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Difficult Life, Wonderful God!

Updated on March 20, 2018
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Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of faith and spiritual well being, which he wishes to share through all that he writes.


Difficult Life

Life Is Hard! Those of ancient times knew this well. By the sweat of their brows, the men toiled the ground. Thick with thorns and thistles was the ground they toiled, but it was good ground, for it produced the plants that provided the food and drink used for sustenance and enjoyment. The women had to endure great pains any time a new life entered the world, but the children were joys to them, and the parents thanked and praised God for them. Together man, woman and child moved through a world full of hardship and danger. They had to beware of wild animals who would strike them if threatened or trod upon, and of corrupt men who would harm or take from them. They also had to endure events of nature - plagues, famines and floods. But they felt strength in thier endurance and they felt God's goodness in their labors, as well as in their joys.

And there were those who told stories about these times, stories full of suspense and drama, stories about relationships, relationships between man and woman, between father and son, as well as relationships between brothers. Yet all the while, and above all else, they we about, and continue to be about, the relationship betwee God and the people.

Adam and Woman

Adam was a gardener. He was God's gardener. He worked the garden, and he took well care of it. Adam was permitted to eat any of the fruit from the trees that grew in the garden. He was instructed however, not to eat from the tree of knowledge which, with the tree of life, stood in the center of the garden. But he and the woman, his mate, ate the forbidden fruit and that seems to be when all the difficulties began.

Noah and the Flood

Noah lived during a time when the world had become corrupt. The earth was full of wicked and violent people. Noah, however, was not one of the wicked nor the violent; he was a good man in the eyes of God, and he was asked by God to build a boat - an ark, and bring onto it, pairs of all the animals of the earth, and with them, he, with his wife and sons, and with the wives of his sons, were to escape the floodwaters, sent by God, that were to be used to bring an end it all.

Abraham and His Son

Abraham and his wife Sarah had been blessed in their old age with a son which God had promised them. The boy was a joy to them. Years later when the boy. who they had named Isaac, was old enough to help his father with important tasks such as the burnt offerings, which were sacrifices to God, Abraham was told by God to take his son and make a sacrifice of him. Abraham and the boy went to the place where God had told them, with wood and fire to prepare the offering. Abraham built an alter and placed the wood on it. He bound his son and laid him on the wood. Abraham then picked up the knife.


Image and Likeness

God is good. We have been told that we share God's image and likeness, so at some level we must also be good. This is at the level of love.

The apostle Paul tells us what love is and what it is not. We feel God's goodness when we are being what love is: patient and kind, unselfish and forgiving. We also feel the goodness within ourselves when we live in loving ways, and we recognize and acknowledge the goodness around us in the loving ways of others.

We may sometimes find ourselves living outside of what love is. We become envious, angry, speaking and behaving unkindly. We are unforgiving, seeking revenge. It is at these times that we do not feel the good that lies within us, and we make the mistake of using the idea of image and likeness to believe that God could also behave in these ways, as if God could be angry, impatient, unforgiving. This is not so. God is always what love is and we know that when we are in a loving state, God is near. It's a wonderful thing.

And we enjoy a good story. It may sometimes appear that God does indeed share some of our lesser qualities, but as we read on, we find the good that is God making its way onto the stage, or at the very least, shining through the ever increasing opening in the curtain.

God is Good

On a mountain in the region of Moriah, Abraham held the knife with which he would use to give up his son for God. God said no. The boy was not to be harmed, and these kind of sacrifices were not going to be part of man's offerings to God.

God told Noah that the earth and all the people on it would be destroyed. When the floodwaters receded, the earth was still there as evidenced by the mountain top, the plants survived as shown by the olive leaf, and the people and animals were there in the form of Noah, his family and his cargo. God was not to destroy all life because of the corruptness of man, and never again was God to curse the ground.

But it was Adam who was told that the ground would be cursed. It was Adam who was told he would surely die if he ate from the tree.

With a little coaxing from one of God's creatures, who Adam had named serpent, the woman, who had already felt the desire for it, ate the fruit, and the man ate the fruit, and they did not die. They did not die, but their eyes were opened. Their eyes were opened to the knowledge of their immortality, and that life was hard, while not losing the knowledge of the goodness of God and his garden.

And so the toiling continues. We grow old. We suffer illness. Nature happens, sometimes at extreme levels. Wrongful, even hateful acts are commited by those who live outside of love. But when we experience a bit of beauty like seeing a rainbow in a water color sky, or savoring the fragrance that lingers in the air after a summer rain, feeling the warm sunshine on our brows, we are reminded that the garden is near. It surrounds us as we live. It is where God is and it is were we are when we are in a state of love. And while we are there we just might find life to be a little less difficult, feeling peace and ease in the moment, aware of the reality of the good that exists in each and every one of us.

Yes, the toiling continues, the labors and the hardships. But the joys continue also, and keeping our eyes on the joys and on any and every little thing that is good, we continue to trust. We hope. We persevere. Life is hard, but life is good. Life is good because God is good.

It's a wonderful thing!


Author's note :

This article expresses my own views of these matters and is not intended to challenge any traditional views or any beliefs based on them.

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© 2013 Paul K Francis


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    • Damian10 profile image

      Damian 2 years ago from Naples

      Thank you Paul. He has my back and there is nothing better. Please pray for this very lost world. That part is quite sad.

      Also, keep writing these wonderful and inspirational Hubs. Be blessed!

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 2 years ago from east coast,USA


      Thank you for your positive comments. Yes! It is incredible what God has done and continues to do in our lives. And I hope you feel as good as you can be, today and every day. God Bless!

    • Damian10 profile image

      Damian 2 years ago from Naples


      Great writing here. I wish I had seen these even sooner. I have been on HP for about a year now. Diagnosed with MS about 18 months ago and yet it has been a blessing. I cannot believe the things that God has done with it and with me. I am starting to be able to be the helper that he has instilled in me and I am more humble than ever. What a blessing. Just incredible that is our Lord for you. Wow. Be blessed.

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 4 years ago from east coast,USA

      Eric, thank you for your encouraging words. Have a great day.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Good stuff here. Thanks for the wonderful tie ins to our great teachings of scripture.

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 5 years ago from east coast,USA

      Johan, Thanks for your comment and interest. I hope your day is as trouble free as it can be.

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Thanks for the thoughts - Jesus said "each day has enough trouble of its own".