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God Sees As Good At Night As In The Day

Updated on May 21, 2012

God Sees As Good At Night As In The Day

In your youth you may be thinking

In the darkness that no one can see.

Yet all the sins that are committed

Somewhere a recompense will be.

Darkness may hide a multitude of sin

That perhaps man will never know

But there is a God there in Heaven

Who sees all things down here below.

He's not fooled,His eyes not blind

To the evilness that so abound,

And He sees all and knows it all

That happens when no one is around.

He doesn't sleep and night won't hide

The evilness of every sinning man.

Don't think that you can hide from God

Any evil thing that you try to plan.

God's Eye all seeing, His ear all hearing

But we know man doesn't understand

That He can destroy whate'er He choose

Not by might but just by His Command. !


I can't understand why man thinks God

can't see what we do here on earth.

I t reminds me of my granddaughter

when she was little, she would cover

her eyes with her hands and say,"You

can't see me now ." Of course she was

just a little tot and she really did think

she was able to hide from us that way.

When she was a little older she knew

better but it seems like some people

never advance from that childhood

stage, let us pray that something or

someone will wake them up before it is

too late.Let us pray ,there are too many

out there completely lost in the darkness !


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    • SwordofManticorE profile image


      6 years ago from Burlington

      Clara, you misunderstand me my beloved sister. Christ did return, but in the spirit. It is unfortunate that so many believers have such a literal understanding of what was meant to be understood spiritualy. The second return of Christ as prophesised did happen in the presense of His diciplles (Matt 16)

    • clara kish@yahoo. profile imageAUTHOR

      Clara Kish 

      6 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Thank you for your comment. I see you are new on here .I hope that you enjoy it to the utmost.I , too, believe that all the prophecies in the Bible have been fulfilled and Jesus can come anytime, we must be ready when He comes.Clara

    • SwordofManticorE profile image


      6 years ago from Burlington

      Though I believe Christ is the true representation of God, the church has made its own image of Him (Dan 3:1-6).

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      6 years ago

      Thanks Mr. glmclendon it is very sweet of you to drop me a hellow . I see you are very busy at your message! We all need encouragment and reminders that what is not seen literal ( the spirit realm ) will soon be seen ,proof of his real name Psalm 83:18 , Isaiah 43:10 ( hebrew ,and old king james version ,spells it out.)and proof of what he wants for all those that listen, will soon manifest itself ,we now are living the last book of the bible ,these world powers are the last to stand, and yet we must be careful we do not belong to false religion ! also named in revelation only to be destroyed by the true God himself. why because they are the symbol of the harlot who mixes in with the beast ,the beast is world wide goverments that satans owns. Yes the bible fore told about politics and religion mixing, the beginning of the end of this system. A small treasure I will share! Jesus set the example for us! (John 6:14-15 ) with love ,K,T

    • glmclendon profile image


      6 years ago

      Kiss,good to hear from you again. You are so good to hear from.

      Stay Well

    • clara kish@yahoo. profile imageAUTHOR

      Clara Kish 

      6 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Hi Kiss, it's good to hear from you ,I hope you are getting along better now , I haven't been seeing you on here very much. I hope to see more of you ,you take care of your self , I know sometimes that is hard to do but try. Come back any time good to hear from you . Love, clara ,

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 

      6 years ago

      great to hear your heart expressed itself so wonderfully, what a gift to many!


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