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Rebuilding a Relationship with God

Updated on August 13, 2015
beautiful cover; yet empty on the inside
beautiful cover; yet empty on the inside | Source

Haggai Chapters 1 & 2

In Chapter 1, we find God calling the remnant (through His prophet Haggai) to rebuild the temple.

Our Father is still calling His children today to rebuild. He wants us to rebuild our relationship with Him; to come back to Him and really get to KNOW HIM for WHO HE is!

We find time to build and fill our lives with all kinds of fine and luxurious creature comforts, but we tell our Father that we don’t have time to develop and build a relationship with Him.

So what are some things that happen when our Father says it time, but we say it’s not?

  • We may be living large on the outside, but living in disobedience on the inside. Never judge a book by looking at its cover.
  • Our work is futile because we have left God’s work undone. When we ignore our Father’s call, everything we do is in vain.
  • We are busy working, but accomplishing nothing. This is not our Father’s best for us.
  • We will not succeed or prosper in our ways. God may allow us to gain fine, luxurious lifestyles; but He can diminish our abilities to sustain them.
  • Everything we do and everything we offer is defiled by our disobedience. They will not produce a harvest.
  • We will experience drought, lack, and poverty. God will blow away our harvests.

What do we do?

  • Consider how things are going for us.
  • Ask God to show us our disobedience to His call.
  • Ask for forgiveness, repent, obey Him, and worship Him earnestly to know Him.
  • Get our attention and focus back on pleasing and obeying our Father rather than pleasing ourselves and man.
  • Remember what happened when we were in disobedience so that we don’t turn back to it. Don’t ever get so caught up with sin and the things of this world that we refuse to obey God.
  • Move in God’s timing, not in ours. Keep first things first; then we will prosper in all our ways.
  • Live in holiness unto God, rather than in sin and disobedience.

In chapter 2, we learn of the splendor of the new temple and the promised blessings for obedience.

There is a splendor and promised blessings that only God, our Father can give us when we get to KNOW HIM! His new splendor and blessings are greater than the former splendor and blessings of the past.

What will our Father do when we obey His call to know Him?

  • He will be with us as we get to know Him. It is not God’s desire for us to live life apart from Him.
  • He will stir up our spirit to do His work and heed to His call for us to know Him.
  • He will bless us.
  • He will give us courage as we rebuild our relationship with Him despite what our circumstances look like and how badly we may have messed up.
  • He will cause our latter days to be more glorious than our former days.
  • He will give us His peace.
  • Our harvest will come before our seed even make it to the ground.
  • He will shake our lives for us to turn back to Him.
  • He will overthrow and destroy the powers of wickedness around us.


  • The book of Haggai is a message from God for His people through His prophet to the Governor and High Priest. This message made it through 5 layers of communication without getting scrambled or distorted. It is still as profound today as when it was first prophesied.
  • Hear and act on what God, our Father is saying to you…..I want you to KNOW ME!
  • God loves it when we are obedient to Him. There are blessings attached to being obedient. He responds to us differently in our obedience vs. our disobedience. So, consider how things are going for us. If God is blowing away our harvests, it’s time to find out why. Maybe, just maybe; our Father is saying…..I want you to KNOW ME!


Father, show me my disobedience, and then forgive me for disobeying and sinning against You. Cleanse me of all unrighteousness and sin, so that I may know You. Stir up my spirit so that I may obey and worship You in spirit and in truth. Thank you, Father, for not giving up on me and for loving me so much that you did not want to leave me in a state of disobedience to You. Help me to remember the mess that I was in so that I will never go back to it. I love you, I worship you with my life and I give you the Glory for delivering and restoring me back to You. It’s in the name of Your Son Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, I pray. Amen!


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