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God acts through All.

Updated on April 30, 2013

Saibaba with cattle around!

God fills the creation and fulfills.

It is mentioned in the Veda, that God is 'thousand headed! The very truth behind the statement is "God is all and He acts through all these bodies. It is also said, that God acts through man! Whenever we need a great help, the same is mysteriously provided by God through some body. God has no form and hence he can come in the guise of any form! The epics contains many such instances of succor provided by God in absentia of a specific form of God!

When we are asked to define God, we say, "God is Love, God is Truth, God is compassion etc. Hence God need not come in a specific form to help the devotees. It may be any form. The Hindu scriptures contain many such episodes which happened lakhs and lakhs of years ago. In the scriptures, it is said that the Lord Mahavishnu took ten forms to rescue the world. He had come as a 'fish, a tortoise, a boar, and the man lion form of Lord Narasimha. He also came as a 'dwarf' in the form of 'Vamana". People await for the tenth Avatar Kalki. Many people aver that the Sathya Sai Avatar is truly the Kalki form. It is mentioned in the scriptures that the Kalki Avatar will come when the world is in a terrible shape, people become fully corrupt, there is no reverence to elders and teachers. The truly learned Pundits are carped at. Wealth and Woman become the sole aim of people. When people forget to practice the daily rituals, when lust and anger reign the mind of man, the Avatar Kalki manifests and slays the evil. He will be riding on the back of a white horse!

It is interesting to note that the color of the uniform for the students of Sathya Sai Institutes, schools and collages are pure white. It is implied that Sathya Saibaba acts through his students for propagating his mission. Hence we should not take it literally when it is said that the Kalki Avatar ride on a white horse. He slays the evil. In this age, if God acts to kill and eliminate the evil minded, mostly none would be left. Hence, the act of slaying is nothing but the slaying of evil thoughts and intentions in the mind of people. Saibaba has clearly said that in this incarnation, the evil minded will be transformed into good natured people and this Avatar will not eliminate people. God came as man lion in order to slay a demon king Hiranyakashibu, who obtained many blessings from God after a long and severe meditation. God granted his wishes. The demon king wanted 'no human being or animal should kill him. He should not be slain either in the day or in the night. He should not be killed either out or in. He should not be killed by any weapon. He should not be killed either on the earth or in the sky! Hence God has to come as a man lion. It is neither a man nor animal. God has chosen the twilight hour. It is neither morning nor night. He placed the demon on his lap. It is neither on the ground nor on the sky. God has chosen the threshold of the palace. It is neither in nor out. The Lord used his nails to pierce his stomach and intestine. It is not a weapon. Hence God has fulfilled all the boons of Hiranyakashibu, yet he slayed him. This is how God acts.

In ancient days, the demons were behaving more erratically harming peace loving people. One demon has taken the earth and descended to the nether regions. God had to come as a bore to plough through the nether region and rescue the mother earth from the demon. When the Vedas were abducted by some demons, God has to devise new ways to restore it. For that he came in the form of fish etc., Hence, he can assume any form and acts through it to achieve the task. The creation is only a part of Him and hence Krishna has told Arjuna that the creation and cosmos is only a fraction of Me! Hence the living beings are not apart from God!


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