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Pope Francis, Superior General, Leads 'God Marines' of the Catholic Church

Updated on July 26, 2014

Pope Francis (Photo from The Disputed West Philippine Sea, Internet. July 27,2014)

The Jesuits, with Pope Francis, have come back

Pope Francis, the new pope, has been summoned to lead the “damage control” in the Catholic church.

In public relations or advertising, “damage control” is the jargon for refurbishing a bad image or reputation. That control should result in brand loyalty in product and enlargement of market.

Recently, the Catholic church has been tarnished by child abuse, deviation from celibacy and corruption committed by some priests.

“Damage control” is the immediate task of Pope Francis. His long term mission is the propagation of the pledge of the Society of Jesus, that includes partisan politics. Pope Francis belongs in the Society of Jesus; he is a Jesuit, indicated by SJ.

The Society

Society of Jesus was founded by Ignatius de Loyola in1534. Ignatius was a former Spanish knight who was wounded in the battle of Pamplona in 1521. During his recovery, he saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus while praying in the shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat in 1522, according to him. De Vita Christi converted him to forget his military mission and devote himself to teaching Christianity.

Ignatius gathered six young men in 1954 and made vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience to the pope. St. Francis Xavier was among those six men. (Wikipedia).

Ignatius formulated the vows of the society. Among them is blind obedience. If members of the Society saw a thing as white but the pope said it is black, they would also say it is black (Same source as above).


The Society of Jesus was set up in the midst of the reformation movement in England. In 1532, King Henry VIII bolted the Catholic church and established the Anglican church with himself as the supreme bishop. The break with Rome was triggered by the refusal of the pope to sanction Henry’s divorce with Catherine of Aragon so that he could marry Anne Boleyn.

Ignatius studied theology in Spain and Paris, France in 1524 to 1537. France was a staunch catholic and supported Catherine of Aragon earlier divorced by Henry VIII.

John Calvin, a protestant, had a sojourn in France; he was driven out of France.

First marines or special forces

The Jesuits were the first marines, called 'marines of god' owing to the military background of Ignatius having been a Spanish knight.A Jesuit is willing “to accept orders anywhere in the world and to live in extreme conditions where required” (Wikipedia). “Ignatius is a foremost patron saint of soldiers....”

Society suppressed, restored

In the middle of the 8th century, the Society was seen to engage in "political maneuvering and economic exploitation" in Europe. The Society was banned.(Wikipedia).

In 1759 to 1771, the Jesuits in the Philippines were deported to Spain and Italy. That was also the time when Great Britain ruled the Philippines having defeated Spain in a war when Admiral Horatio Nelson annihilated the Spanish armada in the English channel..

In the Philippines, an Ilocano leader, Diego Silang, took the opportunity to rouse an apprising against foreign rule among Ilocanos. The Catholic church concocted a plot to assassinate Diego Silang. Miguel Vicos, the closest friend of Silang was convinced to get near him in his hideout and stab him to death. Before embarking on his journey, the Catholic church celebrated mass for Vicos who succeeded in his villainous mission. Gabriela Silang took over the leadership of her killed husband. When she was captured, the Catholic church burned her at the stakes.

Pope Pius VII restored the Society of Jesus “in the Catholic countries of Europe.”

Signal of battles to come

Pope Francis has chosen ‘Francis’ as his name, after Francis Xavier, one of the six original founders of the Society of Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi. This is the first time that a Jesuit has become pope.

Protracted battles will be fought in the United States that was colonized by the Calvinist protestants. Subtle battles will be in the form of sectarian segregation into Protestants and Catholics. Presidents of the United States will be made by Catholics or by Protestants. Already, a lot of Americans say that President George W. Bush was made by Catholics.

In the Philippines, the Catholic church is engaged in partisan politics. It opposed the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill while it was being debated in Congress. It brands the RH bill as anti-life. Congress passed it and President Aquino signed it into law on December 2012.

With Pope Francis at the helm, the Catholic church is expected to engage in more partisan politics in this country.


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  • gkerosi profile image

    Geoffrey Kerosi 4 years ago from Nairobi

    Thank you for supplying us with useful information on the origin of the name Francis which was taken by the new catholic pope..voted it useful. Thank you.

  • gkerosi profile image

    Geoffrey Kerosi 4 years ago from Nairobi

    Thank you for supplying us with useful information on the origin of the name Francis which was taken by the new catholic pope..voted it useful. Thank you.