      No one "knows" that any God exists. That's a rediculous thing to even say. What we "know" is that the world is in turmoil BECAUSE of religion and their respective "Gods". Then again, where would God be without turmoil in the world as he would have no people to scold, no people to tell they are sinners and no people to redeem. The only heaven that will exist on earth is the one people themselves generate. As far as Emperor Constatine goes he simply wanted to solidify his control in the midst of his countrys religious conversion so he embraced christianity and made it the new religion of Rome. Having done that he "commissioned" the new testament and christians everywhere have taken it as Holy when they should have totaly disregarded it as it did not come from God but rather it came from a man with ulterior motives. God has had a very large chip on his shoulder from the day man became knowledgeable and the youth of modern times are knocking that chip off thereby telling God that they don't fear him, as he commands them to, and as such he can't control them like he did their ancestors. Of course, all this is moot should it turn out that God actually DOESN"T exist but at least man will be able to start over without any "external" interference.

    • profile image

      Nudely 14 months ago

      The Book of Genesis has been shredded:

      cosmologically (Big Bang)

      astronomically (no firmament, galaxies @ millions of L.Y., )

      biologically (evolution)

      geologically (no great flood, continental drift, carbon 14 dating, glacial periods, ice core aging, Grand Canyon depth, spherical earth)

      historically (everything[?!])

      archaeologically (problems with Jericho, Canaan, and elsewhere)

      linguistically (inadequate explanation of origin & distribution of languages)

      anthropologically (homo sapiens hominid forebears, )

      paleontologically (dinosaurs)

      not to mention just plain old logically!

      I mention Genesis because the four Gospels refer to it at least 39 times. If Jesus and Paul are using a fictitious book to use for theological instruction, then they are not who "the authors" of the Bible purport them to be. Interestingly, Paul, whose career preceded the Gospels, never quotes Jesus, never mentions His virgin birth, nor any of His miracles. Sadly, Jesus becomes just a fabrication... a convenient character of fiction to convey philosophies accumulated in the preceding decades.

      bdn9385 in a comment made a few weeks go says: "The problem with this generation is they knew [sic] God exists but they love this world more than God."

      Nothing could be further from the truth! Many of us hate this world and everything it represents. I despise the "law of the jungle" where the fastest legs with the sharpest teeth and meanest claws terrorizes the peaceful gatherers and grazers who have no quarrel with the felines, canines and raptors. I detest the malignity of humans from Wall Street crooks, to hyper-greedy televangelists, to corporate tyrants, to corrupt politicians; to brutal oligarchs; to overbearing parents; to hypocritical judges, preachers and teachers; to racists and rapists; to welfare, unemployment and disability free-riders, etc. Lest anyone misinterpret this last category, let me stipulate that I do not mean to include people who honestly need these services, just the vermin that don't feel up to setting an alarm clock, making their way to work, and putting in a good day's labor to earn their keep.

      Why would I like, much less love, a world where tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides, droughts, tsunamis, avalanches, forest fires and the like take hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives annually.

      Why would I like much less love a world where the church tells me I SIN if I walk around naked; if I lust after my neighbor's wife; if I wish a bad man ill; if I follow my heart; if I earn a lot of money for MY OWN enjoyment?

      Religion is such a fickle beast, maiming and killing as it brings civility and God's word to the world's peaceful heathen.

    • theomajor profile image

      theomajor 15 months ago from New Zealand

      In certain respects this is a good Hub, but it has some flaws. Firstly you focus on Christianity over other religions. Secondly you present only one side of the argument against an entity known as God.

      From the perspective of Judaism, Israel is largely failing to present themselves as witnesses (Isa.43:10) to the miracles that are attested to in the Tanakh and Qur'an. You can view these on YouTube and from other sources or visit certain of them personally , ,, .

      From a Christian perspective, the multiplication of those against Torah is turning the hearts of the majority to grow cold (Matt.24:12).

      Those in Islam are lacking sound leadership, and they are bitterly divided.

      So your point regarding the divide of religions is valid. Yet you fail to look at the other side of the argument in regard to education and science. It is not a level playing field for those with an argument and evidence against Darwinism. Furthermore, a well known anti-creationism article admits there has never been any natural genetic mutation observed which produced a significant, healthy, biologically improved organism. Dating methods are not reliable overall. Oil can be synthesised in a laboratory quite quickly, it doesn't take millions of years. Conversely, no laboratory experiment has replicated life from chemicals. There is no explanation for how a male and female organism could spontaneously evolve together. The so-called Jurassic, Triassic eras, and so forth, these never occurred. They are layers, like pancakes, speaking of a cosmic disaster which changed life forever on planet Earth, thousands of years ago, causing the single continental mass (Gondwana) to dramatically split apart.

      You have also failed to mention the silliest religion yet; Darwinism. That one seems to have a lot of followers.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 16 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      What we need now is some original writings by the original writers in some cave, tomb, wall, that will debunk or confirm what those at the Nice Councils foisted upon us in 325 mainly and other such meetings.

      The story goes: that Emperor Constantine and wife wanted all the bickering's to end. The Bishops brought in writings. They were placed on a table and what didn't fall off was retained as what the, yes men, Bishops were allowed to go through and weed out anything that they didn't agree with. Leaving out two of the most important things. 1. It is the individual that gets forgiven by God and not through a church or person. 2. Reincarnation is a fact and part of existence.

      Until I see such documents I will use my own judgments.

    • bdn9385 profile image

      bdn9385 16 months ago

      There is plenty of proof that God exists if you will only ask the most commanding is this one

      The problem with this generation is they knew God exists but they love this world more than God.

      The judgment of this world is that they knew the light but they love the darkness more than the light.

      For althought they knew God they did not honor him as God but became futile in their own mind and understanding. Claiming to be wise they became fools.

      Now the evils devised by the luciferians are now slowly unfolding and leading to a one world govt and the signs of times are right in front of your eyes. What you gonna do? All your arguments costs to nothing for what you need now is a savior.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 16 months ago from London


      "Why do you feel only over-privileged, rich, white people should be counted? Why do you feel the poor and people of color don't matter? Please try to be less racist."

      Is Japan full of white people? Is France full of rich people? Does any country feature only (or mostly) 'over-privileged, rich, white people'? This issue has nothing to do with race and your attempt to make it so in a desperate attempt to take the moral high-ground is transparent.

      Everything else you said has no substantive point concerning anything I've said (though do correct me here if not).

      Have a good day.

    • GeorgeFittleworth profile image

      GeorgeFittleworth 16 months ago

      To Philanthropy2012

      Maybe if you learned the first thing about the various world religions your critique would be less silly.

      For example you could read what C.S. Lewis said about Hell.

      You could examine some of the thoughtful discussions about the problem of evil:

      Or you can continue your childish rants.

    • GeorgeFittleworth profile image

      GeorgeFittleworth 16 months ago

      Why do you feel only over-privileged, rich, white people should be counted? Why do you feel the poor and people of color don't matter? Please try to be less racist.

      You'll be surprised to learn that poor folk and nonwhites are not ignorant savages just because they disagree with you and haven't been indoctrinated with PC dogma. You'll also be surprised to learn that poor folk and nonwhites often look out for each other.

      Why do you feel the decadent rich are so superior? Is it because they exploit the poor? Bomb impoverished nations?

    • profile image

      Ernie 17 months ago

      Here's a must read: Saving Paradise: How Christianity Traded Love of This World for Crucifixion and Empire

      Paperback – May 1, 2009. ... Brock and Parker.

      The authors show how religion thwarted the real message of Jesus.

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 17 months ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      All suffering is NOT the result of sin, sharonlyn - it is the result of ignorance of how we were raised into spirituality. You are right in that the tough stuff is meant as a guidance; but we do not experience it because we are 'sinners'.

      Also, "Our eternal state is far more important than the few years we are here on earth" is yet another religious LIE to keep people in line and conforming. Our early years are the most important, and religious parents make sure to teach their children every religious insecurity they can ASAP. No wonder so many kids become monsters.

      We are born GOOD and knowing and loving and PERFECT - then our parents & guardians 'unteach' what we instinctively know to cause all the confusion that we experience.

      Religions are ending because humans are being born much more 'connected' in the past few decades than before; older people are realizing that their religions are more harmful than they were originally created for - and that is happening because God/Source is restoring the balance of spiritual things. God does not need ANY religion; and he is slowing eliminating them because humans don't need them anymore.

      This has been one of the benefits of the Information Age - the exchanging and realization of new ideas and information that people had not thought of before - even spiritual things are falling into that category. God is everywhere and far more than we know. He is no longer willing to be contained in any religious mold, anymore.

    • profile image

      Ernie 17 months ago

      I agree the the concept of hell is absurd. Many of the Churches used that concept to instill fear in the poor, uneducated, unbelievers. Those days are gone except for a few TV evangelists and the some Christian Churches.

      Jesus tried to erase that concept from the traditions of His religion. "Sin" is essentially the absence of good. Given the history of humans, from the crusades to the holocaust, to the terrorism of today, I would say that these are more than mistakes! Religion has been the cause of more deaths via wars than anything else. Jesus, a simple man tried to teach love, peace, forgiveness, not vengeance or war. His legacy has endured 2000 years and counting despite what religion has tried to do! Peace !

    • profile image

      Susan 17 months ago

      It is a shame some people need to be told to be good instead of doing it becasuse they think and feel it´t the right way. If Jesus hadn´t existed, people wouldn´t have been good to one another? I don´t think so.

      What I hate most about religion is the threat of the HELL (a total abberation but well... people believe it... and the worst: children are afraid of it) and the sense of guilt it promotes (¨we are all sinners¨). No psychologist around here to explain what effects all these have on the human psychology?....

      We are all humans, and humans, as nature itself, are not perfect: we all make mistakes, but try not to. But we shouldn´t feel GUILTY about it. The correct term is mistake or ERROR, not SIN.

    • profile image

      Ernie 18 months ago

      l have known heroes, heroines, mentors, teachers, wise people of all sorts, of every race or creed. These are ordinary people, from children to the elderly, from the sick and dying to the robust. Their experience taught them and me much about life, about suffering, about achieving, about loving, forgiving, being compassionate and much more. As a child I observed the faith of these ordinary people, some "religious" some not. What they had in common was faith. Being raised and educated as a Catholic, I was immersed in my religion, from studying to be a priest to being married, having two children and three grandchildren.

      I worked for the Catholic Church for forty years and I can say with certainty, for me, first, that "religion" has smothered the message of most of the great men and women who wanted to answer the question about God's existence. Second, for me, being a follower of Jesus, the message is simple: love, even your enemies, forgive, be merciful, compassionate,

      and you will find the answer to your question. If you don't, you are not listening, looking, or living as you should. Creation is not a fairy tale, we all suffer and die. In helping one another we experience the Creator whose name is I AM. A mystery, yes, but then are each of us not a mystery?

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 19 months ago from London

      @George Fittleworth,

      Thank you for taking the time to link some interesting sources. Don't think it was in vain, for I did get around to reading them.

      I found particularly interesting your claim that atheism was what was mostly in decline but soon realised that what you meant was that globally this was the case. Indeed, looking at the global study (Gordon Conwell) cited in your CNSNEWS article, everything became very clear.

      There it was confirmed once again that Christianity fell dramatically in every developed country whilst grew in impoverished ones, and atheism grew in every developed country whilst fell in poorer ones.

      The statistics are remarkably telling, where there was education and liberty atheism and agnosticism grew, where there was poverty and hardship, religion thrived.

      What the CNS article fails to address is why they think the countries that look after its people are ditching religion, and why the 'resurgence of religion' is only happening in troubled countries.

      Of course, they wouldn't want to link being faithful to low education levels, lack of freedom and poverty as I have done in this article.

    • profile image

      Susan 19 months ago

      Share this great article on Facebook, let the whole world read it!!! Let it spread more than the Bible. Help people see the truth!

      (I don´t have Facebook, but I would almost make an account just to share this...)

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 19 months ago

      Many people already live what they believe in. Tbey already have taken religion out of the equation . for centuries people also have been directing there devotion to objects. Humans. Ideas of science. And the belief of the big bang. Humans ccreated out of evolution. Apes. Fish. And otber beliefs that you die and be born as another human or animal.

      Really have any of these beliefs change the conditions of the earth.

      No it is far worse then ever. Believing in the sovereignty of a greater power then humans should not be hard to understand. If we can believe in humans . then we should be able to believe in who created this wonderful life.

      This one has all the answers to every single problem.

    • profile image

      bru 19 months ago

      Good read, many good points on the subject. My personal feeling is religion is waning in many areas around the globe. Yet, the idea of God(s) and what that idea purports to people will be with us for many,many years to come. I love this quote from Richard Dawkins "We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further."

      Region makes great stories. "Zeus came down from Mount Olympus had sex with a mortal woman she gave birth to a being half man, half deity and they named him Hercules". The story of Christianity, not yet, but it will take it's place among the great stories in the future.

    • profile image

      Rich 19 months ago

      Great article ... You should write a book

    • GeorgeFittleworth profile image

      GeorgeFittleworth 20 months ago

      Our secular establishment is rational and disinterested and so very wonderful. I know this because they tell me so themselves at every opportunity.

      More sites to consider:

    • GeorgeFittleworth profile image

      GeorgeFittleworth 20 months ago

      Actually the people who are dying out are the devoutly secular elites in the rich countries.

      Some people have been terrorized into atheism by Communist regimes, but many of these regimes have lost their grip on power. Some petulant adolescent boys have been propagandized into atheism by academic/media elites, but most adolescents prefer to think for themselves.


      And check out this site:

    • profile image

      Shujin51 20 months ago

      I find it good that religion is dying out. We have better things to do then to commit ourselves to religions. With education we dont need any of that shit anymore. I hope religion will die out soon.

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 24 months ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      I found this very interesting even if I can't agree with it. Wonder what it will be like 20 years from now, and will religion continue to decline?

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 24 months ago from Temperance. Mich

      If all religions are fake why do you quote from one? No one has been able to say the events in the old testament didn't happen. Some they haven't found evidence for yet. That does not mean it didn't happen. I am waiting for a big find on some of the New Testament's original writing to compare with what we have today. I believe the early bishops changed the text to suit them.

    • thirdmillenium profile image

      thirdmillenium 24 months ago from Here, There, Everywhere

      No one needs to be surprised if the world becomes completely devoid of religions. As it is, all religions are fake though people may be faithful. what does 2 Timothy 3:2 say:

      People will be unholy. Nothing will be sacred any more.

    • profile image

      search4truth 2 years ago

      It's always fascinating to me that the same people who think that God as creator of our intelligent universe is logically impossible, but they have no hesitation in believing that everything came from nothing which IS impossible. Wake up! Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." And regardless of whether or not you believe that, He still loves you. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." All you have to do is believe, or not. Your choice. It's that simple.

    • profile image

      Meh 2 years ago

      There are two deciding factors that keep religion afloat;

      1. Monkey see monkey do, meaning of course if a wide range of people are doing it. Chances that you or someone you know is probably a creationist.

      2. The lack of scientific minds can be accounted for the fact that people are less challenged, on top of that we have economic and geopolitical problems. The lack of advancement in say technology sectors would be an example of an underdeveloped society. Where as a highly developed society would lack the stigma that follows atheism, simply put people would be more into things and their own lives than something as silly as god.

      Lets see it another way, we watch endless movies about possible futures. Some frightening, some adventurous and sometimes downright deep. Then we step away from the big screen we look around and then we ask ourselves, well gee why aren't living in that kind of world. A world free of age, famine, disease, death would constitute as a highly developed civilization. One that would find it difficult to accept the ideas of an after life where most of society has now adapted to extremely long life spans perhaps even immortality. So if you reach that state could you really think up a reason why you would want to except the creationist views.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      most young people are non religious, too many bad companies around, furthermore, movies are teaching them bad thoughts

    • Misfit Chick profile image

      Catherine Mostly 2 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      "Religion is like the scaffolding of a society - It helps to support on its climb, but at some point it has to go to expand."

      That is a wonderful way to think about the concept of religions - any religion. Although I would change the end to say, "... at some point is has to go so that the building can be freely used without obstruction."

      And to 'Maveth' above who is haughty about the growth of Islam... You are getting growth for ONE reason and one reason, ONLY...

      1) You are not losing nearly as many followers by the day as Christianity and other religions are; simply because your people refuse to let go of their beloved god while extremists use their religion for their own evil purposes. Their attention is not diverted by 'realizing there is anything wrong' with their spiritual beliefs or questioning their god, as much - it is largely in defending their religion.

      2) SYMPATHY from easily-manipulated and spiritually-embracing wanna-be's who see themselves as quasi-vigilantes doing good on the behalf of oppressed Muslim nations. That sympathy is something that ebbs and flows; and does things like funnel weapons and money into the hands of Islamic fanatics.

    • Rabadi profile image

      2 years ago from New York

      Hey nice article I feel that region is being less shown and more shows about crime, sex and evil are being glorified. I don't know why this is happening but I believe the book of revelations talks about this. This is interesting and made me think good post. I am now following you.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 years ago from Australia

      This hub's premise is the classic "blame god paradox" whereby non sequitur arguments claim God doesn't exist but is to blame for our problems! It is illogical, unscientific and contradictory and simply designed to offend. Such "arguments" are often spouted by the cafe set and don't rely on commonsense or logic at all.

    • Doug Cutler profile image

      Doug Cutler 2 years ago from Temperance. Mich

      I believe some religion is better than none. With the exception of those that today allow, beheadings, child marriages, lying to the infidel, the tax, death to those that can't pay said tax. etc.

      God wants us to be like him. Not just some robot. God may not have suffered any and needs to via the small part we each have. It is a long learning curve and if you don't succeed you will have to do lives many times till you finally become like Him with the experiences He may not have had. Just knowing something is not like experiencing it.

      The reason I left the established Christian religions is because they do not believe in reincarnation. And the one I left insisted they were the one and only. Even when they were only 2 million as opposed to the 7 billion other souls.

      The internet has been the biggest mind opener. Before you just went along to get along so you had some religion as opposed to none.

      We have free will. All time is happening at the same time. We can change the final play to some extent. Our present mind normally cannot access the higher mystical features, like the akashic records.

      Living one life makes no sense what so ever. It is pointless and futile.

      Why would one person be so blessed and another not?

      I believe there are many like me that have left religions and learn on their own. Not that there is less. How many are in religions just because they don't know what else there is or that is what is expected of them.

    • profile image

      Maveth 2 years ago

      Cute little article. Irrelevant, however, in the face of the huge worldwide growth of Islam. Such a pity that the author(s) of this article are unable to see such obvious signs counter to their specific "beliefs".

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 2 years ago

      As I read your hub I find some points interesting, again believing in a person

      Is far more then calling it religion, people label this like a package. (Religion)

      And handle it as such, not really understanding the content.

      True religion has been distorted , but Why! Was it a time when it was pure.

      Untouched and not contaminated, Yes !

      But what we have now is what Jesus said would happen,

      Ac 20:29 I know that after my going away oppressive wolves will enter in among you and will not treat the flock with tenderness,

      2Th 2:3 Let no one lead you astray in any way, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction.

      2Ti 4:4 They will turn away from listening to the truth and give attention to false stories.

      Simple already warned .

      But if you are warned about something that is happening , this also is another reality that the subject exist.

      Example some one comes home and say their car was in an accident, the car was towed away at the scene, just because you are at home and did not visually witness the accident is not valid for you to say , this is not the case , there was no accident

      , then the relative takes a written report

      By an officer , now you have some reality.

      But still have not seen the vehicle.

      The same with the bible is it the report of things past done in our history written by secretaries of men who are not bias of race , man and woman and child.

    • Paul Shene III profile image

      Paul Shene 2 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Religion cannot die fast enough. Religion almost caused the demise of the human species more than once.

    • profile image

      Roger Wolsey 2 years ago

      Not all forms of all religions truck in "fear and fallacies." Progressive Christianity is but one example - and it's growing, as more people become aware of it.

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      DK, a lot of comments over here. This was an interesting and useful hub about your thoughts on religion dying, which was well thought out and written. Voted up!

    • profile image

      wcilthh 2 years ago

      REALLY? I would like to say that I was a non-practicing Catholic for many years. Once I graduated from college I settled in to a great job. I had many successful friends and I met and married a terrific husband. Accept for the husband, I was miserable. The job was demanding and my coworkers were horrible. These so-called successful people who had so much and should have been happy with it were horrible people.

      I seemed to attract the most attention with my marriage and travels and the things I chose to spend my money on. Eventually, they all turned on me. After all, I had so much and they were so blinded that they only felt jealousy instead of friendship.

      Fast-forward, the job is gone, my house is gone, my husband is gone, the nice car is gone and I haven't traveled in a long time. I suffered for a while until someone told me that those so called good people were practicing spiritual warfare on me.

      I researched it and it led me back to my religion and now I realize what a blessing all of it was. It is true that while I worked I suffered, but God provided me with a good husband to see me through. I found out later that these people all got involved in my marriage and did everything they could to destroy it.

      Anyway, I had time to help my father who broke his hip and then became ill with cancer. I had time to help a stroke victim who is bed-ridden and now I help my mother who has dementia.

      I have taken time out to pray. Prayer has led me back to Catholicism. Catholicism has led me back to the world and it has all healed the incredible amount of pain. It has also blocked the spiritual warfare and cleared the way for some wonderful things.

      I still can't keep a regular job because of my mother, but I have a car, food, shelter and money to have a few nights out a month.

      One more contrast. When I was in the secular world living a secular life, I was very liberal. I am not so liberal anymore, but as a good Catholic, I don't judge anyone and certainly would not harm anyone for having different views than my own.

    • profile image

      Stargrrl 2 years ago

      Well written hub. You gave excellent reasons why religion is declining, and I see that today. The bible says we will know we are living in the end times when less and less people are worshipping God. We are closer than ever to the return of Jesus! So while it is a bad thing that people are turning away from the faith, it is also a good sign that He is coming back!

    • GreyFoXX4 profile image

      GreyFoXX4 2 years ago from Richlands, North Carolina

      Ok well from a Christians point of view it is entirely humans/mans sinnful ways that bring about the horrible things in this world. So those that dont believe in God says we need to put more faith into man. Hmmm.

      Just curious you said teach morals through education and teach understanding. First who is annointed to come up with these morals.

      Second list me ten just off the top of your head.

      Thirdly the unfaithful think merely men wrote the bible to begin with and refuse what it says. So why men writing anything else would they like?

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      I really appreciate you writing this post. Personally, i myself have evolved and don't really see religion as necessary . Religion annoys me. What upsets me the most is the bigotry and religious fundamentalism that is slowly taking over the world. Good thing is people are seeking more and more answers and are not blinded entirely by religion anymore.

      Looking forward to read more of your posts :)

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 2 years ago from London

      Hi Niko, you raised several good points and so I'll be happy to answer them for you, both in respect of satisfying questions asked and in answering for my own decisions!

      ["I find it interesting that the page name is "6 Reasons Religion is Dying" but the URL reads "God is a Sadist". Perhaps that was an original title for it, or this is merely a revised hub?"]

      Indeed the truth is a mixture of both, the original title for the article was 'God is a Sadist' and that was perhaps only appropriate for its original form: a short, poignant and overall more controversially toned article. 341 comments later and the article is now over 3,000 words long. This also may in part explain why you (mistakenly) came out with this:

      ["This hub is an example of one problem I see with atheism - they tend to focus on ONE religion, and act like it's the only one on the block. I read this figuring that it would be a broad approach to all religion and spiritual systems out there only to get partway through the article and find these points against mainly Christianity."]

      Aside from the fact that, had this indeed been a problem it would not have been one that you 'see with atheism'; the single belief of something's non-existence does not 'teach' or 'encourage' anyone to 'focus on ONE religion' - this is better explained by the fact that Christianity is the majority religion in the world, this article only mentions the word Christianity once and it is not in relation to any point in particular, merely used as an example of something that is illogical. Yes, many if not all of these points apply to Christianity, as they do to the other abrahamic religions (which is even specifically mentioned when speaking of the three omni's "as such, many people upon realising this simply cannot adhere to any abrahamic religion. Of course, this also applies to any other religion that claims to have Gods with these three conflicting characteristics").

      Your point intrigues me further when you claim that the none of the points in this article have any relevance to "Paganism, Buddhism" or "other spiritual practises and systems." Since the title states that this is an article about religions in general, it can only be inferred that you believe its main points do not apply to the above mentioned belief systems?

      In short, I'm happy to argue that "If you mean Christianity, just say Christianity" does not apply to this hub and that people won't be able to counter its points with Buddhism just because not all points apply as strongly (or at all) to all religions in the world. I would argue that the points of this article, that "choice, education, information, bad press, the idea that it is useless/counterproductive and the realisation that its fundamental principles are illogical" have lead to religious decline, all apply to Buddhism except for bad press (owed to the fact that it receives virtually no press at all).

      Moreover, although Buddha might have "set out with his spiritual teachings to relieve people of suffering" I'm hesitant to inform you that most key religious figures (hence their amiability/popularity) did exactly the same thing and this in no way defends the religion of origin's existence. It would be difficult to find an account of Jesus setting out his spiritual teachings to not relieve people of suffering, for example - Buddha is not unique to this concept.

      ["I also disagree with that last image's caption - a Religionless society being "More moral" without God? I think not. Taking religion out of the picture will not make mankind automatically more rational, logical, or moral - though I'm not saying it'll make society less moral either. But there's more to solving the problems of war, disharmony, dissonance, and hatred than the mere removal of a spiritual idea. To paraphrase an Objectivist, the removal of religion and advocacy of atheism will not solve these problems alone, as just simply being "atheist" leaves lots of room for what you do believe."]

      Here is, of course, something that we both agree with. Although the picture states that society may 'perhaps' be (note: not WILL be) more moral without religions, the text it accompanies makes the final and most important point to which the image applies.

      "Perhaps it is a natural progression of society to leave religion and begin instilling morality through education and understanding, rather than fear and fallacies."

      That is, leaving religion behind is not enough, an emphasis on education and understanding is required too.


    • Niko Linni profile image

      Niko Linni 2 years ago from Long Beach, California

      I find it interesting that the page name is "6 Reasons Religion is Dying" but the URL reads "God is a Sadist". Perhaps that was an original title for it, or this is merely a revised hub?

      This hub is an example of one problem I see with atheism - they tend to focus on ONE religion, and act like it's the only one on the block. I read this figuring that it would be a broad approach to all religion and spiritual systems out there only to get partway through the article and find these points against mainly Christianity. What about Paganism, Buddhism, other spiritual practices and systems? Often times I hear Atheists and Irreligious crusading against "Religion" only to hear them speak a tome's worth about Christianity. If you mean Christianity, just say Christianity, else people can counter you with say Buddhism when you attempt to talk about how harmful religion can be - especially since The Buddha set out with his spiritual teachings to relieve people of suffering.

      I also disagree with that last image's caption - a Religionless society being "More moral" without God? I think not. Taking religion out of the picture will not make mankind automatically more rational, logical, or moral - though I'm not saying it'll make society less moral either. But there's more to solving the problems of war, disharmony, dissonance, and hatred than the mere removal of a spiritual idea. To paraphrase an Objectivist, the removal of religion and advocacy of atheism will not solve these problems alone, as just simply being "atheist" leaves lots of room for what you do believe.

    • profile image

      Jan 3 years ago

      Very interesting and funny article, thanks for writing it.

      In my opinion we are at a very unique junction in mankind's spiritual evolution. There is for the first time the lucid realisation that a new sense of spirituality is not only needed but absolutely essential, and that mankind must liberate itself from the old way of thinking about spirituality (spirituality = religion and religion - spirituality = 0) if we're going to survive as a species.

      If we are to free ourselves, we have to look at the foundations of the incorrect way we have been taught to think about it, and extricate ourselves from these fallacies entirely.

      Central to all spiritual fallacy (again - in my opinion) is the concept of a superior God being that is separate to man, and also separate to/superior to and just too good to live to this plane of existence. A sort of super-someone that created everything, knows everything, owns everything including heaven and decides who's allowed to go into them pearly gates.

      Once you get rid of that, there is space for the realisation that yes, God exists, but not as a "He" or a "something".

      We're all part of God, and that it's our job to to create heaven in this reality. You don't need to look far to see what happens when we deny God the opportunity to create through us because we abdicated that divine responsibility to a fictional character somewhere out there.

    • GreyFoXX4 profile image

      GreyFoXX4 3 years ago from Richlands, North Carolina

      Yes i think religon is on a downward path in participation. Which is from the very thing your promoting. And that is to listen to man and a huministic ideas of what is right. To many pastors and the catholic church teaching and making doctrine that is not in the Holy Bible. Such as some of referenced a flat earth which was taught by the sciences at the times and wrong church leaders. Many times the Bible tells of the circle of the earth even in the oldest written book of the Bible Job.

      Now you said if God was all loving he would had created a perfect world. Well he did and adam sinned. Prior to that sin the Lord walked and talked with adam. Since sin was brought into the earth hes stepped back to allow his creation to see and feel the impacts of sin. And his angels needes to see this.

      You say he could had done this and he could of done that. Your right he could have but that would have made the Lord a tyrannt and not full imbodiment of love. So he allows freewill. Heck you talk of how sad painful diseased waring people we are. You never stop to think how long in the Lords suffering has been? To see his creation fall from his sight. He wishes none to perish but to come to repentance of their sins that they may have everlasting life.

      The fact of the matter is that sin cant come before him with out being devoured by his glory. So the shoe falls straight at our feet to accept or not to accept. You cant make a person love you as i cant. Nor can the Lord, but he wishes all to come and be with him.

      And in that reasoning hes willing to suffer by taking on all the sins of the world and died on the cross for your sin my sin and everyone you lay eyes on. And he raised from the grave to show through him is life everlasting. Hes willing to hold off on his coming back to redeem those that chose him. Suffering and seeing what is happening to his people by those that wish to mot to accept his loving grace that changes people for the good.

      I understand you dont believe and thats fine its your choice. But as a follower that is a sinner we want others to share in the joy that is to come and to be able to walk with him again as adam did. But with a lesson learned.

      Its hard for us seeing people walking out into the street with on coming traffic and not say anything. It gloryfies our Heavenly Father to bring as many brothers and sisters home with us we he calls.

      God Bless

    • Raine Law Yuen profile image

      Raine Law Yuen 3 years ago from Cape Town

      myself have gone through a period of great doubt and seeking for truth. I have written about my insights in a a hub about developing intuition and understanding subtle energy. I think that language is often a detriment when it comes to understanding each other. Many people feel and intuitively sense that something is remiss in the way we are conditioned to accept principles which at its core may be good so we feel a sense of guilt to reject them - but when delivered through an ego based corruptible system - this is when we experience all the suffering that is mentioned in this forum and many others. With confusion many might reject fundamental messages used as a tool to mislead rather than empower. Developing your intuition is the one way you can strengthen your ability to know what is genuine and what is not. Have you ever heard anyone say that their intuition is wrong? Have you ever regretted not listening to your gut feel?The beginning of knowing and true wisdom follows when you find the courage to go within yourself and look for truths in the way that only you can understand them. Perhaps the greatest sin perpetrated against mankind is to discourage us from connecting to our true selves - Hidden spiritual texts testify to this and adamant that the seat of our soul lies at the core of our intuition centre. When you learn to listen to it - it will always lead you to make decisions that are in your best interest. On the other hand they strongly believed that dark energy like good energy is intelligent but feeds off your fear which resides in your mindspace - so finds its way to reach you through the portal of your mind. Our minds are designed to obey the will of our hearts - which informs you through your intuition. Unfortunately structures are designed to keep you away from applying this truth - hence we are conditioned to act upon our ego's ruled by our rational minds - cut off from our true selves - we do the bidding of darkness even when we think we are acting for the good of ourselves and others. You can change this when you make a conscious decision to connect your mind to the right energy - your heart and intuition centre. Energy must run upwards!

    • Fred Arnold profile image

      Fred Arnold 3 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Very good article. I shared here and facebook.

      One thing I would propose for you to add is the idea of Deism, or the God as a master architect. It is how those in the Enlightenment synthesized religion and reason. In Deism everything above holds true for illogical arguments, but it also brings a logical stand point. God can exist as a master architect and not hold omnipotent power, however, since we are an image of God he made the choice to leave the universe to run as it will. Like a well built machine.

    • Raine Law Yuen profile image

      Raine Law Yuen 3 years ago from Cape Town

      I think its like the halo effect. Many people have turned away from organized religion due to its collective corruption from ego based preaching and proceed to dismiss anything associated with the wisdoms contained within spiritual texts. I think we should not dismiss the existence of subtle energies just because we cannot see it but each to their own should be allowed the freedom to take their own journey of discovery without having the book thrown at them with some quote dismissing their attempt to find the truth for themselves. I believe Doing this is really off-putting to people and only serves to turn them further away from Spiritual truths.

    • profile image

      Jay 3 years ago

      I stumbled across this article because I know religion was dying and thought I would google it. To be more specific, I was reading some articles about the SUNI and the SHITE and how they are always killing each other in Iraq because one culture doesn't like pork and the other thinks its ok to stone your

      own children. I was asking myself, "WHEN IS RELIGION GOING TO DIE ALREADY". But then my brain switches gears, "DONT HELP THEM, LET THEM KILL EACH OTHER, WE WILL STAY LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD FOR ANOTHER GENERATION". Compliments to this excellent article.

      If I were to throw a few rants out there, here they are;

      People are insulted by others saying Education is killing the belief in god. Remember, people are getting religion and the belief of god mixed up here. Naturally, we want to belief that there is a superior leader that is taking care of us all. When I smash my finger with a missed hammer swing, "God that

      f'in hurt". Education prevents us from falling in a blind path set by people who misinform the public with bad information in order to manipulate and control (RELIGION). Is that such a bad thing though? You should see how people act when they have their entire freedom. In our modern society, we pick

      and chose certain parts to beleive. We will not be nailed to the cross or stoned if we do not follow all the rules.

      God existing or not existing? Maybe. But religion is a set of rules and ideals made by a human being, nothing more. Backed by people who like to kill others, this set of rules will be abided by or you will be on the hitlist. hah. I love history. I'm so proud of our past. guillotine or cross nailing? Please

      circle your perferred method. Did anyone examine the true meaning of life? You ever look at your pets and wonder why they are here? Do they have a god too? Why do they not share the same rights a human being has? You ever think about how innocent they are compared to us? They deserve more.

      The more I watch human activity the more I am disgusted about it. The way we treat each other, jealousy, stealing, the need to do better than the other. The mess we made of this earth. The fact that we cannot function without leadership. Our destructive nature and that fact that it feels good to be

      destructive in some cases. If I was god I would wipe half the earths population off with a snap of the finger tonight. "You guys are f*ups".

    • The Informist profile image

      Jeremy Fredde 3 years ago from Midvale, UT

      More deaths are caused by religion than any other category. If religion is to grow again, people need to show how religion helps others and stop persecuting others beliefs. It also seems that since there are no more beliefs being "born" and that there is easy access of information, people seem to deny god because they see many contradictions in the religious texts. Religion may be decreasing, but many people choose to believe in their "own" god, so i am not sure that the number of people who believe is going down or if it is the number of people attending church.

    • profile image

      Anthony Isaac Wells 3 years ago

      There is a seventh reason! Region is man made and has nothing to do with Yawah.

    • Ceegen profile image

      James 3 years ago from Maine, USA

      "All warfare is based on deception." - Sun Tzu.

      Religion is a deception, a man-made interpretation of the spiritual truth found only in the KJV bible.

    • profile image

      Peter 4 years ago

      There so many people in this world that despise religion and those whom profess it, religion is now becoming a political liability. A church going Christian politician coming your way will always mean that we are about to loose our hard fought for civil freedoms. I despise those who wish to inflict their lifestyle on others. This is the era of enlightenment where I can actually say this so stick that up your censoserd christian butt holes.

    • auspicious12day profile image

      auspicious12day 4 years ago

      We have just begun to scratch the surface as far as what lies ahead after death. I believe the mind is a new frontier that will be studied in depth to find answers to the age old questions about life.

    • ReasonablyLogical profile image

      Zachary 4 years ago from USA

      Awesome article with MANY strong points. I also see in middle eastern countries who oppose "americanization" how they seem to cluth their religion tighter. Before religion dies altogether I see it resulting in a world-wide segregation of theistic vs atheistic idealogies, creating a sense of urgency for religious leaders to oppose secular humanist society. Hopefully the (lack of) death toll will be our greatest accomplishment as we choose morlality and education as opposed to fear and oppression.

    • profile image

      Hannibal 4 years ago

      This is an interesting and true article. Religion is illogical. Believing in the stuff in the Bible is like believing fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk. Besides, the Bible was written a long time ago by a bunch of sexist men (yes it's true since back then women were considered nothing) who pretended to know everything in order to scare people into submission. The church wanted to keep control of the general public and they used fear to do so. Religions also hate women, homosexuals and other religions. This therefore causes problems between people and leads to killing and violence.

      There is absolutely no evidence in favour of religion. Humans created religion in order to explain how and why things worked. They did not have the tools to understand some phenomena that we have today. There is so much evidence for the Big Bang Theory (scientists have found remnants of the Big Bang in space) and evolution (transitional fossils, even for humans!) Science is providing more evidence all the time. There has recently been some studies on the human brain and the effect of belief on a person's actions. In fact, scientists are getting very close to finding an explanation for "the soul" of a person. There is no such thing as a soul - our entire selves are made up of our brains and our bodies. Soon scientists will discover evidence that supports this.

      Religion is also doubted in some fields of psychology. One explanation for religion is that humans made up religion because they are afraid of dying and the unknown. People want to be comforted that there is something waiting for them after they die. However, this is not the case. Nothing occurs after death besides decay. There is no heaven. When some people have near death experiences, they claim that God told them it wasn't their time to die and that they saw him. This is merely a trick played by their brain when they were brought back.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but don't threaten others.

      Everyone should be treated the same, regardless of sex, sexual orientation and beliefs.

      After all, Spock sums all of this up best in Star Trek Into Darkness: "There is no such thing [as a miracle]." There is always a logical explanation.

    • profile image

      callum 4 years ago

      the points have all been answered long time ago by philosophers who thought the same, but in time, after all the thinking and debates, went back to the very basic conviction that there is a God after all. check them out!

    • Aaron Seitler profile image

      Aaron Seitler 4 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      What a hub. You've articulated the thoughts I've been having recently and makes me wonder whether the "non-believer generation" demonstrates people are more egotistic,lazy,narcissistic,shallow and immoral than ever before or that with the advent of the internet and free speech,people are not straightjacketed by dogma anymore and broken ought of this herd mentality and are beginning to use their brains and make decisions based on scientific proof and not fanciful fairy tales.

    • bible101 profile image

      Paul Smith 4 years ago

      Interesting read.

      I want to add that yes religion is falling, but so is faith in mankind.

      Countries are at its lowest in terms of voting and new generations are denying both religion and politics.

    • Mary Neal profile image

      Mary Neal 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

      You are right. As we enter Revelation, we are reminded that the Bible teaches "for that day [of the Lord] shall not come except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin [Antichrist] be revealed, the son of perdition" (2 Thessalonians 2:3). This is the "falling away" period.

    • thirdmillenium profile image

      thirdmillenium 4 years ago from Here, There, Everywhere

      It is as it should be. The Bible says the whole populations would be Godless, self-centered and a host of other things besides. Gradually, the whole world, except for some pockets here and there would be Godless. Whether the fine analyses like the one here make sense or not to one, that is the way it should/would unfold.

      And, it is going to be soon, beware

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 4 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      What about spirituality? Is that growing? Is that the new religion?

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      This is an excellent hub on a truly important topic. There is a vast change in the declared belief in traditional religions, and you explain what is happening very well. You also discuss multiple causes and theological arguments well, and that is very rare.

      I would suggest, though, an alternate interpretation: For most people, scientistic rationalism has become a substitute for religion. Note, I don't say "scientific." Any good scientist knows that science does not prove anything and that science is not a substitute for religion. But the vast majority of the population think they understand science, but do not understand it at all. Instead, they have blind faith in it. And it fulfills the emotional and spiritual needs that religion fills for the religious.

      Also, I think that the mainstream traditional religions will decline, but they will not disappear. There are folk beliefs from pre-Confucian China, remnants of religions that stopped being believed over 2,000 years ago, which the Imperial and Communist Chinese governments have been trying to eradicate for 2,000 years, and they are still with us. When a majority belief becomes a minority belief, it can still last millennia.

    • liswilliams profile image

      liswilliams 4 years ago from South Africa

      self reliance leads to self destruction

    • profile image

      infostreamnetwork 4 years ago

      Great hub. It's about time for this reversal and it is an exiting time to live through. This really is the first time in human history where religion has not held a monopoly on the truth and where a large amount of criticism is being, rightly, thrown at it.

    • ParadigmEnacted profile image

      ParadigmEnacted 4 years ago

      Not only is this informative but you provide great analogies to help readers understand your positioning in the article. Factually speaking Christianity is fading throughout the world, but it isn't just because people are thinking critically and are offended by the ills of organized religion. Nobody can deny that a large segment of humans feel sorry for themselves and want to blame something for the pitfalls of their own free will. People shouldn't turn their back on the concept of God on account of what religion and their fellow man do. They've been engaging in idolatry in the first place.

      Many so-called nonbelievers are actually veiled believers. Disappointed idealists who have conjured the notion of a living God who is an adversary to them because they don't agree with his motives. They seek the world's comforts and when that fails they resent God for reminded them or their having chosen this path themselves. All humans are wired to seek a religious experience, and theirs' comes in the form of denouncing other people's beliefs.

    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 4 years ago from Oregon

      Well written hub, lots of good points to back up your thoughts.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      I began to notice the same thing, religion does seem like it's fading. People use to have a strong fear of God, but now people are beginning to do as they please regarding the results.

    • HeatherH104 profile image

      HeatherH104 4 years ago from USA

      I love this! Exactly what I've been thinking - written very well and you covered every point!

      Voted up and shared.

    • Tanveers profile image

      Tanveer Ahmed 4 years ago from Pakistan

      I hope if author can think positively, he has ability to write against this article as well for existence of GOD, Because there is much more space / knowledge and things logically prove GOD more better than some little agnostic thoughts. He should try to think positive, He will. knowledge revealed in Holy Books are solution for humanity, GOD doesn't permitted kill each other, these things adopted by human being themselves because man has given life to perform rules governed by GOD but when man not obey then it becomes problems of his own choice.

    • profile image

      Tom 4 years ago

      Why did I even post here.... just read through the comment section... so much abuse and hatred.

    • profile image

      Tom 4 years ago

      I think you misspelled 'Christianity' as 'Religion'. Most of your article does not apply to other religions but (American) Christianity and Islam. Also, where is your research? The text itself does not show much understanding of what religion is. Where do you get your ideas from? Where is the evidence? Where is the research you base yourself on?

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 4 years ago from London

      Thank you very much Philip!

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 4 years ago from London

      Well i was going to respond to your criticisms Anonymous but it seems Azaraith has already done so poignantly. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Philip 4 years ago

      Pretty good article! The fact that Christians always "fall back" by saying we are too dumb to understand God makes me laugh...because if we are really too dumb to understand God, then why do they always claim to understand EXACTLY what God is and wants? Christian is another name for hypocrite.

    • profile image

      Azaraith 4 years ago


      "God is not a sadist. Misery, however, loves company. God is love. "

      God is love, especially when he commands his people to slaughter women and children, as well as livestock (1 Samuel 15:3). Dashing babies joyously against rocks is another of loving Yahweh's wonderful pastimes, as written in Psalms 137:8-9.

      Try reading that ridiculous book you claim is full of love before trying to correct someone for stating that such actions as described in the Bible attributed to your God make him a vicious monster and definitely not "loving" in any way.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      This is one of the worst articles I've ever read. Please make your agenda a little less obvious next time. God is not a sadist. Misery, however, loves company. God is love. Knowledge and understanding are two separate things. Let me know who you will turn to when your humanity fails you.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 4 years ago from London

      Thanks for commenting "umm", I'd be more than happy to hear an expansion on which ideas I 'over-simplified' since my doing so must mean I omitted several key points that would make the argument more balanced?



    • profile image

      umm 4 years ago

      You over-simplify ideas so they mold to your personal beliefs. I can do the same thing with any topic, just like our politicians do. Stop hating your fellow humankind.

    • profile image

      Mklow1 4 years ago

      I alway love to read the articles in the atheist section because they give me a good chuckle for the day. Thumbs up. Thanks.

    • profile image

      buddhaanalysis 4 years ago

      Religions are not dying but fundamentalism is increasing. May be harmony is decreasing but politics in religion is increased.

    • imsef profile image

      Joseph 4 years ago from Makati

      Great analysis! People nowadays are becoming more modern and we are focusing in business, money and fame which are stopping us to visit the church and pray once in a while and due to our daily responsibilities in the modern world, we often opt to delay our traditional activities particularly in religion.

    • jainismus profile image

      Mahaveer Sanglikar 4 years ago from Pune, India

      You are right.....

    • aafergus11 profile image

      Anthony Ferguson 4 years ago from Alma, MIchigan

      Great, great, GREAT article! I couldn't agree with you more. I have been browsing through this article and its comments for the past hour now and all I can say is WOW! From the moment I laid eyes on this article I knew one thing for sure, you are going to have some comments from some peed off christians on here lol. But one thing that amazes me, is that as I look through these comments, I see christians trying to disprove you and tell you to let it go so they can believe in what they believe. Yet they still try to prove their side? Its like they can never be wrong. People say atheists are just opinionated and their is no need for what they say, yet every aspect from religion is opinionated and preached, preached even to people who don't believe a word they say. Why is it so right for a christian to turn a non-believer into a christian, yet if an atheist tried to do the opposite, it's wrong?

    • stuff4kids profile image

      Amanda Littlejohn 4 years ago

      What a lightning strike of good sense and good writing this hub is!

      I think that the secularization of society is one of the most beneficial transformations taking place in global society. I just wish America would hurry along and catch up with the rest of the world. We are such a backward culture in so many ways.

      Great stuff, this and deserves to be widely read. Voted up and all that.

      Bless you :) (Oh, I have the habit of saying this from my grandmother who raised me but it has not religious connotations for me - I just think it's sweet!)

    • Parks McCants profile image

      Parks McCants 4 years ago from Eugene Oregon U.S.A.

      As an American I can state with confidence that organized religion is not dead in the United States. However, it is very regional. As to politics and religion: In a nation of melting pot idiology, there is no place for doctrin dominence. Unfortunately the media in the U.S. feeds off of the " Bible Belt mentality " of much of the political Conservative party.

      This however does not represent the majority of the nation. As Rebecca stated above, many have shifted to an acknowledgement of " higher power," and stay clear of the church door.

    • Rebecca Furtado profile image

      Rebecca Furtado 4 years ago from Anderson, Indiana

      I think most people make a personal decision to be spirtual as they always have. They just have a greater ablitiy to practice their spiritual beliefs outside of organized community. There is a place for organized religion as a force for good in the world. It is however, a mixed bag.

    • profile image

      Beth37 4 years ago

      Fastian, I appreciate your comment and apology accepted. Again, I don't feel that I should or can convince anyone of anything. God will reveal what He chooses to whomever He chooses... I simply feel compelled to speak the truth the best that I understand it.