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God Is All That I Am, But I Am Not All That God Is

Updated on July 3, 2015

No Matter What You Call It, We Are All Inseparable Parts Of This Universe...

My perspective on God is that God is everything. God is not a person, God is the principle on which our universe came into being. It is the all powerful, the all knowing, the all present existence of consciousness. All that is in this universe is part of this whole. It cannot be separated from the whole. Where would it go to be separate? There may be other universes, certainly. Some scientific theories currently espouse this. But without knowing every scientist on this planet, I can state with certainty that they all think our universe is a fully inclusive and complete system, where everything in it affects everything else. Newtonian Physics was the first to propose cause and effect, and although Newton's causality theories somewhat ignore us in the equation, it still could be extended to include us. Quantum Physics tells us that all energy exists in a state of possibility until interacted with, which then makes it into something measurable. We make our world what it is by interacting with it.

There has been much said about God being separate from us and there has been much written on the topics of good and evil, light and darkness, God and Satan, my opinion versus your opinion, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. I think the reason so many people want to believe that God is separate from us is so that we can also believe that there is a Satan, separate from us, too. It allows us to pass the responsibility for all the misery on this planet to Satan, and gives us a resource, God, outside ourselves to pray to for salvation.

To examine this issue more closely, I would point to the Bible which tells us that God gave us free will. Even if I had not read it there, it would have been obvious to me that we all have it. What we do with this free will is what creates so much conflict, suffering and struggle in the world and within ourselves. We use it to create our own personal ego and initiate the conflict between our ego and our true, higher self. We are torn between our experience of our own divinity and the glaring distractions of our ego's illusions about life. There are people who will let one side or the other win, at a point. Their conscience will be sacrified if they choose the ego. If they choose their divine selves, they will give up the world. This doesn't mean they will not continue to live in the world, they will just not be of it, any more. They will give up Duality in favor of Unity. God is not responsible for our creating the ego, nor is Satan, for that matter. We are. Having free will does not carry with it the consciousness of our own responsibility, which, in my opinion, is too bad. But, there is no one outside ourselves to blame and there is no one outside ourselves to save us.

When I look out across the world and I see how people use this great gift to foster hatred, fear, destruction, being right at all costs, greed, exclusivity, lying, cheating, killing and on and on and on, I think of the potential God gave us and feel enormously disappointed in how we have used this extraordinary gift. What we have created with it is a world of dichotomies and opposites. Having one concept virtually assures the other. We can't have the concept of good without the concept of bad. We can't have winning without losing. We can't have light without darkness. We cannot be right about our opinions unless someone is wrong about theirs. All of these concepts are constructs of the ego. In very subjective terms we use these illusions to justify our actions and opinions, and to pass the buck of responsibility on to someone else. This someone else we are hoping will take responsibility and save us from ourselves is God.

I, personally, do not believe that God intervenes because God is a principle, but God has already incorporated a means within each of us to correct our errors. It is called our mind. WHAT WE THINK, SAY AND DO CREATE!!! Quantum Physics tells us so. We are told that we were created in the image of God. This does not mean God is a person. That would be creating God in our image. What it means is that we are creators. Let me say it again. WE ARE CREATORS! God created us in the image of God the creator. We were given a mind so that we could interact with energy and create.

If a person keeps living in a way that creates a world they, themselves, do not wish to live in, then they will always live in a world they do not want to live in. Each of us, daily, creates a world of our own design. Regardless of the world we really live in, we each unconsciously see a world projected by our own interpretations. I have a friend who once took exception to me saying that in the face of even the most minor circumstances in life, what we believe in fails us. I went on to say that what we believe in won't even allow us to let someone merge in front of us in traffic. She said that she was a devoted Christian and was insulted by what I had said. I said, "You write murder mysteries for a living." How can one say that they are devoted to Christian faith and at the same time promote murder and violence through their writing?  This is what I mean when I say what we believe in makes no difference in our lives. It is because we have no integrity in what we say versus what we do. We cannot think, say and do things that do not reflect us in our highest state and expect to live in a world of responsibility. You cannot write murder mysteries and believe that you are supporting a world free of violence, hatred and fear. You cannot read murder mysteries and believe that you are supporting a world free of violence, hatred and fear.

I have made the commitment to see only God in everything, including myself, because everything in this universe is inseparably tied together. We cannot shuffle our responsibility off to someone else. If there are to be useful changes within ourselves and each other, it is we who must initiate these changes. God, short of destroying us all, cannot make us change. We have been given free will. And from a line in the movie "Top Gun", "...your ego is writing checks your body can't cash." Our egos are writing checks our world can't cash. I do not see myself as serparate from you, and by writng this, I see it as a way of shaking myself awake. Please allow our highest vision to come to the surface. Please see our unity and use our free will to love each other and our planet Earth.

International Love and Awareness Day

April 15, 2012

This day will begin the celebration and conversation of love and awareness for all of us here on planet Earth. It is a day to unconditionally love ourselves and each other. I am asking that on this day every year people would promote only love, acceptance, tolerance, unity and peace. As a planet of beings, we spend most of our days promoting fear. Please join me in taking one 24 hour period on April 15, every year, to promote something that will begin to turn the direction for all of us, here. We must do this for our children if not for ourselves.

Be happy through your own intention, every day. Make the conscious effort to think of the impact you make on others.

Love and light to you...



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