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Is God Speaking To You?

Updated on January 6, 2011

Is God Speaking To You?

There are so very many people today, including Pastors, who say that they have never heard God speak to them. The truth is that He DOES speak to them, but they haven’t learned how to recognize His voice. For example, try and think back to a situation in your life where you needed an answer to a very important question but didn’t know where to look. After much contemplation, the answer ‘came’ to your mind and you carried on without even wondering where the answer came from. So many times, we get answers to questions and don’t even ask ourselves, ‘How did I know that answer and how did it just ‘come’ to me?’ It never occurs to us that the answer came from God. We seem to think that God only talks to us with an audible voice and He only speaks a ‘certain way’. And that ‘certain way’ is different, depending upon whom you ask. We think that God is only concerned with the things we pray for or the important events in our life. We believe God is much too busy with everyone else in the world to be concerned about our little trivial questions or situations. However, nothing could be further from the truth. God has been speaking to you all of your life, but you just haven’t ‘tuned’ into His voice. The truth is that God created you as His child, just as you created your children and/or just as your parents created you.

If you have children did you create them to live their lives without speaking to you on a daily basis? How does it make you feel when they go quite a long time without talking with you? It breaks Gods’ heart when we believe that He doesn’t love us enough to speak to us. He wants to talk to us and guide us through every event in our lives, if we will only learn to ‘tune in’ and hear His voice.

Your parents created your physical body but God created you spiritually and He is your ‘real’ parent. And just as a real parent unconditionally loves their child from birth unto death, so does God love you. And I use the word ‘unconditionally’ because that is a key factor in understanding who He is personally. God created Adam and Eve as the first of His children and gave them the whole earth and everything He created was subject to them and they had dominion over all of it. The earth was perfect and the environment was pure and everything was as it is in Heaven. That was the way God wanted it for His children. He wanted them to have a perfect world without war, without hate and without sin. However, He also created Adam and Eve with freedom of choice. He didn’t create them as robots to do His will. He wanted their love and obedience willfully and to create them as such meant that man could choose to make the ‘wrong’ decision and when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, they changed their environment on the earth forever for themselves and for everyone who lived on the earth after that time. They didn’t know that disobeying Him would affect the whole earth and everything from that point forward for the billions of people on the earth afterward.

I’d like to think that if they had known the consequences of that decision, they might have done it differently. Personally, for me, if I would have been Eve, when the serpent put thoughts of doubt in my head with his statements, instead of believing what he said, I would have replied, ‘That’s an interesting theory but let me talk to my Dad and ask Him about this and I’ll get back to you on that one’. Why she chose to believe him above what God told her is beyond my comprehension. But that is the first example of WHY it is SO important to have a close ‘one on one’ relationship with God/Dad so that you can ‘hear’ His answer when you have a situation such as they did.

God talks to you in several ways that you’re probably not even aware of. Have you ever been going through your busy day, performing mundane tasks, when out of the blue, a song comes to mind that brings you peace or joy? It could be a hymn you heard in church as a child or maybe just a song that is dear to your heart that? It may not have any ‘religious’ connotation, but is a song that causes you to ponder the things of God? Do you really think those songs come to your mind by accident? Those are gentle ‘nudges’ from your Dad in Heaven, saying, ‘I’m here and I really want to talk to you ‘one on one’ today!’

When you are having a really stressful day where everything is going wrong, do you think it’s by coincidence that God gives you a beautiful sunset that beams across the sky as you are driving home from work? Or when you are getting rushing to get ready for the day so that you won’t be late for work, when ‘out of the blue’ you hear the simple sweet sound of a bird singing in the tree of your yard. God speaks softly and gently and it takes a trained ‘ear’ to hear Him. It takes practice and patience from the eager ‘child of God’ to learn how to pick up on the ‘little’ messages He speaks during the day.

If you are reading this and can honestly say to yourself that you haven’t heard God speak to you directly, then make it a goal this year to learn to hear His voice. Most people just ‘talk’ or ‘recite prayers’ to God, thinking that is enough. They believe that reading words from a book or by saying ‘The Lords’ Prayer’ will be what God wants from them. They don’t have a clue what a ‘real’ relationship is with their Dad in Heaven. They are good at talking ‘to’ God, but never stay still enough to hear Him reply. Your Father created you for a ‘two sided’ relationship. He wants to speak to you as much as you want to speak to Him. He wants to give you the answers for your life that you are seeking. He wants to reassure you when you are stressed and anxious and give you peace, knowing that He IS in control and He only wants the very best for you as His child. He wants to be your ‘Dad’ and not just ‘God’ to you. As you end this article just sit a while in a quiet, peaceful environment. Talk to God as your Dad and expect to hear Him reply. You won’t hear an ‘audible voice’ but you can hear Him in your spirit, giving you what you need, even if it’s just the peace of His presence…..



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    • Jerami profile image


      7 years ago from Houston tx

      It is true that God often speaks with still quiet voice,while desiring us to come closer.

      It is also true that sometimes he sets a bush ablaze right before our eyes.

      And sometimes .... out of nowhere ... he reaches out and we are taken away in spirit and have no choice but to hear his voice. And his message is so clear that Ya know that Ya gotta listen. Even if you have your doubts as to "Who was that" Ya know that whoever it was, they are going to mke you do as you are told. Johna had that kind of experience, and I believe that this is more common than many would suspect.

      So yes! everyone hears the still quiet voice and sometimes much more.

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      7 years ago from trailer in the country

      I agree that God still speaks today...that is one reason for my name Enlydia Listener...he told me I was a "listener".

    • stars439 profile image


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Wonderful hub. GBY


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