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Going Beyond Ourselves To Know God and What He is Saying

Updated on January 23, 2017

Psalm 115 NLT

As you read this article meditate on the following key points and questions:

  • It is God, our Father who gets all of the glory for His unfailing love and faithfulness; not us. Never take credit for God‘s glory.
  • Why should our enemies see us and ask, ‘where is your God?’ When they see us, they should see our Father in us.
  • We make idols of gods that have less power than we do. Then, we become just like them: powerless and spiritually dead.
  • Our Father’s love never fails. He is faithful and He is sovereign.
  • He will help us when we trust Him to help us. He will shield us from and through the storms so that we are not harmed when we trust Him to shield us. Who or what are we trusting to help us and shield us? We’re going to trust someone and/or something, God made everyone and everything; why not trust Him?
  • God remembers and blesses those who fear Him - those small and great who love Him, trust Him, and obey His commands. No idol can remember or bless us.
  • Our Father does not just bless us. He richly blesses us and our children. What idol can do that?
  • God expects so much better from us. Abandon our manmade gods and our relationships with them. Fear God and trust Him. To fear God, our Father and to trust Him is to KNOW Him!


  • God made the heavens and the earth. Yet He gave us the earth not to do as we will, but to do His will and to give Him all the glory and praise; not idols.
  • Don’t worship the things of the earth. We are to have dominion over earthly things. Earth was made for man; not man for the earth.
  • We should be honored to praise our Father. Do what the dead cannot do - praise God!
  • Don’t miss opportunities to live a life that is a continuous praise to God.


Father, we want to know you and receive the blessings that come with knowing You. Forgive us for making idols out of things here on earth. Remember us, Father, have mercy on us, bless us, shield us, and help us. Teach us how to love and trust You and what it means to fear You. We thank you for your unfailing love. We give you all the glory and the praise and the honor in the name of Your Son Jesus, the Christ of Nazareth, we pray. Amen!


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