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God Is In Control - When We Allow God To Control Our Lives We Can Enjoy Life

Updated on September 3, 2017

- It is wonderful to know that God is still in control.
- This is a very reassuring fact.
- It can seem at times that things are out of control.
- BUT God is still on the throne.
- Things never get beyond the control or the reach of God.
- When things seem to be out of control it is time to look to God.
- When things are beyond your control, it is time to trust God.
- Because of the fact that God is in control, we can always look to Him and we can always trust Him.

God Is Still In Control Of Nature

- Job 37:15 '... God controls the clouds...'
- Nature is in balance.
- God controls nature.
- Even when natural things seem to get out of hand, God is still in control.
- When flood waters rise, or the volcano explodes, God is still in control.
- His order is not necessarily man's order.
- You can see that in a natural forest as opposed to a man made forest.
- If God is still in control of the natural elements, why would He not still be in control of the situations we might find ourselves in.

God Is Still In Control Of The World

- It may feel to you like God has given up on the world.
- But He has no intention of doing so.
- Proverbs 21:1 'The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the waters; He turns it wherever He wishes.'
- Even those who are in authority, He is in control of.
- God can turn any situation around.
- Nationally, worldwide, or in your office or in your home.
- Nothing is out of control to God.
- Things may get a little wild, but they are not beyond God's reach.

When We Allow God To Control Our Lives We Can Enjoy Life

- It is only as we allow God to control our lives that we can really live.
- If we do not allow God to control our lives, things can and will get out of control.
- Romans 8:6 '...The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace...'
- If we want to enjoy life to the full and peace, here is the key.
- We need to allow the Holy Spirit to control our minds.
- Our minds are very powerful.
- I have met people whose minds are out of control.
- This is one of the most debilitating things to live with.
- It can just about ruin one's life.
- God knew that we could not be left to our own devices.
- He knew that we would need to allow ourselves to be controlled by Him.
- In this way we could enjoy life and peace at a different level.

The Lord Reigns

- This is the fact.
- This is why we can have confidence.
- Revelation 19:6 'Hallelujah! For our Lord Almighty reigns.'
- Psalm 9:7 'The Lord reigns forever...'

- God has no intention of giving up control.
- He remains.
- No matter what things might look like, this fact is constant and sure.

This Gives Us Reason To Rejoice

- Because of the fact that God is still in control, we can rejoice.
- Psalm 97:1 'The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice.'
- Revelation 19:7 'Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory.'

- We can be glad that God is in control.
- The fact that God is in control should be a source of great joy to us.
- Celebrate this fact!
- Constantly remind yourself of this fact.
- Never forget this wonderful truth.

We Can Have Confidence

- Because of this fact.
- Because He is in control.
- If we allow what we see, hear and experience to control us, we will live a yo-yo life.
- This is the most distressing type of life one can live.
- It is NOT what God intended for us.
- God intended that we could trust Him with confidence.

Give Him Your Situation

- If God is still in control of nature and still in control of the world, He can still be in control of your situation.
- Perhaps you have felt like your situation is a little out of control.
- You have tried everything that you know.
- You have worked at it and done your very best, and still things seem beyond your control.
- Why not hand it to the Lord?
- He is interested in you and He is thinking about you.
- Give it to Him.
- Don't hold on to it any longer.
- If He can control nature and the world, then your situation is easy!


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