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God Speaks in a Million Different Ways!

Updated on January 19, 2018

The Message to the Family of Keith

Prophetic dream

August 13, 2014

I was having a dream that I was sitting outside Miss Daisey’s patio when a man named “Keith” walked by. He was youthful, very fresh faced, dressed sharply and very happy. He had a skip in his step that matched his happiness as he walked up to the gate opening and stopped to stare at me.

“Hi Joy!” He yelled out. He happily smiled putting up his hand and waved to me.

“Hi Keith!” I smiled and waved back at him.

Quickly he stepped away from the entrance and I thought simultaneously…

“I thought you were suppose to be dead?”

The Man Named Keith

I had only met this man Keith only once for approximately thirty seconds, seven months prior to the time of this prophetic dream. He was a neighbor of Ms Daisies. I was moving in and renting one of Miss Daisey's rooms at her home. He lived across the street in the back of her house. I had pulled my convertible up and I was unpacking when Miss Daisey called me over to meet Keith.

He was an African American man who looked to be in his sixties, disheveled, very sad eyes sitting in a wheelchair. I never had any interaction with him nor did I know him except for that initial greet and I never saw him again...well until this dream.

Miss Daisey had mentioned that Keith had died over a week prior to my dream. I didn't know anything about the man, his life nor the events which surrounding his death. When I awoke I told Miss Daisey that God had given me a message about Keith and that he was very happy in Heaven. I explained to her of what God had shown me.She was not close to Keith but neighborly so I knew that there was much more to this prophetic dream and this message was for somebody other than us.


Now you must understand that once you die you either go to Heaven or Hell and you are not allowed to come back to visit those who are alive on earth. This is true by the Word of God. Pure truth! So I am aware that this was a Godly Angel messenger that arrived looking like Keith to give me a message.

God's Message Received! Over & Out

Yes! God will often have one of His Angels come and represent one of our loved ones if it is important for the message to get to someone for healing. Yes! God's Angels can manifest and look exactly as those who have passed away. Once one of God's angels comes and gives the message though, he will not return again. And that is the only reason they show up. They come on God's commands for intervention or messages. :)

The message was received by me and I never saw Keith again. So who am I supposed to give this message to Lord? It was not meant for me and it was not meant for Miss Daisey.

Many people get confused when they see the apparition of their dead relative continue to show up to talk to them. This is how you will always know that this is a fallen angel mimicking and manifesting as Light. It is not your relative but a 'familiar spirit.' You must always rebuke them in Jesus name and remove them from your presence. They are not your relative because your relative is not allowed to come to earth and pass over to this realm. God does not allow it. Anybody who tells you else-wise is not speaking the truth to you. It is a lie and it will trick you into going to mediums and going against the Words of God. Many people will perish by ignorance. The truth was given here in this writing.

God's Messenger Angels can and often will show up on God's command, appearing as your loved one to comfort you and let you know that they are happy and in Heaven. This is on God's command and not yours. Do not be consulting mediums to speak to your dead relatives because all you will be doing is calling down and summonsing demons. Your loved ones will never be there in the midst of a medium no matter what you want to believe. Don't let the devil dupe you!

Keith's Relatives Show Up

I was sitting outside in the back yard early one morning when I heard unknown voices coming from the back road. I did not recognize any of the voices and I continued to sit reading my news. I had already spoken to God and I had told Him that He would have to direct me to whom this message was to go to. Apparently it was to go to the 'voices' I was hearing from over the gate. I got up and peeked out the gate.

Yes! There were people in the garage of Keith's home down the road. They were packing and cleaning up Keith's belongings. I felt a bit awkward as I walked up and explained who I was and where I lived, as well as how I had only met Keith once briefly. They stood listening to me as I told them that God had given me a message for them. I think they were probably startled by me, but I did not care because if God says speak, I speak regardless of my discomfort or theirs. It is always so very important because God does nothing for no reason.

I told them what the Lord had allowed me to see and they seemed so very happy by what I had told them. I felt blessed to have been able to deliver the message in regards to Keith.

What I do know about this man Keith?

He is youthful and happy! He is cleaned up and he no longer needs a wheelchair. Keith had a new body and he seemed so very happy! I definitely know that Yeshua is a friend of his. Isn't that fabulous and amazing?

God spoke a Warning Message for Stephen!

Prophetic Dream
August 19, 2014

I was on a bus filled with people. The bus driver did not drop me off at home but turned and went back the opposite way taking me further away from my stop. Some of the strangers on the bus turned and looked directly at me. They surprisingly knew who I was and I was curious of how they knew who I was, my bus stop and even where my home was.

I looked at them and I gave them one of my silly, animated smiles and shrugged my shoulders as if to say…”I don’t know why the bus driver wants me to go here but I will go along for the ride and walk home later and that it was no big deal.”

There was another stop after driving awhile. I found myself being taken off the bus supernaturally with no recollection of how I was removed from the bus? But the bus was now parked. It was dark out. I found myself standing outside on the lawn with an un-detonated bomb next to me on the ground. I heard a voice speaking to me. It was the bus drivers voice and he said...

“Thank you for removing it.”

I was shocked that he was talking to me and I knew that he was referring to the bomb on this bus and all of the lives of the people who were saved. I was baffled by this comment to me.

I looked toward an overpass bridge that was very lit up though the area I stood in with the bus was darkened. I looked at the street said “Hood.” As I looked around again looking back at the sign it now said “Stephen.”


The interpretation was quite clear and the message from God was passed to the appropriate Stephen. Did this message warn Stephen of a bus or a vehicle that would have a bomb under the hood? Only God knows but I believe it did. One day I hope to find out personally that he was saved from one of the devil's attacks against him!


I used to have a boss named Mary. She surprisingly showed up in my prophetic dream of "HOOD-Stephen!" After I had left the scene of the bus...I had traveled on foot and arrived to the front doors of her and her husband's restaurant. God gave me another message in that prophetic dream.


She was an older woman, pretty, smart and quite funny. I could no longer work for her though due to her tremendous pharisees behaviors. She stated that she was a Christian though she was quite unkind to many of her employees at times. She neither cared whom she hurt by the things she did, accused and said to many of her employees. A gossiper, slanderer, a complainer of her husband and children, greatly obsessed with money as well as being a pharisees. Her gossip had gotten the best of her and it also got her exposed. She hadn't realized that I had entered the building and that I was behind the wall and could hear her and the bartender speaking very badly of me. As I finally had heard enough of both of these gossipy women, I walked into their presence and smiled. Mary put on her 'act.' I said not a word and just tucked it away.


On one occasion while I was at work she purposely opened a book of Max Lucado''s and left it sitting on the ice-cream cooler with a specific page opened just for me to see. She felt righteous to judge me not knowing where I was walking with the Lord nor knowing my fire. It was left there purposely for me to read and I was not surprised because God had already prepared and warned me before arriving to work that day that she was going to do something that would hurt my heart.

Regardless of the warning from God, when I saw this peculiar book open and outlined unnaturally sitting where her belongings were never placed, my heart dropped and yes, it had hurt my heart anyways. I never said a word but drove home crying out of hurt and frustrations.

Yes I returned back for another month though I did not want to but the Lord said stay and I did. I terminated the job immediately a month later when I received a text at my home from Mary. The devil always knows when to attack. This text came in at the precise moment that I was having the worst spiritual struggle in years.

Her text was the very same words that she had left open on the ice-cream cooler that day but she had twisted them to hurt me. I lay in my bed and cried like a five year old pained by the audacity of someone to ever do this to anyone struggling. Her words said this...

"Your Gifts to God's Alter are soured with a Bad Attitude! Hope this has blessed you!"


I never told her husband what she'd done because he would have surely hit the roof. I surely don't want to be the cause of a divorce and he surely had to know already of what she was like, he lives with her! He was a Godly caring man who treated his employees well and with respect. Can you imagine if I would have taken the liberty to send Mary the very same text out of the blue one day? I would have been fired immediately and it would have been hurtful and out of line and I would have deserved to get fired.

I showed it to a co-worker who said that she is 'just like that' and she has done the very same mean things to them. Another overheard and said, "She accused me of stealing, she is just that way!" These employees were good employees, hard working, honest people with great personalities and good hearts who made the owners a lot of revenue each week.

Does Jesus do these things to people? No he does not. I never said a word, neither did the co-workers say a word to her of what she'd done to them. We all just hid our hurt and accepted that this is what we would have to endure if we stayed and worked for her. She was kind to others though. The pharisee deemed who was deserving of respect and who was not.


This work environment was quite difficult for me spiritually and the demons were constantly inside this building working overtime on me. They loved to create an uproar for me and they did through every 'open door' they could use, and every chance they got.

In probably one of the most serious of events, a sixteen year old niece of the owners, a girl who I loved very much was drunk one evening! As she was working she was being given booze by a bartender and drinking from the leftover booze off the abandoned tables. When I saw her stumbling around drunk I was completely horrified and panicked by this conundrum that I was in. Me, God and this drunk sixteen year old. Lovely.

The owners would lose their liquor licenses immediately if someone from the Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms department came inside and saw this! They were known to do this often in Texas and not only would they arrest this young girl giving her a criminal record for a very long time, but the owners would receive huge fines and lose their liquor licenses on all of their restaurants which sold booze! I could see it playing out in my head in a flash of premonition. Oh hell no! The devil was not going to win here!


The repercussions of speaking the truth would certainly isolate me more and further more abuse from some of the unsavory people there. I asked God to help me and I took her to the side alone in the hallway. I had some very strong Godly words for her. I most certainly would want somebody to do this for my daughter. She had easily duped her Godly parents in a grand way because they thought she was a well behaved, do no wrong honor student, a perfect church girl. In reality through my eyes, she was on a very dark path to her destruction as well as her family's destruction. The last words I said to her in the hallway were "So tell me...are you going to keep following the devil or are you going to follow God? Pick who you are going to follow! You can't keep speaking about God and acting like the devil."

She stayed off the floor and was in the bathroom drunk and crying. I went inside and she was on the phone with a teenager friend whining about being caught and lectured. I spoke to her and told her to stop crying because if she was going to drink like a woman, she needed to act like a woman and she needed to wear her big panties like a woman. Of course she was just a child but I drove the point home so she would never jeopardize herself or her family again. It seemed to have done the trick...or at least I thought so.


The next day I was called into the managers office and I was told that I had a verbal complaint filed against me by this very same drunk teenager from the night before. She made a written statement that I had offended her by speaking about God and that I had told her she was going to hell. She had assumed that I would be fired and her secret would stay hidden. To do such a thing to another person shows how far they are on the path of destruction. She was over half-way down that dark path just by this action alone. No remorse for what she had done and how she could have destroyed her families businesses as well as her own life. Amazing!

I was told to stay away from her and not to ever speak to her about anything ever again. I was spoken to as if I was the perpetrator. I did not say a word but recognized that no matter what I did, the darkness always seemed to win against me. No matter how good my intentions, how sincere my motives and how genuine my love was in my heart for people...the darkness always seemed to look like it was winning.

All that matters is that God knows....


I was thankfully released from my unpleasant work environment and I did not show up one evening, in fact I didn't even call and I could have cared less. Mary actually kept calling my voice mail asking where I was as if she actually cared. She had not a clue of what she'd done. She even lied and denied that she had given me the same "Message" twice.

She thinks that she is smarter than God but what she does not realize is that God does not lie and He can not lie. And guess what? My gifts to God's alter are most certainly not soured by a bad attitude and the gifts that he has given back to me for my offerings have continually been amazing, even if these gifts hurt my heart sometimes.

The gift that I gave to her family in just one evening is why she is so blessed today! It was not a sour gift but a gift of gratitude with no vengeance regardless of what she'd said about me behind that wall.

God's Message of Why People Hate


I wandered to the door and pulled it open. Mary was standing in the foyer and she greeted me awkwardly. There were many, many empty bottles around her. Glass bottles and they were all completely empty.

She said,

“I miss you only a little bit but everyone in here hates you.”

When she said this to me it made me feel so deeply sad again and I was shocked by her delight in telling me this. Then she said very boldly and meanly…

“I would like to know why everyone hates you.” And she smiled at me wickedly. Her teeth were very crooked and grotesque-yellow-bloody and distorted in her mouth.

I heard Yeshua’s voice clearly and he said the very same phrases two times very loudly and firmly. I somehow knew that he could feel my great sadness because I loved so many inside this restaurant. He said,


Yeshua was telling me that the people in that restaurant hated me because they are not with Yeshua and they are filled with great darkness. They hate because that is what is inside their spirits. It has nothing to do with me but a clash in spirits of darkness and Light that is causing this to happen. I should not feel sad about it any longer and I do not.

He gave me another message by showing me the many empty bottles. There was no oil in these bottles and He was showing me and telling me the exact reasons why.

Jehovah Shammah

Jehovah Shammah “God is there”

On August 8/18/2013 I was sitting alone on a bench outside of a hotel in Texas. It was a sunny afternoon and I was soaking up sunshine with nobody around. I had my cell phone stuffed inside the strap of my shirt to hold the music I was playing closer to my ear. I was not facing the hotel door on the bench but turned completely around for privacy. I was now facing the sunshine with my feet in the grass. I had my eyes closed with my head up catching the rays and I was praying for a 'new season.”

I began to pray inside my head. It may not sound like a prayer that normal people would say to God and it was not full of fluffy words and repetitive prayer. It was only my crying out so desperately from my soul to the God of Israel for answers to my suffering.


“I want my testimony Jesus. Everyone gets to speak their testimony but when I do it is rejected. I am rejected even by your Christians. I am rejected for the truth. I am rejected by friends. I am rejected by your churches. I am mocked. I am scoffed. And the worst is you let me hear it even when I don’t want to hear it. I always feel so stupid. I am not even bright enough to know that someone hates me at times. It kills me each time you allow me to hear it but you know I still don’t hate…I just hate this situation that I am in and I hate what they do to me! But you know my heart!"

“Jesus, you know I am telling the truth physically and spiritually and all I have gotten is rejected. I am so alone down here…betrayed by those who I have loved and cared for…used..manipulated…gossiped about untruthfully…I got people threatening my life…Muslims threatening to cut my head off…faceless evil physically & spiritually coming up against me…I have the Devil thrusting arrows at me…I have people conspiring against me threatening to kill me and all I did is the right thing and speak the truth. I have been abandoned by everyone and I have only you to talk to.”

Tears Fall From My Face

"I can barely relate to people and their nonsense trivial drama anymore. I struggle to walk from a broken down body. Why has this happened to my left hip? How did my toe get broken? I can barely make it through work and I can barely walk. I don't understand anything anymore! I am experiencing spiritual things most people would freak out about and government lies and threats, things that most people would drink themselves to oblivion over but I do not. "

"You are helping me along. I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I am not. I would die for you and this amazing testimony. I would put my body in-front of a bullet for a friend, workmate, stranger, even the ones who have done me wrong...yet hate still abounds."

"Most people don’t even know a bad day. I am not complaining Jesus. I will continue to walk with you alone down here but there is not a morsel of love for me from anyone. Even when I reach out-love-care-be so kind-they turn on me like vultures. I have no hate in my heart for anyone except evil! Great hate against me down here from the most unsuspecting people…it breaks my heart."

"You see it Jesus. You see it all! You watch many do the worst things to me! Entitled people who could care less about anything more than themselves. I am so tired Lord! I am so tired of it all Lord and I want to die! Why do you continue to allow me to suffer with no relief in sight?”

I continued to plead my case with Jesus as I bowed my head in silence still talking to him in my head.

“I know your word says that I am so loved by you and I know the Bible is true. You say that you will never leave me or forsake me and that I am never alone and I do believe this. But Jesus…I got to tell you…I don’t feel your love. I know the Bible says that you do but I don’t feel it. I feel nothing but extreme suffering and rejection in this long walk in the fire.

When you reveal your miracle then I will feel your love but I should feel it right now…regardless of the hatred from people down here. I don't feel any love from you God! NONE! I should feel it now but I don't. I feel nothing but pure suffering. I don't feel your love Jesus!"

God Sent A Messenger to Speak To Me

I wipe my eyes and sit quietly in silence for what seemed to be forever. No answer from God ever came. I heard absolutely nothing to my questions! I open my eyes and shockingly a man was standing in front of me on the grass! I jumped in shock because someone had gotten too close to me while I had let my guard down. He is a complete stranger, a young man in his twenties wearing a tee-shirt and jeans. He is looking down at me and he says awkwardly...

“I was going to my car..." as he points over to the back parking lot, but I saw your cross on your neck...”

I was thinking to myself as instantaneously as he said those words, "How were you even able to see my tiny cross from way over there? There is no way. What's the deal now?"

The young man begins to speak again...

"God put it on my heart to come over here and tell you this….


Stewart Gave the Message From God

I was completely floored and laughed and began to cry all at once. Amazing. I am crying right now just thinking about it. I left for work an hour later full of happiness again. There is no way that God is not alive and speaking! He loves me! Even in this world of such hatred the Lord loves me! I am a Daughter of the High King and I am loved! He delights in my truths! He loves me and he is always there with me!

Yes! My Jehovah Shammah
“God is there”
(and He really is...hehehe)


I hope that my sharing some of my private life events and prophetic visions have allowed you to see some of the ways that God speaks. His messages have been very clear and He does nothing for no reason. Even if we can not understand the 'whys' behind a tragic event or something that hurts us deeply does not mean that He will not arrive later and teach us something about that experience. He speaks in a million ways and they are always for the purpose of His Glory...even if at the time we don't see it so much.

Shalom, JG


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  • jeannefentress profile image

    Jeanne 24 months ago from Washington State

    You can always email me to talk. I will listen with my heart. Stay strong...prayers are headed your way. We can lean on one another. :)

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 24 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Jeanne, to be honest, it happens so often that it is just matter of fact now. As for the oil I do not even understand this at all nor the why of it or the purpose. I wonder if anyone else had this happen to them in the movie theater? Amazing but baffling to me. I didn't wash my hair for three days and then realized I was being silly. I struggle greatly at times and coming home and remarrying my husband has been the worst and the most difficult struggle to say the least. At this time I am having a very difficult time again. My question today is how can a person see so many mysteries and receive so many blessings from God yet still not submit to the God? Yes, we very much can use every prayer. Thank you for your friendship Jeanne.

  • jeannefentress profile image

    Jeanne 24 months ago from Washington State

    It must have been very difficult for you to relay the upcoming death of your Husband's loved one. You do have a very difficult path to follow but I read in one of your writings that you were astonished to know that you were anointed with His oil recently. I loved that article. I was so over joyed for you...and I had to pray for myself...because I was a little jealous. All your past sufferings are being rewarded for being His warrior and messenger. You and your Hubby will be in my prayers also. My new friend in Jesus...lots of blessings to you. :)

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 24 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

    Yes. God will reveal it all to us when we leave to be with him. He says so and I believe. I have millions of questions that are unanswered. I prayed for you last night and I will continue to pray that your pain be gone. A Titanium rod is so very painful.

    I don't usually get 'good' personal prophecy for individuals as I did with you that day, that was very rare. I liked it very much. I mostly receive knowledge standing in crowds of people and it comes unexpectedly; certain situations that are not good or the individual who is speaking to me and where they are spiritually, sometimes warning or even a not so good future event for them. It felt good to hear a good prophecy for a change. :)

    My husband's text noise went off two days ago at the dinner table and as soon as I heard it, I repeated the loud message I heard in my ears. "___ is dead." He opened his text and read it and yelled "What? How can this be? He has been recovering at great speeds and getting ready to come home!"

    Yup. It was the very same person who I was just given the message about that was dead. The text said that Doctors were now giving him 48 hours before death. I told my husband that it was a done deal and that he was leaving so be prepared and expect it. An hour later I was praying for him and unexpectedly I heard a phrase from what I thought was the bible (which I can not speak here) I looked up the verse and it was the very words of Jesus. He was telling me something about the nature of his death, the whys behind his quick and unexpected turnaround to death after great recovery. I told my husband through tears what that meant. Yes. A done deal. He died yesterday afternoon.

    So again, felt great to hear the Lord say that He knows you! I don't hear that very often about people. I have not forgotten about the Holy Spirit writing. :) I think you will laugh when you see how I realized that the Holy Spirit was real and I KNOW the Holy Spirit is real because of it. Be blessed Jeanne. I wish you were close by. I could use a true believer of Jesus around me as a friend.

  • jeannefentress profile image

    Jeanne 24 months ago from Washington State

    I shared with you because you do understand and know pain. I have to chuckle when you talk about heads getting lobbed because I have a Titanium rod and plate from a prior cervical surgery.

    One thing I can say is that I am grateful to the Lord..I grew up in a very poor Mexican, Catholic family so I so love my warm, dry cozy little home and yes, bug free! Since you told me before that Jesus knows me and will make me strong...I have come to believe that Jesus allows his special ones to suffer to drink from his you said. I find this comforting when the pain gets bad. One day we will have the capacity to understand...right? And many blessings to you my Warrior sister...and don't forget your writing of the Holy Spirit. :)

  • JG Hemlock profile image

    JG Hemlock 24 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS


    It sucks when people say things that they don't understand to others. If they did experience they would never say these things. To be honest, I do not understand some (many) of these physical things that have happened and I still don't to this day. I think about these things often with no solid explanation. Do you have hip pain as well or bones hurting? Did your pains come out of nowhere?

    I do remember something starting in Las Vegas. I described it to my room-mate as if every bone was rotting from the inside out. It would come and go out of nowhere. Do you have that feeling sometimes? Some physical ailments have come completely out of nowhere. I have always been healthy, active hiking, climbing, rollerblading, dancing. Nothing has ever kept me down. Nothing!

    When I lived in Montana in 2009 I was headed out on a date. I walked into the living kitchen area and I began to speak to my room-mate and out of nowhere it felt like a hot searing stab arrow went into my left hip & I fell to the ground screaming in severe pain. It came out of nowhere and I have walked with a limp ever since. I went to a chiropractor & my X-ray showed that I had less than 1/4 of cartilage left in my left hip and that was in 2013. I probably have none left now.

    He asked how I was even walking at all? He asked when it began and I told him of the exact day it started. He said that this can not be so but it was so. I was told that I would be begging for a hip replacement in less than 6 months and I am not. I have never taken any pain medication. It is now 2016 and I do walk with a limp if someone watches close enough but no severe pain as I had for those years...only once.

    We found this interesting. Some really bad things were happening in my personal life last year and I was complaining in an awful way and not being thankful. Out of nowhere, my hip's pain came over me and it was just as bad as that first day. I stayed in the bedroom screaming in pain for the entirety of the day and night with no relief. I told my husband and I knew this to be true. I had forgotten to be thankful for all that God had given me and I was focusing on the really bad things and this is why. I knew immediately. The next day the severe pain poof! gone! and it has not returned. I sure was thankful. How does one explain this? The doctors still can't understand or explain how I can even walk? Jesus. That I know.

    I believe it was 2013 that I climbed out of my hotel bed only to find out that during the night my right big toe had been broken, black and blue into the top of my foot. A nurse who was staying at the hotel looked at it. It was clearly broken.How does one explain that they received a broken toe while they slept? I can't but it happened. I now was shifting my weight from my left side bad hip to the right side on a broken right toe. Oh I am so thankful those days are over! I thought I would not make it and end up disabled on the streets alone. I literally begged for death from many of these things due to the anguish spiritually and physically. You just gave me my next writing of me meeting the Holy Spirit. ;)

    This is all I know after experiencing so many spiritual manifestations that appeared on my body as well as very real physical issues. I know that Jesus does not hurt ones body ever! He will take His hand away from a person if they have open doors. I had no open doors at this time! I do know that the devil has to be permitted authority by Jesus. So apparently He allowed Satan to sift me in a very great way for many years. (as Job) And I know that Jesus spoke to me as I stood blow drying my hair one day. Do not lean on your own understanding & for His own perfect will. I have realized only now that we all will suffer different ways and drink from His cup, some of us sooner than later and some longer than others. Anything more....I do not have the capacity to understand. Be blessed soldier!

  • jeannefentress profile image

    Jeanne 24 months ago from Washington State

    Once again you have helped me by sharing your testimony. I have been praying to Jesus about the constant pain that I have and that it is a miracle that I can still make it to work each day. So many people say that it must be your own fault and walk away. I have been praying that the pain is not of my own unhealed ways but if it is the Lord's Will then I will endure. Thank you again for your posting. Sisters in the Lord. :)