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"God Willing..........

Updated on July 22, 2013

The Will of God.

There are some people who always start the conversation with the phrase “God willing”. For many rational persons, this may seem illogical. They will argue that man has got reasoning powers and discrimination. He has choice making capacity. Why do you say “God willing”? This question needs lot of introspection and analysis. No doubt that the human beings are blessed with discrimination and reasoning faculties. He can exert his choice in any matter and choose to carry out any task as per his own volition. But the philosophers view this in a different angle.

In almost all religious beliefs, God is termed as the creator of the cosmos. If we examine deeply, there was void before creation and the only existence is the supreme unknown power which is formless. Since there was nothing other than the power, it is logical to conclude that everything created is by the will of the supreme power. Hence the existence of cosmos and all living beings is the effect of the will of God. Hence those who are full of wisdom naturally conclude that everything happens because of the Divine Will. They are the people who say “God willing! It is natural for rationalists not to believe in the above assertion since they don’t believe in an unseen God! Rationalists want proof for everything.

But, there are certain things in the world which cannot be proved scientifically or experimentally. Belief rises from the inner Self and that belief alone will remain forever. If we believe something only after our personal experience, there is every likelihood that such belief will not last. Saibaba has said ‘faith comes first and then experience follows. Wherefrom faith arises? It arises from the Self alone. All other beliefs rest on the insecure foundation of relying on some outside experience.

Even the rationalists won’t answer questions like “How do you believe your father”. In all the cases, the mother points out the father to the child. If somebody demands proof, how can we produce any proof? It is faith in mother’s words which lead to the belief over one’s father. Likewise, love, compassion, truth and other qualities cannot be seen or proved by laboratory experiments. Only physical entities are subject to physical and scientific laws. But deep feelings like selfless love and compassion can never be measured by physical instruments!

“God is nowhere” say the atheists. God is now here says the theist. This is the only difference. Only a little space is introduced between the letter ‘w’ and ‘h’ and the entire meaning changes. The rationalists first say “God IS and then goes on to say ‘nowhere’. First he asserts and then contradicts his own assertion!

Even the hard core atheist has love towards someone. It may be his wife or child or even pet dog! That love is really the expression of God only. Hence it is wrong to label some as atheist when he has love for somebody!

Though beliefs pertain to each individual’s ideologies, none can refute the existence of superior power which is beyond our cognition since the mind and word are incapable of knowing the power. Hence there is nothing intriguing in the statement “God willing”

Lord Krishna who preached Bagawat Gita.


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