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God Works a Healing Miracle in a Subway Station Through a Dream

Updated on September 10, 2012

After reading this title, you’re probably wondering how can God possibly heal someone through a dream. He is an amazing God and He works in mysterious ways. Several years ago, my mother had a dream about me praying for a person that got injured at a train station. I was dumbfounded. I certainly wasn’t the type of person to go up to a complete stranger and pray for them out of the blue. It's important for me to note that my mother passed a couple of years after having this dream.

Eighteen years later, I had a very similar dream. I dreamed that I was down in a subway station praying for a woman that got sick and when I prayed for her, God instantly healed her. I didn’t think anything of the dream at the time until a few days ago.

On last Sunday, my husband and I were traveling by subway to visit my uncle’s church. We figured that taking the subway would be much easier since we made plans to get a bite to eat at one of our favorite Indian Roti restaurants in Queens, New York.

For some reason, we took the wrong train. We stood on the platform for what seemed like hours. Then suddenly a woman passed out and fell to the ground. She fell so hard that you could hear the back of her head bang on the ground. Everyone that was standing near her suddenly fled the scene. One man said, “I don’t want to have any part of this!”

The woman was left all alone lying on the ground face up. I began to dial 911 on my mobile phone and God’s still small voice spoke to me and said, “There’s no time ...just pray.”

God didn't lead me to go up to the woman and place my hands on her forehead or grab her hand. Not even CPR came to mind. He gave me specific instructions on how to pray for her. He told me to stretch out my hand and point it towards her body and say: In the Name of Jesus.

He then instructed me to step back away from her body. Like Lazarus in the Bible, her body did a slight jolt and she instantly woke up and began to stand up on her own. A couple of passengers ran to her aid to see if she was alright. She shook her head, ‘yes’.

Then the train finally pulled into the station and the conductor called the MTA police. One of the passengers helped the woman to walk over to a bench.

I was awestruck. The power of God is so real. During your time of need, all you have to do is call on His name with conviction and he’ll instruct you on what to do. Then he’ll answer your prayers.

As we boarded the train, I was quickly reminded of the recurring dream my mom and I shared. It’s amazing how God works supernaturally through dreams. Most of all, it doesn't matter what level you are spiritually. According to Romans 2:11,“For there is no respect of persons with God”. Whether you’re a newbie in Christ or you have a seasoned relationship with Him, God can work miracles through your dreams. God is good!

Do you have a prayer request? Send me your request and I'll pray for you.

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    • prayerpower profile image

      Prayer Power 5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      Thank you for your encouraging words.

    • Jerry Hulse profile image

      Jerry W Hulse 5 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      You have a special gift and God wants you to get under some leadership that can help you mature in your calling especially in this dark hour.

      I have been warned in dreams to and if I had not listened, I would not be here today. I am prying for you and your ministry.