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God Theory

Updated on January 19, 2021
Michael Reichelt profile image

Abstract artist and theorist. B.A. Psychology U.W. 1999 Using Hubpages to make my thoughts eternal.

God Theory



What is God Theory? It is the theory of how God fits into the current understanding of the Universe. Although you might think I am excluding Religion and belief from the idea, I argue the opposite. Common ground for people who find themselves not wanting for organized Religion, but know there is something greater. I have never felt the need to devote myself to one religion, but I have always had feelings of spirituality. The feeling my life means something and I am connected to a greater power. While writing “The Soul is Dark Energy” I had another epiphany. If the soul is something that has some kind of permanence, then it opens the possibilities that God can exist within the rules of nature.

  1. Dark Energy opens the Gates to Heaven
  2. An Old Soul
  3. Containing the Soul in afterlife in any religion
  4. Chicken or the Egg?
  5. Destruction of the Soul.
  1. Dark Energy opens the Gates to Heaven

If the Soul is Dark Energy or has properties of Dark Energy, then it will fit into many physics concepts. I like to imagine the Soul as our 4th dimensional self. I also imagine the 4th dimension as the Energy dimension. There is no time or space in this dimension. It is all encompassing and all around us. As a 3rd dimension being, we can only pass through this dimension. Because this theory isn’t completely about the properties of this Soul dimension, we will move on.

The most disturbing idea of this dimension is that maybe through technology energy can be converted from this dimension into a 3rd dimensional power source. If somehow technology can contain energy from this place, then, you could be using souls as power. Yes, that is very unsettling. For this reason, I am going to speculate that although there is an Energy dimension, maybe souls have a special place, not accessible directly as 3rd dimensional energy.

If the Soul dimension is everywhere and all around us, containing or compartmentalizing this dimension is a very 3rd dimensional construct. The concept of Heaven would fit into this compartmentalization. It is the cleanest way to think of where the soul resides after death. Although I have other thoughts on what this containment of Souls may look like, Heaven is the most magical wonderful way to think of it.

In “The Big Infinity” I postulated on the creation of Universes in an infinite loop. This means that Time is infinite as well, and therefore all creation including life is infinite. Without the constraints of Time, life can and will achieve technologies beyond imagination. Technology including containment the Soul. Heaven is the most magical way to visualize this. Ghost Busters is the most comical. If a soul naturally resides in a dimension containing all the magical properties of Dark Energy, wouldn’t you want the containment of Heaven?

  1. An Old Soul

We have all heard the concept of and old Soul. This is a far and wide normality that we are reborn to live again. I first tried to postulate the existence of a Soul in 1999, by “Soul Theory”. I now believe the math to be flawed. I thought that the product of thought created the wavelength of your Soul. I now believe the Soul creates the wavelength of thought. In other words, the consciousness of your mind is not determined by nature, but by your Soul.

This becomes a circular logic paradigm. If the Soul exist before you’re born, and you’re just a vessel, then when is the Soul created? The previous theory stated that each person created their own Soul by imprinting the Universe with their own energy signature. This concept is very conceited. Each person is original and a unique energy in the Universe. I like to think I have lived more than once, but if we only live once, then your Soul would be a product of your mind. The other theory states that the Soul exists before the vessel it inhabits.

I assume we will have to postulate a new theory of “Soul Creation and Destruction” someday. Until then, let’s refine the loop a little and assume both the Soul can be original to the vessel it inhabits, and it can be reborn.

3. Soul Containment and multiple religions.

If the Soul isn’t just a concept, if it can be measured, then it can be captured. Heaven and Hell are the concepts we have been taught so we can compartmentalize what our mortality will result in. Although I am no expert on different Religions, I would assume most religions have some denotation of Heaven and Hell. Why are we given these terms?

Heaven and Hell are basic concepts that all people can grasp. Fundamentally good people go to Heaven, and the opposite go to Hell. What if this is really a thing? If humanity has the ability to capture and store the Soul? We could determine who gets to be reborn and who doesn’t. Soul capture technology. If you can capture a Soul, how can it be redistributed? I have no idea. Thus the concept of religion. It takes all the Soul management rules and regulations out of the process.

Focus on the fundamentals. Good people living fair and just lives, go to Heaven. People who abuse the system and others, go to Hell. Easy concepts for basic thought. I believe these rules are there to guide us, if you are a believer, you accept them and try and do no wrong. If you are not, you can justify your actions as having no long term meanings.

I think that life itself is both Heaven and Hell. We have all the levels of life on our own planet. Some life would seem like absolute Hell to live in, and other life, would appear to be Heaven. The good life, and the horrible. I believe that the 3rd dimension is a construct for the Soul.

In the theory “Purgatory”, I postulated a conscious mind without the waking life of the 3rd dimension. I hope, and yes, even pray, we are only conscious of our existence while in a 3rd dimensional vessel. I say it that way because if Time and Existence is infinite, then the Human form isn’t the only vessel for the Soul. The irony in this concept of consciousness without a vessel, is a chicken or the egg conundrum.

  1. Chicken or the Egg

In the “Soul is Dark Energy” the conundrum is what came first, the Soul or the Universe. This is the Religious trump card. Where did the Universe come from? Even if the Universe is infinite, didn’t something have to create it? If there is a beginning there is and end. So, if everything was created by the hand of God, where did God come from? Same conundrum, how can God be infinite and the Universe can’t? Lets try and solve this puzzle with the idea of consciousness without a 3rd dimensional vessel.

In the beginning there existed all dimensions and nothing at the same time. Some kind of circular logic. Let’s just start with either the Universe came to be from an abundance of energy, or it came to be from a single dimension. I like to work from more than 3 dimensions backwards. Starting with whatever is beyond the Energy dimension. Somehow all this nothing gains consciousness. Consciousness without time. The ability to know that it exist, without anything reinforcing that existence. No physical manifestation of mass, matter, or biology.

If time and consciousness were infinite with nothing, consciousness would evolve. How doesn’t matter. The infinite energy of the pre-universe if conscious, would want to exist in something more. This Dark Energy would build and build and though coalescence would become the “Big Bang”. I believe this happens over and over again, not because of consciousness, but because of the laws of physics. The theory “The Big Infinite” covers this concept.

If somehow there is a beginning, then this would be where God comes from. The creation of the Universe from the Soul dimension. Consciousness before life? If we all return to this dimension after death, then it stands to reason that God maybe just a collection of all Souls. The Soul is what “God” gave the Universe. Dispersing its consciousness to all beings that can contemplate their own existence.

The spark of consciousness that may have created Universe, or have been created by it. I don’t think what came first really matters, especially when time is just a construct to explain existence. If we take the concept of time out of the equation, you just get a balance between Soul and Universe.

  1. Destruction of the Soul.

I believe there is balance between the Soul and its’ relationship with the Universe. Physics always concentrates on gravity and mass. The Soul and the life it possesses has a weight in the equation. We constantly talk about the relation of Dark Matter and the weight it has on different aspects and galaxies in the Universe. Dark Energy maybe the more important concept. We need to realize that our 3rd dimensional physics are influenced by dimensions we don’t yet fully understand. Even if I am wrong about Dark Energy being the Soul, this doesn’t mean the Soul doesn’t influence the workings of our galaxy and/or Universe.

Consciousness is a byproduct of intelligence, but that doesn’t mean the Soul is a byproduct of consciousness. Saying that only intelligent life has a Soul, is a very slippery slope. Saying only conscious life has a Soul is the same slippery slope. I feel a fundamental relationship with all life, some life is more receptive to this energy than others. This debate is for another time, but the Soul of life can be destroyed. The balance between the Soul and the Universe can be disrupted.

Nuclear explosions may damage more than what we can see or conceptualize. I believe that much of what we don’t understand about particle physics and the relationship to general relativity lies in Dark Energy or 4th dimensional physics. When an atom is split and the reaction is unleashed, we may disrupt the process of matters relationship with the 4th dimension.

I am trying to say, I believe that death in a nuclear explosion may also destroy the soul. I say this because all death that I can think of happens in the 3rd dimension. This gives the soul an opportunity to move on. If you disrupt the ability for the Soul to move on, you are affecting general relativity. Why?

Dark Energy = Conscious Mind where 4th Dimensional Energy = 3rd Mass and Velocity. I would love to debate all the intricacies of General Relativity but in this abstract I believe that the nuclear reaction unbalances the equation so much so, the Soul can’t escape. I am sure the real life Sheldon Cooper would love to do the math for me.

  1. In conclusion:

So why not destroy all the bad souls? Why not expunge evil and all of its components from the Universe? The equation must be balanced. If you can capture a Soul, then technically this could be achieved though. I’m constantly looking at the world and reality I’ve been given, and wonder why. I don’t have the answers. It feels like I just have more questions. I guess I just wanted to bring light to those who feel like there is no God. We all have to remember, we are all part of the equation.

I guess the next postulate will be something like “The reality I live in”.

Michael Reichelt

January 8, 2021

© 2021 Michael Reichelt


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